Roy Dinsey tells Perv's to GET OUT of DisneyLand.

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Captain Crane

Oct 26, 2004, 2:07:01 AM10/26/04


Group: alt.disney.disneyland Date: Fri, Oct 22, 2004, 1:29am From: (Brian Bower)
10 yrs in the making and they are Fresh and Out of the Closet... The
Fudge Packing Marching Band going down main street usa... Art Linkletter
what do you think of this ??? Art Linkletter : Well I have never seen
anthing like this in DisneyLand since it opened. This is so disgusting
im taking my wife and kids home right now......
Mr Ronald Reagon What do you think ?.
Mr Ronald Reagon : Well Ahhhhh Nancy and I are Appaled by this sickening
sight... Mommy - Lets go home !!!!.
Mr Walt Disney what do you think ?.
Mr Walt Disney : I will Tell you what I think. " GET OUT OF MY PARRRRRK"
Im going to get my shot gun and get every single one of those Perv's out
of here. Kaboom , Kabooom , Kabooom - GET OUT OF MY PARK YOU SISSY
Attention Attention this is Walt Disney Will the Osmond Brother Please
Report to my office I need you to all Bear Arms and Kick these Son's of
Bitches out of my Park.   Marie Osmond - Kick as many of them in there
Perv - Ball sacks as you can... Scream at them to get out of my Park
!!!!..... KABOOM , KABOOM... I got 10 that time.... Attention ,
Attention - to all the Park Guest's... Remember that Song in
TomorrowLand in the Carousel of Progress - Its a Great Big Beuitiful
tomorrow. Man has a dream and thats the start he follows his dream with
mind and heart and when he turns it into a reality its a dream come true
for you and me... I cannot Believe the Future - 2004 would have Gay
People running around in my park and the world even - trying to make us
like their Perv - Ways... KABOOM, KABOOM I got 15 that time... Folks
DisneyLand will be closed today as we are trying to clear - out this Gay
Mess....Kaboom, Kaboom.... Thats Right Tinker bell Shoot Those Perv's
.. Kaboom , Kaboom Great Tink !! You got 8 of them... Tink go get Davey
Crocket and Old Yeller to help us,,,,, KABOOM , KABOOM.... Hurry Tink.
Tinker Bell Knods her head saying yes to Mr. Disney. Walt Disney : Well
Folks thats our show for today... And Parents Tell your Kids that Being
GAY is Totaly Wrong and If you are Gay Walt Disney's Gonna shoot you.
KABOOM , KABOOM,,,,,, So Long Folks.

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