OT: Chicken to Release Chicken?

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Punky Strunkenspunkel

Jun 12, 2005, 10:21:16 AM6/12/05
Will "Chicken Little" be the first computer animation flop? The concept
looks lame, and Disney seem to have postponed the film's release - not a
good sign.

The mismanagement of Disney has really harmed the company by allowing
the talent to flow out and create success elsewhere. All these Fox,
Dreamworks, and Pixar computer animation features are spearheaded by
ex-Disney people, but Disney itself has been incapable of launching a
computer animation division thus far. The computer animation "nine old
men" are outside the company this time, because of mismanagement's
inability to develop relationships. It will be interesting if Disney,
the company that has been traditionally dominant in animation, does the
first computer animation failure, at a time when everyone else can only
succeed spectacularly.

Punky Strunkenspunkel

Captain Crane

Jun 13, 2005, 6:06:56 AM6/13/05
Remember in Life - You Make mistakes and you learn by them and you go on
in Life. Disney and any Company will always make mistakes and they will
learn by them and correct mistakes that are made. This is Life. Life
and the Corporate world are always changing - You cannot stop it. The
Positive things you can do is write Positive letters to Disney in a
"Positive" way and not NEGATIVE and they might listen to your ideas or
maybe not it depends on how you use words in your letter making a
positive point about a problem or idea you have. The same thing goes
when your working at a Job and you do not like the way things are going
and you need to speak to upper management in the appropriate way or they
will turn you off.
" This is another Episode in Walt Disney's True Life Adventures in Color

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