Officer who responded to January 6 attack is third to die by suicide

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Sandy Hokes

Sep 5, 2021, 4:05:02 AMSep 5
A DC police officer who responded to the US Capitol insurrection
has died by suicide, according to the Metropolitan Police

“Officer Gunther Hashida, assigned to the Emergency Response
Team within the Special Operations Division, was found deceased
in his residence on Thursday, July 29,” department spokesperson
Kristen Metzger told CNN in a statement.

Hashida joined the Metropolitan Police Department in 2003 and
responded to the Capitol on January 6, Metzger said.

“We are grieving as a Department and our thoughts and prayers
are with Officer Hashida’s family and friends,” Metzger said.

This is the third known suicide of an officer who responded to
the Capitol during the attack, and it is the second known
suicide by a DC officer specifically.

Metropolitan Police Officer Jeffrey Smith, a 12-year veteran of
the force, and US Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood, a 16-
year Capitol Police veteran, also responded to the insurrection
and later died by suicide. A recent Senate report into the
security failures of the day lists both Smith and Liebengood
among those who “ultimately lost their lives” following the


Sep 5, 2021, 10:24:15 AMSep 5
It was a protest and they must feel like they did something wrong if
they want kill themselves.... so what did the Capital police do that was
unconstitutional and leaves them wanting to escape that memory.

Maybe it's a conspiracy and the higher up conspirators are making it
look like suicide as they make sure that all witnesses to the Democrats
plan to create violence are permanently silenced.

I get a chuckle about how Democrats want to suddenly ban conspiracy
theories... it must be that the conspiracy theories are hitting the nail
on the head when it comes to Democrats crimes, since democrat have
always been prolific conspiracy theory and Area (51) alien hunters and
BIG on Military conspiracies..

That's karma

Censorship is a systemic form of violence, using force to silence those
you hate.

Censorship is HATE personified... Hate groups use censorship to help
force those they hate to be gagged and silenced and canceled.

Censorship becomes a systemic hate crime and a form of SLAVERY when it's
illegally forced on American citizens. TWITTER'S censorship is enslaving

Censorship of this document in whole or part, is an admission of your
belonging to a VIOLENT HATE GROUP.
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