Take away de Blasio's emergency COVID powers, too - and reduce his ability to sell out public interest

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Leroy N. Soetoro

Mar 10, 2021, 2:55:10 PM3/10/21

Hand it to city Comptroller Scott Stringer for catching out Mayor de
Blasio in a bit of rank hypocrisy, by demanding he live up to his own
stated principles on the need to end pandemic-emergency powers.

De Blasio this month joined the chorus calling for the end of Gov. Cuomo’s
special COVID executive power. (And indeed the Legislature on Friday moved
to cut it back.)

But when Stringer this week called for the mayor to yield up his own
extraordinary pandemic powers, de Blasio declined. A mayoral spokesman
said Stringer, a candidate to succeed de Blasio, was letting “mayoral
ambitions” interfere with pandemic response.

Interfere how?

Ambitious Stringer may be, but he’s simply looking to do his day job here:
The City Charter gives the comptroller the power to review most proposed
city contracts, approving and registering them as appropriate. But de
Blasio one year ago seized emergency authority to skip that step so he
could rapidly buy protective gear, set up a contact-tracing system and so

That was reasonable at the time — but the mayor hasn’t let go, even though
no dire needs remain. This was Stringer’s third attempt to get back to
normal; he flagged de Blasio’s repeated “overextending, overpaying and
over-purchasing” last August and again in October.

Stringer rightly says the mayor is using the pandemic as “a shield to
circumvent the independent oversight enshrined in longstanding statutes
and rules” — and wasting millions along the way.

In the past year, the mayor spent $5.2 billion on 1,238 pandemic
contracts, many with questionable sources and some that went bad, such as
a $91 million deal with a de Blasio donor who never delivered the promised
N95 masks or ventilators.

Mind you, this mayor has a long track record of doing favors that help his
donors but harm the city, such as the notorious Rivington Street flip.
Absent last spring’s extreme circumstances, he has no excuse for dodging
Stringer’s oversight.

Let him get through his final nine months in office with as few powers to
sell out the public interest as possible.

"LOCKDOWN", left-wing COVID fearmongering. 95% of COVID infections
recover with no after effects.

No collusion - Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III, March 2019.
Officially made Nancy Pelosi a two-time impeachment loser.

Donald J. Trump, cheated out of a second term by fraudulent "mail-in"
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Thank you for cleaning up the disaster of the 2008-2017 Obama / Biden
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Under Barack Obama's leadership, the United States of America became the
The World According To Garp. Obama sold out heterosexuals for Hollywood
queer liberal democrat donors.

President Trump boosted the economy, reduced illegal invasions, appointed
dozens of judges and three SCOTUS justices.
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