[s] Vignette: In the Office of the Leader of Sympathizer Relations, Algonquin Main Warren

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Scott Robert Dawson

Nov 30, 1998, 3:00:00 AM11/30/98
Vignette: In the Office of the Leader of Sympathizer Relations,
Algonquin Main warren

Sympathizer Relations Sub-leader Bob entered the office of his boss,
the Leader of Sympathizer Relations.

"You wanted to see me, Leader?" Bob asked.

The Leader turned from a screen on his desk. "Yes. Sit down."

"I just saw your last message, and I have a few things to say about
it," said the Leader of Sympathizer Relations sternly.

"Yes?" Bob was more puzzled than concerned by the sudden attention.

"What do you think will be the reaction of Axe-Wielding Fuddite and
other Fudds when they read your message?"

There was a pause.

"They'll want to join up???" Bob ventured.

"No," the Leader thundered, "they will NOT want to join up!!" The
Leader <STOMPED> right in Bob's face. Bob froze. "They will use that
post as anti-Bun propaganda!!!"

The Leader continued, "Your rash and ill-considered post will anger
the Fudds, and will cause uncounted other Humans, potential Symps all,
to pause in their tracks and actually begin to *think* for a change.
You used perhaps *the* worst possible phrasing ever in your post. Can
you think of what that might be, Bob?"

The unexpected question confused Bob for a moment. He scuffled hos
paws on the burrow floor. "I--I don't know," he said with a sickly

"'Just follow orders'! Just following orders, Bob, is all the Nazis
said they did when they were trying to justify their actions. In North
America the Humans will vilify anyone who actually comes out and says
that. Then they'll do the opposite.

"Now we all know that most Humans, even in North America, prefer to
follow orders and live an easy non-thinking life. Fifty years of
television advertising, among other things, has helped to shape that.

"But Humans must *never* be allowed to realize that's what they're
doing <stomp>.

"Humans cherish the illusion that they set their own course and sail
to their own destiny. We keep that illusion alive, at great cost and
inconvenience to ourselves.

"Once the illusion is broken, and Humans begin to think for
themselves, they tend to do such things as promote ideas, read books,
agitate for change, protest at political gatherings, embarass their
leaders... and join the Fudds.

"We Bunnies cannot rule the world for the benefit of all if the lower
orders insist in thinking for themselves.

"Now, Bob, your dossier here," the Leader gestured at a screen, the
contents of which were invisible to Bob, "indicates that you have been
in charge of internal Sympathizer relations only. Surely you realize
that our internal Symps live in a controlled environment where we
provide all the input?" The leader stopped and peered at Bob.

"Well, yes," Bob started.

The Leader continued implacably. "So they do not know any differently.
We can be less... careful... with them.

"Sympathizers on the Outside, howewver, live in a world of conflicting
messages, and retain much more of the ancestral intelligence and
cunning of the ape. It is much more difficult to draw them toward the
Way of the Cute without spooking them. This is why *everything* we say
to them must be carefully considered.

"And *you*, Bob, who have knowledge of the world inside the warren,
must be *especially* careful <STOMP> in what you say.

"Therefore, effective immediately, Sympathizer Relations Sub-leader
Bob, the following disciplinary actions take place:

"You are barred from external Net connections for one month. You may,
however, continue to use internal warren communcications, and you may
communicate with rabbits in other warrens.

"You will be posted to High Park warren as soon as possible, to work
with one of their Sympathizer Relations Operatives and learn the
subtleties of dealing with Sympathizers in the Outside World. You will
work in an observing capacity only.

"You will not be permitted to communicate with Sympathizers, here or
elsewhere, until you have shown us that you can consider the
consequences of your speech before you make it.

"Do you understand?"

"Yes," Bob said.


The Leader of Sympathizer Relations turned back to his screen. A
quaking and ashen Bob left the room.

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