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ADMIN: FAQ Appendix 3d *** The BunnyMover

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Bill Keyes

Mar 26, 1997, 3:00:00 AM3/26/97

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Addendum part 3d
Bunny Transportation

Written on September 6, 1995.

Written, compiled, and edited by Pupp E. Dogg (,
with help from Bill Keyes, Devious, and others too numerous to
mention. Thanks to all!

Dedicated to our fallen warriors. You will be avenged!


Q. How do DBs get around without being seen by Humans?
A. They just keep popping up! DevilBunnies seem to be everywhere!
How do they do it? Well, most of them don't! Regular bunnies
seldom leave the area where they were born and can spend their
whole lives within sight of their warren. Military Bunns travel
more frequently, but when rushing to assist a Fudd-beleaguered
warren, prefer beer trucks. Which leaves:

Q. Alpha-Bunns and the BunnyMover System.
A. Bunns are natural diggers, their warren homes are evidence of
that. What could be more natural then than to extend their warren
tunnels to meet those of neighboring warrens. Thus were the first
Travel-Tunnels born. Torturously, over a space of decades, the
Travel-Tunnels were excavated. The cost in lives, both regular bun
and Squirrel-Slave was high, but finally, in the early part of
this century the last major tunnel (DenverWarren to Ohio) was
completed. In Nineteen-Twenty Mentat *Edwin GreyPaw* began laying
the first railway tracks and by 1941 the BunnyMover system as we
know it today was essentially complete.

Q. How do we know about the BunnyMover System?
A. Well, if you're an Alpha-Bunny or a Mentat you've probably
already used the BunnyMover System. Fudds, however, owe their
knowledge of this insidious (to a Fudd) underground railroad to
the Right-Reverend Patrick McGuirk (Of Church of El-Mahr' fame)
and his army of "Henries". Thanks Reverend!

Q. What is a BunnyMover?
A. Today Alphas and Mentats move through the Travel-Tunnels in
small-fast *BunnyMover* cars. These cars float on linear-magnetic
induction rails, moving Bunns cross-country at speeds up to 500
kph BunnyMover cars are generally small, holding twelve Bunns
comfortably (Twenty max.) and are air-conditioned, well-lit, and
equipped with BUNIX terminals for the convenience of their
passengers. Some, but not all, BunnyMover cars have seats for
*Morph-Armored* Bunns or Humans. A very few *Captured Beer Trucks*
have been modified to run on BunnyMover rails but these may use
only the largest, newest, Travel-Tunnels.

Q. Where are BunnyMovers Found?
A. Every large Warren has at least one *BunnyMover Terminal*. The
size of a warren is less important than its geographic location
however and the number of Travel-Tunnels a warren possesses can
vary from one (Dr. Snug Fuzz's DRG Labs) to as many as six
(DenverWarren, P.A.W.). Not all the Travel Tunnels possess the
high-tech Linear induction BunnyMover cars however and in at
least one tunnel (Calgary-Edmonton) the older steam coaches are
still in use.

Q. What is the future of the BunnyMover System?
A. You've probably read about those huge Digging machines that were used to
bore the Chunnel, how much they cost and how they were just abandoned. Don't
believe it! Rumor has it that soon a BunnyMover tunnel will link The U.K.
and the U.S. Transit time (using special high speed cars) is expected to be
less than twelve hours! Other plans include extensions/enhancements of the
existing system (Is that a Rumble you feel under your chair?) Stay tuned for
further details!

Q. Is there a map of the system?
A. Not yet. The system evolved piecemeal, over many years, and is still
growing. Pupp E. Dog and PinkNose-Bunn are however working on a map of the
major BunnyMover routes and will make it available if there is enough

(Much of the following is courtesy of Silverblu/Sibyl, Chaos, and
Daphnie Mentat and is copyrighted and used with permission.)

Bunns have gotten their furry little paws on a number of
supposedly Human companies in the food and entertainment
industries. In particular, two well-known American breweries are
DevilBunny controlled. I can't really say which ones. Hmn? A
hint? Well, one is in Colorado and the second is in Milwaukee. :)

DevilBunnies find Beer Trucks convenient for surface transport
(especially of Military Bunns) for the following reasons;

1) They're a common sight on America's Highways.
2) They're roomy enough for Morph-Armored Bunn Troops.
3) The Beer isn't bad either!

Beer trucks travel singly or in convoys (the latter are always
military) and some have even been modified to use BunnyMover

Beer Trucks typically are equipped with radio-linked BUNIX
terminals for communication with their home warrens and with VHF
radio for contacting and controlling Bunn Troops. Some Beer
Trucks may be fitted out as *Command Vehicles* and carry
sophisticated BUNIX Mini-Computers and special sensor packages.

All Beer trucks are armored (some more than others) and a few
possess onboard weapons systems (Usually SPAM-Grenade Launchers
or Snapple Sprayers.). Fudds have tangled with lone Beer Trucks
and come out on top, but few Humans would want to face the full
power of a Beer Truck Convoy's Military Bunns.

Rumors that certain Bavarian Beer trucks (often seen on European
roads) are Bunn controlled remain unproven.

(Many thanks to The BHX for allowing me access to captured Black
Battalion documents. All info in this section copyright Bill
Keyes 1995, used with permission.)

Many Humans theorize that DevilBunnies aren't terrestrial at all!
Some Fudds believe that the high degree of intelligence and
invention displayed by D.B.s argues for an extraplanetary origin.
Certainly the strongest evidence here is The Black Battalion.
These fierce (and feared) Mil-Bunn Troops boast technology that's
far ahead of any Human Army's. Nowhere is this more clearly shown
than in their *Black Transports*.

A description of the Black Transports Taken largely from captured

They are easily large enough to hold an entire troop of Mil-Buns (25
Bunns) plus their equipment and support. Since Black battalion is very
high tech, that means a Lot of weapons, etc. Since Black Battalion often
employs Morph-Armor, provision is made to carry several Morphed Bunns
(or Humans) and the transport is large enough that a human can
comfortably walk around in it. Also, if Human or Bunn prisoners are
taken, they can be held in an onboard Brig.

Black Battalion Transports can land and take off vertically
(VTOL) and have a top speed of 900 kph. They are equipped with stealth
technology that is at least one generation ahead of the current
Human level and carry sophisticated Computer and Sensor Suites.
The transports are flown by Bunn pilots using *Fluffy Windows*
and *Ears Up Displays*. Armaments carried vary with the mission,
but a B.B.T. could certainly out-shoot a Human Helicopter

Obviously, the B.B.T. is very expensive to manufacture. Few are
in service (the exact number is classified) and all of those
are under the control of *BunnyMentat*. Fortunately for Humans he
seems to use them primarily against other Bunns.

This is just the first-draft BunnyTransport FAQ. If you have
questions that haven't answered, or information that you'd like
to contribute, contact me: Pupp E. Dog by E-Mail
( And remember:

This F.A.Q. is copyright 1995 Pupp E. Dog. All rights reserved.


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