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ADMIN: FAQ Supplement 5 *** The Ferrotti

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Bill Keyes

Aug 25, 2003, 12:33:30 PM8/25/03
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Supplemental FAQ Part 5
The Ferrotti
Written on Dec 14, 1993. Updated on Jan 4, Sep 11, Dec 10 1994, Feb 6 1995,
Sep 25 1996, Jul 22 1997, Jun 20 2001.

Compiled and edited by Bill Keyes and Scott Mayo. Written by Sharree
Thompson with help from all over. Thanks all.
***** THE FERROTTI *****

Q. What is a Ferrotti?
A. Huge, sentient ferrets, and our strongest allies in the war against The
Evil That Fluffs (tm). More powerful even than an equivalent weight of
squirrels (qv), and far, far more rational.

Q. Where did Ferrotti come from?
A. According to Ferrotti myth, they are the creations of a human
experimenter, what they call a mage, ages ago. But no one is certain.
Some Fudds believe that the devilbunnies created them by accident.
The devilbunnies claim a human accident with toxic waste started it
all, but that's the sort of thing they always claim.

Q. How big are the Ferrotti?
A. They range in size from eight to fourteen feet in length. Males are
larger, averaging about eleven or twelve feet, females average about
nine feet long. These are very loose estimates, though. Some females
can grow to fourteen feet, some males end up at only eight feet.

Q. What do they eat apart from Devilbunnies?
A. Ferrotti are carnivores, so they eat meat -- lots of it. They don't
mind vegetables, and seem to have a real weakness for chocolate. Also
note that Ferrotti seem to be the only natural species (if they are)
that can stomach Devilbunnies, and they only eat certain parts,
preferring the eyes, brains, liver, and the... er... reproductive
organs of the larger bunnies.

Q. Can humans and Ferrotti become friends?
A. They already are. Ferrotti are honored to be working alongside the
AoF in our eternal battle against the DBs. Ferrotti cannot speak a
human language, but can type quite well, and so use computers to
communicate with their human allies.

Q. Where are Ferrotti most common?
A. Ferrotti are not common anywhere. The last census we did indicated
that there are only about 200 Ferrotti world wide. The largest known
population was in Oregon, with approximately 1000 Ferrotti living in
the area, but they have fallen silent, and the Fudds suspect devilbunny-
backed genocide.

Q. What is so special about Ferrotti medicine?
A. The Ferrotti have an extensive knowledge of herbs and other natural
substances and how they affect living creatures. Not only that, but
they have a highly complex spiritual component to all their medicine.
This is especially apparent in the fact that all healers are also
religious figures.

Q. What weapons do the Ferrotti use?
A. Ferrotti primarily use their claws and teeth.

Q. How have the Ferrotti remained hidden from human observers?
A. "Humans are foolish and blind," is a quote from one Ferrotti leader.

Q. How long ago did this DB vs. Ferrotti thing begin?
A. The Ferrotti's time-sense is imprecise, so they don't really know.
If the devilbunnies know, they aren't saying.

Q. Is it true that Ferrotti eat symps?
A. Of course not! Ferrotti would never do such a thing, even if they
were hungry and the symp absolutely deserved it, which in general
they do. Fudds are actually more at risk. There have been a few
lamentable accidents in which an unthinking Fudd, wearing his
prized devilbunny slippers, was set upon by a frantic, enraged
ferrotti who had mistaken the situation for one much more grave.

Q. Is it true that the race is declining in number?
A. Yes. Ferrotti reproduction has become largely unsucessful and males
are very rare now. It is hoped that they can still be saved, but
the Ferrotti themselves are not optimisitc.

Q. What is the Ferrotti origin myth, and how does it tie into the war
with the DBs?
A. Ferrotti spiritual leaders tell this story:

"In the beginning there were no Ferrotti. But then the great mage
called to us, we heard the voice of the spirit, and we Ferrotti
answered. We came before the mage and were granted great intelligence,
equal to the humans' own. For years we lived with the mage, learning
much about ourselves. The mage and those who followed learned our
language, and we learned to understand the languages of man. For
years we lived in peace. But all too soon, the golden years melted
away and an evil spirit came to the land.

"We called this spirit Rlllll-Thsss, the death-bringer. He came to
us in the form of lth -- what humans call rabbits. We have been
at war with the Kyrl-lth (evil rabbits) since this time, and it is
our holy duty to kill them where ever they are found, or to die in
the attempt."

Thus ends the fifth Supplement to the DevilBunny FAQ. Send your comments
to Bill Keyes (

This document and all information contained within is copyright (c) 1994
and 2001 by Bill Keyes and Sharree Thompson. All rights reserved. It
may not be reproduced or reposted by any means, electronic or otherwise,
in part or in whole, without prior permission from the authors.


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