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ADMIN: FAQ Appendix 3c *** The Bunny Virus

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Bill Keyes

Jul 9, 1997, 3:00:00 AM7/9/97

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Last-modified: 1994/10/20

Addendum Part 3c
Bunny Virus

Written on October 20, 1994. Updated on February 11, 1996.

Written by Daphnie Mentat, with help from Bill Keyes, Doug MacDougall,
Rob Chaney, and Susan Franz. Thanks to all.

Dedicated to our fallen warriors. You will be avenged.


Q. What is the Bunny Virus?
A. Bunny Virus, or Humano-Lapine Virus (HLV), is a virus which can change
an infected human into a Devilbunny.

Q. How does it work?
A. Simply put, the virus attaches itself to the human DNA and subtly
changes it into Bunny DNA.

Q. That's impossible! How can that be?
A. Well, according to current Genetics theory, it is entirely within the
realm of the possible. Without getting into too much detail (we don't
want to put you to sleep!), the virus attacks during the replication
phase of the DNA. It inserts itself into the host DNA and changes it
into Bunny DNA.

Q. But that's crazy! Human DNA and rabbit DNA are different, aren't they?
A. Yes, but not by much. In fact, human DNA and any other mammal DNA is
about 95% the same. The Bunny Virus doesn't need to change much. A
tweak here, a push there, and voila! Fuzzy city! In fact, in the news
list Flashbite, on January 25, 1996, they reported the following story:

"Tel Aviv University geneticists are claiming that rabbits have more
in common with humans than other rodents. A comparison of proteins by
scientists at the university show that their protein tissues are more
like primates than rodents.* It explains why Michael Jordan and Bugs
Bunny get along so well." (wire 1-25)

* Of course, rabbits aren't rodents! [giggle]

Q. So the Bunny Virus removes all trace of the human DNA?
A. Not exactly. Rather, it overrides the DNA at critical points, and
inserts its own data into these areas. The human DNA is theoretically
still there, but it has been "turned off" by the virus, allowing for
the change to bunny form.

Q. Is that all it can do?
A. Well, Bunny Virus is as likely to kill an infected host as change him.
The shock of having one's DNA altered is quite dangerous.

Q. How does a person catch the Bunny Virus?
A. Well, luckily for the humans, HLV is a very fragile virus. It cannot
survive outside of a DB's body for any length of time, and therefore
is only spread through contact with body fluids, specifically saliva.
We think it is spread only through bunny bite, since there are no known
instances of Bunny Virus being spread through contact with blood or other
body fluids.

Q. What happens to a human's body mass? A bunny is very small compared to
a human.
A. When humans are infected by Bunny Virus, they begin to lose weight
rapidly. HLV changes appetite and metabolism, so it's not uncommon for
an infected person to lose 85 pounds or more as the disease runs its
course. Even so, the new bunny will usually be rather large.

Q. How common is the Bunny Virus?
A. Not very. In fact, it would seem that only about 1 in 7 bunnies is a
carrier. This is an infectious disease, and any person who was changed
into a bunny will become a carrier of the virus.

Q. Did the bunny Mentats create the Virus?
A. No. Even though bunny science is advanced, they aren't quite good enough
to create such a powerful virus. The Bunny Virus seems to be a completely
naturally occuring disease.

Q. What about other vectors? Can I get the Bunny Virus through a mosquito
A. No. The virus, like most viruses, is very specific, and can only be
carried by bunnies, and only seems to affect humans.

Q. So if I get bitten by a bunny, just like that I'll turn into one?
A. No. Like any disease, HTBS (Human To Bunny Syndrome) is progressive. It
would take anywhere from a few days to a few months for the disease to
become apparent, and then take a few weeks to a year to fully run its

Q. Is there a cure?
A. No, no one has ever devised a cure for this virus. Though there are
treatments if the disease is caught in its earliest stages, for the most
part, if you catch the Bunny Virus, there is little to do besides wait it

Q. If I get bitten then, there is no hope?
A. Not quite. The human immune system is a wonderful thing, and many people's
bodies can fight the virus off. Just like one can get over a cold, one
can "get over" the Bunny Virus. Since this is such a rare and powerful
disease, though, not many people are naturally immune.

Q. If I think I've been exposed, is there a way to tell?
A. If you start to grow a fluffy tail or your ears get long and pink, then
that's a pretty definate sign that you're infected. There is a test
which can tell you if you're sick with Bunny Virus, but it's not 100%
reliable. The test looks for what are called elevated titres, in other
words, elevated levels of antibodies and other markers which show the
individual has been exposed to the HLV virus. These levels are usually
are quite high immediately following a viral exposure....then drop off to
a measurable, but lower level over time.

Q. Is there a vaccination I can take?
A. Yes, there is a vaccination, called "Bunnivax" (and commonly known to
the layman as "Anti-bunnies"), which will help the immune system to
fight off this disease. We recommend that booster shots be taken yearly.
Remember, though, that Bunnivax will only help if taken some time before
the infection. More specifically, the vaccination elicits an immune
system response which causes the body to produce its own Anti-bunnies
to fight off any infection.

Q. Where is Bunnivax available?
A. Any AoF headquarters should have a supply available, and all new Fudds
are vaccinated as soon as they sign up with the Fudds.

Q. I heard that the Bunnies somehow "purified" the virus, making it stronger.
Is that true, and if so, how?
A. Well, the legendary BunnyMentat did a series of experiments on making
the virus stronger. He succeeded to some extent. Certain strains are
highly resistant to Anti-bunnies, and others are known to be able to
change a human to a bunny in a matter of days, even hours. These strains,
though, are usually quite unstable, and are not found naturally. They
must be given by injection, not by bite.

Q. What are were-bunnies, and where do they come from?
A. Lycanthropes who have never morphed are susceptible to this disease, as
well. The virus transforms the shifted-form to a bunny-form. It is not
known whether this condition can be cured, or the healing factor (which
protects other lycanthropes from transformation from the virus), acts
against AntiBunnies.

Comments, questions, ect should be sent to Bill Keyes (bke...@lamar.colostate.
edu)... I doubt I can answer them, but I can forward them on to somebun who

This document and all information contained within is copyright (c) 1994
by Bill Keyes. All rights reserved. It may not be reproduced or reposted
by any means, electronic or otherwise, in part or in whole, without prior
permission from the author.


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