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Wynn and PB

Nov 18, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/18/99
"Like, Rocker?"

"Yes, Wynn?"

"I thought you said that would only last, like, an hour or so?"

Fluffyrocker giggled, and nuzzled the doe's neck. "Sorry. I guess
someone has more stamina than I expected."

The two bunnies lay on a palette in Rocker's sleeping compartment, which
was now adorned with vases of water lilies. After all of the crushing
crowds and inquisitive stagebuns and chaos of the Gatewarren concert, the
compartment seemed luxuriously secluded and mercifully quiet except for the
muffled pounding and screaming curses coming from the other side of the

"Oh, well. Give her another thirty minutes. After that I might have to
go out and apologize."

Wynn personally suspected that the rather large, bunny-shaped hole
inside of one of the main speakers might possibly have contributed to the
unusual stamina of the bun outside. And she supposed that maybe she really
shouldn't have carved "Wynn + FR" on the inside of the speaker casing,
either. But she saw no real reason to share these private musings. After
all, there hadn't been *that* much damage. And she was sure none of the
wires she had nibbled had been way important anyway.

"Wow. Like, she always seemed way strange on the newsgroup, but now I'm
almost afraid to meet her," she said innocently.

Fluffyrocker smoothed a lop ear, smiling. "Oh, PunkBunny's not as scary
in person as she seems on the net."

"Like, really?"

"Absolutely not. In person, she's a lot worse." Standing up,
Rocker shook himself and hopped to the compartment's data terminal.
"Pardon me, I'm going to look at our schedule for tomorrow. Normally I'd
ask PB, but..."

"Sure", Wynn said, pushing herself up and yawning cutely. On the wall
a faded photograph of a human teenager caught her eye. "Like, who's this?"

"Hmmn? Oh. That's me."

"You? You're a convert?" She went very still, but Rocker, busy at
the terminal, didn't notice. This gave her a moment for some very
rapid mental gear-shifting. She had never had any use for converts,
as it turned out. Humans were fine, in their way, for symps or for
lunch. But as bunnies they were disastrous. She had never seen the
point of it. At the best, you got these big clumsy creatures that could
never fit well with bunny society. At the worst you got hideous
embarrassments like Blake and BunnyHugger. Why risk it?

But Rocker was not like that. Really, she had to admit, he was the
first convert she had actually gotten to know. And he was smart and nice
and way fun to be with. But... a convert? To hide her confusion, she
studied the photo. The boy in the picture was just out of puberty, his
black hair tied in a ponytail that faded into his leather jacket. His
eyes were ice blue, staring down at a wreath of flowers in the foreground
of the camera.

"Where was this taken?" she asked absently.

"Chalame, California. Where Jimmy Dean died."

"Like, what were you doing there?"

"I'll tell you sometime," Fluffyrocker mumbled, and Wynn caught the
warning in his tone. She shrugged and changed the subject. Like, it could
wait. She had enough to think about right now. She moved to the terminal
beside him, and nuzzled his neck. Like, he smelled so way good! Maybe it
*didn't* make that much difference. "So where are we going tomorrow?"

"Bluegrass Warren. Did you need to stay in Linden Hill?"

"Like, nah. My henchbuns can pretty much take care of things.
They usually do. <giggle>"

"That's cool," Fluffyrocker grinned. "Still, it would have been nice to
stay here longer. I hate playing Bluegrass Warren...have to play too many
Elvis songs."

"So go somewhere else."

"Well, I can ask PB..."

"Is PB driving the bus?"

"No, of course not," the buck said, blinking. "It's just that she made
the schedule, and..."

"Nonsense. Scoot over," she replied, grinning. After looking the
terminal over for a few seconds, she started typing rapidly, pulling up
windows Rocker had never seen before. "There," she said after a few
moments. "So, like, where do you want to go?"

"Uh...I don't really know. Any place you want to go?"

Wynn thought briefly, then grinned. She had never been to Canada
before, and Sid was such a sweetie... She tapped a few more keys. "I have
a friend in Algonquin I wanted to visit. Is that, like, okay and stuff?"

"I have no idea where that is. Sounds great. You can do this?"

"Like, I just did," she said serenely.

Fluffyrocker smiled, staring into the doe's eyes. "You're amazing."
Then his ears swiveled. "Hey, do you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"PunkBunny stopped." Grinning and snuggling into Wynn's neck, he pushed
her gently back towards the bedroll. "I knew she'd have to get something
to eat eventually."

"<gigglefluff> So will we, you know."

The rest of the evening was considerably quieter, which made it that
much closer to perfect.

Wynn and Punk Bunny!!

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