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Bill Keyes

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Supplement Part 1b
Who's Who: The Bunnies

Last Update: April 5, 2000

Maintained by Maskim Xuul.

Originally compiled by Dan Howell, with the help of Bill Keyes and
others to numerous to name. Thank you all.

***** Who's Who: The Bunnies *****

NAME: Acorn
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Comm Tech at Algonquin Main. Acorn knows his way
around the Net like a squirrel knows his way around a tree. (The
buns have done tests...usually right before dinner <fangygrin>.)

BACKGROUND: He is originally from the small and rural Bancroft
Warren; his assignment to Algonquin Main is his first time living
in the Big City, and he is suffering quite a bit of culture
AUTHOR: Scott Robert Dawson
Entry Last Updated: 11/19/98

NAME: Anna Bunny
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Orange-red doe, short haired. Young.

BACKGROUND: Escaped from humans when barely full-grown, she's
been to Wyrmstock, was seduced (or did the seducing of) NoBunny,
and is the mother of their kits, Lily-rose and AnyBunny.
ALLIES: Bindi Bunny, Squishly Bunny, Tigerlily. And Laurel.
ENEMIES: Nasty Horrible mean Fudds. And Fouriers. Except Laurel.
AUTHOR: Gillian Richards
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Aurora DeVille Bunny Jones
Age: Don't bother asking if you know what's best for you.
Birthday: Jan 1st 2000
Life Goal: Warren Leader, Protector, and Mentat.
ALLIES: Mommy (Kaeralina DeVille Bunny) Daddy (Admiral David (Davey) Jones),
Papa (Dr Fluffy) Grandma (Dharma Bunny) Aunty Fluffy Cloud, Unca NoBunny,
Aunty Satin, Draco DeVille Bunny Jones, Koan DeVille Bunny Fluffenstein and
ENEMIES: Fudds in General.
AUTHOR: Ilona Webb (contact:

NAME: Bindi Bunny
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: White Angora Lop with burn scars to numerous places

BACKGROUND: Hutch born, rescued by devilbunnies, watched her
warren killed due to buck idiocies (I gotta write that one day!),
escaped and started DoeHaven, the doe's resting place.
ALLIES: Squishly Bunny, Anna Bunny, Tigerlily
ENEMIES: Two-footers, bucks.
AUTHOR: Gillian Richards
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Kevin "The Symp" Blackburn
SPECIES: Human (allegedly)
DESCRIPTION: 6'5" lanky, dark hair, suit at work, jeans and shirt
At leisure

BACKGROUND: Designer at International Computers Limited, seduced
into being a symp by his affinity for the cute. Used by the buns
for modifying computer software to their ends, and more recently
as a somewhat unpredictable propaganda source. President, Wynn Fan Club.
ALLIES: Wynn, Bluebell, Winnersh Warren Techbuns, many Wynn fans,
Winnersh Warren Leaders (sort of)
ENEMIES: ed, disliked to hated by most Fudds
AUTHOR: Kevin Blackburn
Entry Last Updated: 11/26/98

NAME: Blackears
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: A large White Rabbit with black ears. He speaks in
"Newspeak" from "1984" and NEVER emotes. Lusts after Daphnie

BACKGROUND: One of the "North British Loyal Warrens", who support
the ex-Lord Protector Lucky.
ALLIES: Lucky.
ENEMIES: ed, muttley, Binky, The Strathclyde Warrens, the Red
Squirrel Soviets
AUTHOR: Colin D. Speirs
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

NAME: Chief Mentat Bobtail (also called Bobcat, behind her back),
Mentat Cottontail, Captain Whitefoot, Priestess Silkenfur
(Winnersh Leaders)

DESCRIPTION: Bobtail, a grizzled brown doe, is head of the
Winnersh Warren. She is very proper, except when throwing a
temper tantrum. Then she earns her nickname Bobcat in her
spitting, shrieking (and distinctly uncute) anger. Cottontail, a
long-haired black and white buck is charged with Human Resources.
That is, he is the symp's primary controller, and head of the bun
field agents who crouch in hutches pretending to be pets, while
actually being the masters. Captain Whitefoot is a devout Frith
worshipping brown and white buck is head of what little military
the warren has. Silkenfur is a proud doe, of many litters, who
has now turned to Frith, and dedicates herself to his service as
a thank you for a fine life so far.

BACKGROUND: This trio have been the primary sources of leadership
of Winnersh Warren both under Lord Protector Lucky, and now the
UK Warren Leaders Council (WLC). They tread a somewhat
independent path from the central UK authority, believing in
traditional Warren rights, especially their own warren rights.
ALLIES: WLC, Binky Bunny, Kevin Blackburn (as a controlled symp)
ENEMIES: Anti-bun forces. Mixed feelings, mostly negative, about
AUTHOR: Kevin Blackburn
Entry Last Updated: 11/26/98

NAME: Boregaurd, goes by the nick name of Red Fang
SPECIES: DevilBunny
DESCRIPTION: Largish charcoal colored devilbunny buck. His left
vorpal fang is stained red. The enamel has many hairline
fractures that blood seeps into staining it red.

BACKGROUND: He came from a farm warren that was destroyed by
fudds when he was on wide patrol looking for foxes. He was
picked up by the Missouri militia and enlisted. He latter made
it into the Stompers. He is "enthusiastic" about his job which
tends to get him in trouble more often then not. He sees humans
as nothing more then cattle. He also makes it a point to keep
his left vorpal fang stained red with human blood.

ALLIES: The Wynn Fan Club, Kevin Blackburn (President of the Wynn
Fan Club), Shadow, Sparky
ENEMIES: The AWF, anyone who bad-mouths the Wynn Fan Club
AUTHOR: Scott Herter
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Browny CrimsonPaw
SPECIES: devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: buck with medium brown pelt. Crimson streaks on
forepaws, one forepaw is pepper grey instead of brown.

BACKGROUND: Commander of all devilbunny operations east and north
of Bangor, Maine. Controls the wild blueberry industry
single-pawed. Enjoys torturing Fudds. Never been able to win
himself a mate.
ALLIES: Most devilbunnies
ENEMIES: Jerry Bunny and Maine Fudds
AUTHOR: Scott Bernier
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Bunny Mentat
SPECIES: Devilbunny

BACKGROUND: Frequently dead, Bunny Mentat occasionally
mysteriously returns to SFU Warren. He was the Devilbunnies'
chief mentat, the inventor of BUNIX, MorphArmor, and nanites.
ALLIES: LonGears, FluffyTeacher, Daphnie Mentat.
ENEMIES: All Fudds. All bunny traitors.
AUTHOR: Anonymous, contact via email
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: BunnyHugger
DESCRIPTION: White with black patches

BACKGROUND: BunnyHugger was originally an ordinary college
student by the name of Heather Kendrick. She was kidnapped by
devilbunnies and converted, and for years she zealously promoted
the fluffy cause. More recently she has broken free of her
brainwashing and allied herself with a group of freed squirrels.
ALLIES: Cadge Flicker, The Reverend VanLuster, Chit, Aldin
Busheytail, and most Fudds
ENEMIES: Snow Flurry, most other bunnies
AUTHOR: Heather M. Fieldhouse
Entry Last Updated: 11/26/98

NAME: Callie (Julie Blake)
SPECIES: devilbunny convert
DESCRIPTION: slightly above average size calico pelt doe.

BACKGROUND: Daughter of Steve Blake, converted against her will
in 1996. Tried to follow her father's pawsteps and become a spy
for the Fudds. Failed in her first mission as she fell in love
with the love with the inhabitants of Volo Bog Warren. Has since
resigned from AoF Intelligence.
ALLIES: Maine Fudds, the buns & squirrels of Volo Bog, and Smudge
ENEMIES: Really bad devilbunnies, Wanderers, Fouriers, etc.
AUTHOR: Scott Bernier
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Cherrypip
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Young Devilbunny kit with brown and white fur

BACKGROUND: Cherrypip is the son of a Mentat, but he is also very
ALLIES: His mother and father
ENEMIES: The Sybil, Dale
AUTHOR: Cherrypip "Anonymous Author"
Entry Last Updated: 11/26/98

NAME: Corporal Coren
SPECIES: Devilbunny

DESCRIPTION: camouflage-brown patterned fur
BACKGROUND: He has considerable field experience and has survived many
ALLIES: His mate, Pandora, and their kits.
ENEMIES: Evil Mentat Charles, Fudds.
AUTHOR: Eric Funk
Entry Last Updated: 29/02/2000

NAME: Daisy
SPECIES: Devilbunny

BACKGROUND: She is a Junior Mentat, but few know she is qualified for the
classification of Mentat. However, she is content with her mastery of her
ALLIES: Skyburrow Fair Warren, Bermuda Base, Warren Johnson, Microsoft.
AUTHOR: Eric Funk
Entry Last Updated: 29/02/2000

NAME: Daphnie Mentat
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: A small white doe, under whose fluffy, cute interior
beats a heart of purest Evil^H^H^Hnthusiasm.

BACKGROUND: She is the daughter of FluffyTeacher and DarkMentat, and is
one of the world's foremost experts on computers, nanite technology, and
morpharmor. She has taken over her grandfather BunnyMentat's career as
Chief Mentat over all the bunnies, a position which she seems to excel in.
ALLIES: FluffyTeacher, the D-kits, the A-kits.
ENEMIES: Most everybun else seems to be afraid of her for some
reason [giggle].
AUTHOR: Anonymous, contact via email
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Figgy
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: One of the less cute bunnies in the War, an odd,
hateful devilbunny that has an obsession with his namesake,
the fig.

BACKGROUND: He grew up in the stagnant, backward HomeWarrens
of Woodbridge, and went on to modernize them. In fact, he is
currently the leader of the devilbunny forces in Woodbridge.
ALLIES: Laclaire, Yellowbuck, most devilbunnies.
ENEMIES: Logan, all Fudds, and his nemesis, Dylan.
AUTHOR: Dylan Madeley

NAME: Fluffy Cloud
DESCRIPTION: A small silvery grey angora doe. She writes novels for buns
and symps. She is currently dating Yellowbuck.

BACKGROUND: When she was a very young kit, Fluffy Cloud fled her warren
during a Fudd attack. The warren was destroyed and she was found by
non-Fudd humans. She was kept as a pet until her eventual escape.
ALLIES: Yellowbuck <dreamysigh> Kaeralina DeVille Bunny (her best friend)
Aurora (Fluffy Cloud's Frith daughter) and NoBunny (just because he's is so
ENEMIES: Minx <stomp> Ready the Squirrel and Fudds every where.
Birthday: October 26, 1998
AUTHOR: Jenny Bell

NAME: FluffyRocker
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Black fur, blue eyes, white patch under throat.
Home: Denverwarren
BACKGROUND: A musician who wandered for a while after his
conversion, FR fell in with PunkBunny and the Denverwarren hard
rock scene. His songs have mellowed since then, and his rendition
of rock tunes has gained him success and some fame, especially in

ALLIES: PunkBunny, Wynn, devilbunnies.
ENEMIES: An easy-going rabbit, FR doesn't hate anyone that much.
AUTHOR: Remus Shepherd
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

NAME: FluffyTeacher
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: FluffyTeacher is a small white doe with grey

BACKGROUND: FluffyTeacher is a certified teacher, warren leader
of DenverWarren, and the civilian leader of DevilBunny society.
She is also the mother of the D-kits: Daniel, Dannielle, Derik,
and Daphnie; and the A-kits: Amee, Aloysius, Angela, Arabella,
Autumn, and Alex.
AUTHOR: Tammy Sue Keyes
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

NAME: Douglas Furr, Mentat
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: A large russet-brown buck.

BACKGROUND: Mentat and Warren Leader of SeattleWarren and its
satellites, including BattleGround and Evergreen Station.
ALLIES: Larch, Sitka, Trillium, possibly Wolkenwind and Daphnie.
ENEMIES: The AoF PDX, Seven, Wolkenwind, possibly Daphnie.
Author's email:

NAME: Garry Bunny
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Medium sized white buck with a black fluffy tail and
two wires protruding from his skull behind each ear.

BACKGROUND: Orphaned at a very young age when a group of Fudds
from NIMH attacked the warren looking for animals for medical
research. He has a deep sense of the sanctity of life and will
only fight if his friend or kits are in danger.
ALLIES: General LonGears
AUTHOR: Garry Boath
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Genevieve
SPECIES: Human sympathizer
DESCRIPTION: Short, brunette, nervous.

BACKGROUND: The most recent of Lucky's many, brief, personal
secretaries, all of whom bore the name Genevieve to avoid
confusion. Whether they liked it or not. Following the temporary state of
affairs in Britain's bunny-political structure, her current whereabouts are
AUTHOR: Chris Fieldhouse
Entry Last Updated: 11/19/98

NAME: Gus CrimsonPaw
SPECIES: devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: buck with brown and white pelt. Red streaks in his

BACKGROUND: Commander of Bowsbuck Warren militia. Helped found
Bowsbuck after being forced to abandon his old warren after the
Battle of Portland (1995). Not very fond of his brother, Browny.
Distrusts most buns from outside of Maine, especially PAW
ALLIES: Buns of Bowsbuck and SnowShoe
ENEMIES: Maine Fudds, Lumberjack Fudds, PAW buns
AUTHOR: Scott Bernier
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Gustavus Greyfur
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Salt-and-pepper; wears chainmail, horned Viking
helmet, and a double-headed paw-axe.

BACKGROUND: Infected by Herringbone in battle, this former human
captain's mind became destabilized during the shock of
transformation. Now thinks he's a devilbunny Viking. Leads his
"Bunzerker" troops from his steam-driven longboat the Maelstrom.
ALLIES: Admiral Marlin, Aelita.
ENEMIES: Fudds, himself.
AUTHOR: Andrew Weitzman
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Commandant Herringbone
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Black-and-tan devilbunny; right eye is gone, covered
by a leather eye patch.

BACKGROUND: Commanding officer of the BunnyMarines. Herringbone
exemplifies all the attributes he has instilled in his troops; he
is a ruthless killer, dedicated to annihilating any enemies he
engages. More than most buns, he loathes humans.
ALLIES: Admiral Marlin
ENEMIES: Rick Andersen, Sergeant "Two-Fingers" Jonson.
AUTHOR: Andrew Weitzman
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Humble Medbun
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: A very strange buck of indeterminable age and breed. Coat
could be brown, but it's a bit hard to tell, as it is quite bare in patches.
He will -not- discuss why he has such a patchy coat. It appears to be a
sore point with him, and nobun knows why.

BACKGROUND: Humble aspires to be a docbun, and has a sound beginner's
knowledge of herbs and remedies. He is also quite deft at turning your
garden variety, plain, old toe into a gastronomic feast fit for a Mentat.
Humble's biggest problem is that he is. well. very humble. He considers
himself (wrongly) to be unworthy of Frith's love (or anybun else's for that
matter), in spite of his capabilities. He has confided in SandyPaw that he
was abused as a kit and warren mates, resulting in his total paranoia.
Humble feels -very- uncomfortable about being 2IC for the warren, however as
it stands currently, he has little choice. There is, after all, only the
two permanent inhabitants at this time.
ALLIES: Once they gain his trust, any devilbunny who is nice to him. He
particularly likes his warrenmate, SandyPaw, although some of her tendencies
cause a great deal of discomfort to him. Humble is in awe of Daphnie Mentat
and faints at any mention of Wynn.
ENEMIES: Humble is too scared to have any 'enemies'. He is simply terrified
of just about everyone/bun.

NAME: Lt. Jackdaw
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Short, powerfully built, grey.

BACKGROUND: Former head of the Protectorate's Internal Security
forces and loyal aide-de-camp to Lucky. Following the temporary state of
affairs in Britain's bunny-political structure, his current whereabouts are
ALLIES: Lucky, IS.
ENEMIES: Insurgents and Traitors To The Cause.
AUTHOR: Chris Fieldhouse
Entry Last Updated: 11/19/98

NAME: Jerry Bunny
SPECIES: devilbunny convert
DESCRIPTION: slightly larger then average buck, pepper grey pelt
with a streak of crimson on his right forepaw.

BACKGROUND: Until 1997, Jerry was Gerard Tondreau, a Lumberjack
Fudd. Converted and brainwashed, he's now extremely loyal to the
devilbunny cause, though somewhat naive. His left forepaw was
amputated and grafted onto Browny CrimsonPaw in revenge of
Tondreau severing said paw off Browny. Jerry knows he used to be
a Fudd and regrets his past 'evils' as one. Currently helping
Mariel Haynes and family see the light of Frith.

ALLIES: Mariel Haynes and her parents, other bunnies in the Down
East Maine region, Fuzzy Bunny, and Browny CrimsonPaw
ENEMIES: Fudds and Browny CrimsonPaw (though Jerry doesn't
realize this)
AUTHOR: Scott Bernier
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Admiral David Jones (aka Davey Jones aka Admiral Jones)
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: A tall buck with blue-grey fur.

BACKGROUND: A high ranking officer in the Bun fleet, he retired from active
duty on Remembrance Day, 1999, to spend more time with his beloved mate,
Kaeralina. He is usually courteous to a fault, but can be angered.
ALLIES: Skyburrow Fair warren, Bermuda Base warren
AUTHOR: Eric Funk
Entry Last Updated: 29/02/2000

NAME: General (ret.) Kaeralina DeVille Bunny
Age: You know it's not proper to ask a lady that. <giggle>
Birthday: April 13th
BACKGROUND: She is the leader of Skyburrow Fair Warren. She was trained as
a pilot and is currently involved with the teaching of young bunnies in the
art of flight. She's Frithmother to Pandora, Terry, Whisper and Mim.

ALLIES: Admiral David Jones (Davey) (mate), Baron Fredrick Fluffenstein, aka
Dr Fluffy (mate), NoBunny, Fluffy Cloud, Yellowbuck, Dharma Bunny (mother),
Cinnamon, Helen Walker/Jade Walker (symp), Erik D'Angelique/Orion
(Helen/Jade's boyfriend), The Warren Johnson members, Skyburrow Fair
members, Bermuda Base members, and basically tries to be friends with
everybunny. Mother to Aurora DeVille Bunny Jones, Draco DeVille Bunny Jones
and Koan DeVille Bunny Fluffenstein.
ENEMIES: Lucielle Walker, Tarkin Eisley, Deuce, CharlesMentat.
AUTHOR: Ilona Webb (contact:

NAME: Laclaire
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: About eight inches long, not very muscular, and only halfway
normal looking due to reconstructive surgery (he was born
somewhat misshapen). He looks like a tiny snowshoe hare,
and in fact, his coat goes all white during winter. Bright blue eyes.

BACKGROUND: Laclaire is a little brown buck with some really big ideas.
He's got far more ambition than is good for him, although he just might be
smart enough to survive. Not that having a crush on Daphnie helps this. He's
very fond of disguise and deceit, having been raised on a steady diet of
both, and all you can trust Laclaire to do is strike at his enemies and
protect his allies. Not that he readily reveals who is on which list.
ALLIES: All of WarrenJohnson and the rest of the Manitoba Warren Council,
Cobalt, Figgy from WoodBridge.
ENEMIES: Every Fudd still drawing breath. Fouriers more so.
AUTHOR: David (Walter Plinge)

NAME: Lamar
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: A reddish brown buck, with jet black ears. Apparently charming,
but quite a psychopath.

BACKGROUND: Once trained as a techbun, then transferred into
security, then again transferred into teaching. Always considered a trouble
maker, went insane after discovering secret files about
himself, and tried to kill Redscruff (The Tactical commander)
during his escape. Formed the ESR via the figure head Leader Sam
Squirrel in order to gain a power base.
ALLIES: Sam Squirrel, ESR, Red Squirrel Soviet, Sussex Fudds
ENEMIES: Redscruf, Techbun Lambstail, The Devilbunny Milita,
Winnersh, Red Squirrel Soviet, Sussex Fudds
AUTHOR: John Barberio
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

NAME: LennyMentat
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Lenny is a nephew of Patch Fluffbuns and head Mentat
of Ft. Leonard Warren. He specializes in Computer Programming and
Mechanical Engineering. He spends most of his time watching cable
TV and looking for love.

ALLIES: Patch Fluffbuns, LeroyMentat.
AUTHOR: Chris Hemme
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: LeroyMentat
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Leroy is another nephew of Patch Fluffbuns, less
bold and less apt to work than his brother Lenny. He specializes
in Electrical Engineering and is currently wandering after being
kicked out of Ft. Leonard Warren by Patch.

ALLIES: LennyMentat, Patch Fluffbuns.
AUTHOR: Chris Hemme
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: General LonGears (pronounced Long-Gears)
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Medium-Sized, gunmetal grey.

BACKGROUND: Originator and overall leader of the Devilbunny
militia. While older and somewhat ... fluffier ... than the
average military bun, the General is a wily strategist and
tactician. Has his own Code of Honour; he is adverse to actually
lying and will hold to the letter of his word. Master of
Bun-Banter and holds a black-belt in Ego.
ALLIES: Major Bluefur, Snowhare, Admiral Marlin, FluffyTeacher,
Lucky, Wynn, Daphnie, ShortHare, all militia buns, all loyal
(Barley, Snowshoe, et. al.) devilbunnies.
ENEMIES: Who isn't? Rick "Where's Waldo" Andersen, the ex-BHX,
Chaney, the McGregors, the Pommerleau's, Ms Martel, Sgt Saak, ed,
the rest of the AoF, the splinter groups, the Four, Jrrrr-Lwsss,
every surviving ferrotti (both of them)
AUTHOR: Doug Holzworth
Entry Last Updated: 11/26/98

NAME: Lord "Lucky" Hanover, Lord Protector of the British Isles,
Defender of the Frith.
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Large, black, greying about muzzle. Smells of
beeswax and lemon.

BACKGROUND: A direct descendant of the house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
through an occurrence of HLV in the nineteenth Century, Lucky is
the rightful ruler of Westminster Warren. Following the sad
demise of every other member of the Warren Leader's Council in
1994, Lucky was unanimously declared Lord Protector and ruled
Britain's devilbunny society until 1997, when some trivial matter
concerning politics made an extended vacation necessary. Lucky currently
resides in France while the newly-reconstituted WLC flirts with some
democratic nonsense.
ALLIES: Gen. LonGears, Adml. Marlin, Esteemed Mentat NoBunny.
ENEMIES: Anything with less than three legs, some things with
more than three legs and democratic pretensions, The Four.
AUTHOR: Chris Fieldhouse
Entry Last Updated: 11/19/98

NAME: Admiral Marlin
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Two-foot long black rabbit; white splotches on

BACKGROUND: The Admiral is the founder/leader of the Devilbunny
Navy. Marlin is an experienced strategist, known for making
careful plans; in the heat of battle, however, he can be a fiery
lapine warrior. Personal quirks include eating rum-soaked carrots
and pursuing various white-furred does.
ALLIES: Aelita, Commandant Herringbone, Gustavus Greyfur.
ENEMIES: Oil tankers, Fudds.
AUTHOR: Andrew Weitzman
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Mickey
SPECIES: Human DB Sympathizer
DESCRIPTION: Mid thirties human male, light brown hair, average

BACKGROUND: Mickey was an experiment in binding symps through
financial means instead of the kyOOt. It has been marginally
successful. Mickey tends to be more concerned with making money
then advancing the bunny cause. He got caught up in one of
NoBunny's schemes and now moonlights for NoBunny Inc. as a
marketing and sales person. He is generally hated by anyone with
an internet connection due to his newsgroup and email spamming
campaigns. Fortunately there are just enough fools in the world
to buy his products and keep him afloat. Due to a failed venture for
NoBunny Inc. he owes NoBunny a very large amount of money that he is
constantly working on trying to pay off.
ENEMIES: NoBunny, anyone with an internet connection
AUTHOR: Scott Herter
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Minx
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Doe. Cream-colored fur. Flirtatious. She is the jilted lover
of Yellowbuck and the sworn enemy of Yellowbuck's new flame, Fluffy Cloud.

BACKGROUND: West Keansburg is Minx's home town. She fled there
after a failed attempt to murder Fluffy Cloud. Currently Minx is feeling
pretty safe, even to the point of posting to the banter exchange without
fear, due to the fact that Sweet Surrender, Boss of Bosses of the New Jersey
Fluffia, is Minx's cousin's mate's aunt, and has told Yellowbuck in no
uncertain terms to leave Minx alone.
ALLIES: Her symp Patrick and to a certain extent Sweet Surrender (see
ENEMIES: Yellowbuck, Fluffy Cloud, Yellowbuck's symp Belinda, and
to a certain extent Ready the Squirrel though she's not at the top of his
AUTHOR: Ronald A. Petrocco, Jr.

NAME: Johnson Morikawa-Smith

BACKGROUND: Bunny-sympathizer. Johnson's story is sad. He became
aware of the Bunnies just before a business trip to San
Francisco. Since he is a talented electronics engineer, at home
with such things as RF design and GSM data transmissions, he was
an ideal target for Bunny recruitment efforts. In California, two
Bunny-sympathizers introduced him to the intelligent rabbits of Palo Alto
warren. Through a mixup, he was given the Cuteness Sensitivity injection,
which made him even more susceptible to Cuteness than he had been. His
movements after this point are obscure. He came back to Toronto, but seems
to have left work for an extended period of time. In early 1998 there were a
couple of disturbing posts on the newsgroup that hinted of his capture and
brainwashing-or worse--by Algonquin Main warren. In late 1998, Johnson
suddenly reappeared with a new job at Q-Tronix of Niagara Falls. Soon after
this, he openly stated his identity as a Bunny-Sympathizer. Was this
allegiance voluntary? We shall see...
AUTHOR: Scott Robert Dawson
Entry Last Updated: 11/19/98

NAME: NoBunny (Real name unknown)
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Suave, debonair, stylish... a real lady's buck!
NoBunny was recruited (unwillingly) into SFU Warren's dreaded
Black Battalion and is a full-fledged Mentat and warrior, but he
much prefers to work on the de-moralization of Fudds
(particularly Fuddettes!).

ALLIES: Bunnies! Most Fuddettes, though they don't want to admit
it! =;)
AUTHOR: Bill Keyes
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Puck
DESCRIPTION: Puck is a circus of every color a devilbunny can be. One eye
is albino red and the other is blue. The left ear stands straight up while
the right ear is lop style. Puck is quite possible the ugliest devilbunny
you will ever meet as he will cheerfully tell you. He constantly bounces to
the great annoyance of others.

BACKGROUND: A lover of practical jokes, Puck was kicked out of his warren at
a young age for being a huge nuisance. Everybun thought that Puck wouldn't
amount to anything and Puck quite happily agreed with them. One day, Puck
thought that it might be funny to see the looks on the other bun's faces if
he actually made something of himself. In the spirit of a good joke, Puck
applied himself and eventually wound up as Chief Mentat Of Anaheim Warren.
ALLIES: The White Rabbit and anybun who will laugh at his jokes.
ENEMIES: Fudds are too much fun to play tricks on to be considered enemies.
Birthday: April 1, 1997
AUTHOR: Jenny Bell

NAME: PunkBunny
SPECIES: Figure she hops, fluffs, and moshes...must be a
DESCRIPTION: Wildly varying dyed fur colors, multiple piercings,
dark shades.
Home: Denverwarren. Bright lights, big gritty.

BACKGROUND: Chick came from a broken home, as in broken bones,
spud. She's into hard music, hard moshing, and hard fun,
bunny-style. Her trademarks include switchblades, WalkBuns,
mirror shades, and metal piercings in almost every part of her
body. Got a problem with that?
ALLIES: The Blues Bunnies, FluffyRocker, most any bun with a
ENEMIES: The Four, and anything that gets in chick's way. Dig?
AUTHOR: Remus Shepherd
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

NAME: SandyPaw Ozbun
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Small fawn colored Mini Rex doe. Large white patch on her
chest. Dainty claws and very sharp teeth.

BACKGROUND: SandyPaw doesn't really understand how she came to be a
devilbunny. She just sort of happened. She may have been a human once,
infected with HLV, or may be the result of some other weird bunny science.
Despite this, Sandypaw is a very cute bun, but has one or two. quirks. It
is one of these quirks that apparently caused Art Black to ask her if she
wished to become a Wyrmbunny. SandyPaw considered his invitation, but has
so far declined. She believes herself to be far too kyoot and nice to
become a Wyrmbunny at this juncture.
ALLIES: Most devilbunnies, especially Humble, NoBunny, and Wynn.
ENEMIES: All Fudds, especially that BHX character, and Moxie. However,
although she's a bit unsure of Remus, she seems to think he has a lot of
kyootness potential.

NAME: Senga NicBun
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: A brown rabbit, looking much like a wild rabbit.

BACKGROUND: One of the first leaders of the Strathclyde Warrens
when they managed to re-establish contact with the outside world.
He and his sister Senga are joint Spokesbuns for the United
Warrens Also leads "Senga's Irregular's", a crack special forces unit.
ALLIES: Wynn, Binky.
ENEMIES: ed, muttley, Lucky, the Red Squirrel Soviets
AUTHOR: Muttley "Anonymous Author"
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

NAME: Shug McBun
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: A brown rabbit, looking much like a wild rabbit.

BACKGROUND: She and her brother Senga are joint Spokesbuns for
the United Warrens
ALLIES: Wynn, Binky.
ENEMIES: ed, muttley, Lucky, the Red Squirrel Soviets
AUTHOR: Colin D. Speirs
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Lives in Algonquin Main warren, somewhere under
Algonquin Park. Sid is a member of the Bunny militia, and frequently goes
on Wide Patrols outside the warren, often for weeks at a time. One of his
hobbies is tech support for a local BunnyRock band, ToeJam. Sid really, I
mean *really*, has a crush on Wynn. Will he ever meet her and discover the

AUTHOR: Scott Robert Dawson
Entry Last Updated: 11/19/98

NAME: Sniffles
SPECIES: Devilbunny
Rank: Commander. Warren Leader: Bushnell/AsylumWarren, CT.

DESCRIPTION: Cute black Rex buck with silver eyes. Sniffles is obsessed
with experiments in commercial and social means of controlling the apes.
His most recent and infamous experiment was known in devilbunny circles as
"The Fifth Teletubby." Is generally irritated by the Wanderers.
ALLIES: PAW, the Imagineering Design Warren.
ENEMIES: The Wanderers
AUTHOR: Joshua DiMauro

NAME: Dr. Snow Flurry
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Albino, with smallish ears

BACKGROUND: Dr. Flurry was one of the four devilbunnies who
worked on BunnyHugger's conversion. He was the only one who did
not think she should be "terminated" as a failure, so he helped
her escape from EarlhamWarren to MiamiWarren. As a result he was
thrown out of the warren and now resides at MiamiWarren.
ALLIES: Tuesday Black
ENEMIES: BunnyHugger, most of EarlhamWarren, all Fudds and many
AUTHOR: Heather M. Fieldhouse
Entry Last Updated: 11/26/98

NAME: SnowShoe
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Medium-sized Brown Buck. Not particularly special,
but prone to occasional incapacitating bouts with strange visions.

BACKGROUND: Was just your average devilbunny soldier until a
devastating accident at White Mountain Warren thrust him into
command of the warren.
ALLIES: CrimsonPaw, Sgt. Streetrunner
AUTHOR: Geoffrey Marsh
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

NAME: Squishly Bunny
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Black with white patches. 2IC of Doehaven.

BACKGROUND: Warren-born, came to Doehaven seeking a fair deal for
Does. Er.. she's also a secret member of the Wynn Fan Club.
ALLIES: Bindi Bunny, Anna Bunny, the kits, Brother Cadfluff, Wynn
ENEMIES: Working on it.
AUTHOR: Gillian Richards
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Sgt. Streetrunner
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Large gray Buck, friendly but has little patience
with those who are less bright than he would like.

BACKGROUND: Commander of WarrenDC.
ALLIES: SnowShoe
AUTHOR: Geoffrey Marsh
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

NAME: Tigerlily, Flopsy, Lambstail (Winnersh Techbuns)
DESCRIPTION: Tigerlily's brown fur is almost golden orange, and
she is a tom buck. Lambstail is a meek white buck, and does not
expect to inherit the earth. Flopsy is a reliable lop-ear.

BACKGROUND: Communication techbuns at Winnersh, prone to doing
their own thing in their own way. Competent enough that they get
away with it. Tigerlily, in particular, plays an important role
in the administration of the Wynn Fan Club. This trio often works
as a team.
ALLIES: Doehaven (Tigerlily), Wynn Fan Club members, Winnersh
Leaders (as bosses), Kevin Blackburn (as plaything)
ENEMIES: Lamar (Lambstail), anti-bun forces.
AUTHOR: Kevin Blackburn
Entry Last Updated: 11/26/98

NAME: Helen/Jade Walker, symp
Age: 22
Birthday: Feb 3, 1978.
BACKGROUND: Anthropology Student and Symp, but not much else
ALLIES: Lucielle Walker (twin sister), Kaeralina DeVille Bunny (mistress),
Charlene, Erik/Orion D'Angelique, Aurora DeVille Bunny Jones, Jakes Walker
ENEMIES: The Dreaded religion professor.
AUTHOR: Ilona Webb (contact:

NAME: The White Rabbit
DESCRIPTION: Title given to the devilbunny who is in charge of Anaheim
Warren. The fur is always white even if it means dyeing it.

AUTHOR: Jenny Bell

NAME: Kommandant Wolkenwind
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: A grey and white buck with cloudlike markings.

BACKGROUND: Military-style leader of Tuebingen Warren, Germany,
in whose rebuilding he was instrumental. Spent time in Seattle
and began Mentat training, but abandoned it to return to his
ALLIES: Edelweiss. Possibly Douglas Furr.
ENEMIES: Liesle. Seven. Possibly Douglas Furr.
Author's email:

NAME: Wynn
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Small, golden-taffy colored Fuzzy Lop doe with white
breast and three white paws. The wave is, like, totally natural.

BACKGROUND: Wynn left her warren after a, like, slight
disagreement, (blush) and is currently, like, exploring her
options. (cough) She is *not* a kit, (pout) and her main ambition
is to be in Special Forces just so long as it doesn't, like, ruin
her manicure or anything.
ALLIES: Well, like, Mr. Major Patch except that he's dead, and,
like Amanda Bunny wherever she is, and, like, I don't really know
Admiral Marlin but he has a way cool accent! (swoon) Oh, and Mr.
Dr. Remus and Bubba (giggle)
ENEMIES: That Sibyl creature, (ickfluff) and, like, that AWF guy
isn't so nice either. (poof). Oh, and Mr. Dr. Remus and Bubba
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Yellowbuck
SPECIES: Devilbunny
DESCRIPTION: Blonde (or tawny) fur. Brilliant businessbunny, filthy rich.
One of the top lieutenants under the Fluffia Boss of Bosses, Sweet
Surrender. Yellowbuck lives below the surface of Leafy Creek, New Jersey.

BACKGROUND: Yellowbuck's most significant act was his role in what is known
as simply The Conspiracy. Using technology provided anonymously, Yellowbuck
managed to cause a fairly permanent change in Sweet Surrender's personality,
so that she embraced the KyOOt and became a more balanced bunny... which
enabled the Fluffia to become more balanced in turn. Yellowbuck became rich
as a young bunny through his dealings with the Black Rabbits of Inle, a
secret Devilbunny society that operates throughout the continent of Africa.
The resulting wars provide huge numbers of fresh human corpses, toes ripe
for harvesting. Yellowbuck buys toes wholesale from the Black Rabbits and
sells them retail throughout New Jersey.
ALLIES: His beloved Fluffy Cloud, his brother and fellow Conspirator the
champion Destroyer Buck, his symp Belinda. He is friendly with Kaeralina
DeVille Bunny and her Skyburrow Fair Warren.
ENEMIES: Ready the Squirrel, the Devilbunny Minx who once loved Yellowbuck
and now is a bunny scorned, many others.
AUTHOR: Ronald A. Petrocco, Jr.
Entry Last Updated: 2/26/2000

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