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Wynn and PB

Nov 19, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/19/99
Later that afternoon, Wynn crept onto the darkened Bunnymover, making
her way to the main sleeping compartment. After opening up the compartment
door she shimmied in...and when she noticed the other occupant she began
shimmying back out again. She belatedly turned the motion into a <groomfluff>,
nervously smoothing her dewlap. "Like, Punkbunny! L-like hi there! <fidget>
Rocker sent me to, you know, get his jacket and stuff, and I'm just here to...
Oh Wow."

PB looked at Wynn through the mirror, combing the orange and black
lightning bolts shooting through her now crimson fur. "No shakes,
princess. Glad you got him back for the soundcheck."

"Like, you changed your fur!"

"Like it?" Punkbunny styled a little, still looking at the mirror.
Outside the mover the band started playing, with FluffyRocker's amplified
voice resonating in the Bunnymover. "Wanted a new look. As in severe."

"Oh. Hey, like, you're not, you know, mad at us or anything, are you?"

"Nope. Not chick's problem. I quit."

"Quit?", asked Wynn, wide-eyed, as PB reached into a drawer and pulled
out a leather collar ringed with spikes. "You mean, you just quit? As
in Quit quit?"

"Natch. Help me with this, princess?"

Wynn wrinkled her nose. "Oh like, <ickpoof>."

"Fine." Fitting the collar around her neck, PB worked the buckle in the
mirror. "Chick is gonna drink, mosh, and bag and boink a buck. Got a
problem with that?"

Wynn tugged at an earbow, puzzled. "Well, like, is Rocker in danger or
anything? I mean, like, isn't that why you're here?"

"Don't know, don't care." PB said, donning her walkbun and flicking it
on. "Chick didn't want to be boss. It's Rockhead's job, let him billy up
to it."

"But, like, that's so way cold! Don't you care? <wideeyes>"

"Ain't my prob, princess. Now hop off."

Blinking, Wynn threw the Rocker's jacket over her back and made her way
to the door. The hard rock from PB's headphones made her wrinkle her nose,
and she turned at the doorway. "Like, no wonder he doesn't listen to you.
You can't even listen to *his* music. You're, like, so way uncute."

"Don't go there," PB growled. But the lop doe had already left.

After a few more passes with the comb, Punkbunny pawed at the com mike
on her jacket. "Chick's ready to work the crowd, boys. Give Princess a
seat and keep her off the stage."

Wynn and Punk Bunny!!

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