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Wynn and PB

Nov 19, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/19/99
Even in the darkness of the truck, he could see the wyrmbun's vicious
smile. It gleamed whenever a bounce of the road sent a crack of light
under the rear door. Sounds drifted in as well...sounds of a crowd, a
party, and singing. Dreadful singing.

/ All the Four have come...Plague and War are one... /

Fluffyrocker huddled himself into a corner of the truck, between two
large boxes and as far away from his silent captor as he could get. His
hindbrain screamed at him to run, shrink in on himself and disappear,
anything to get away. Cannibal!

/ Dunwich doesn't fear the fuddites,
nor do the squirrels, the ferrets or Four.
We can be like they are... /

But it was too late to escape. Outside could be a hundred more wyrmbuns
and fudds, all ready to kill him. What did he do to deserve this?

Wynn. Almost every second, he thought about how he'd never see her

/ Come on bunny...Don't fear the Fuddites...bunny take my paw... /

The truck bounced to a stop and something lifted the door, letting in a
gloomy twilight. And his captor's grin was joined by a score of other
gleaming, misshapen smiles.

/ Don't fear the Fuddites...come into the maw... /

Wynn and Punk Bunny!!

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