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Wynn and PB

Nov 19, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/19/99
"Midnight, pallie," the wyrmbun whispered, his teeth green and glowing
in the eldritch stage lights. "You understand, right? You entertain us,
you get to live a few more days."

"Days...", Fluffyrocker muttered.

Another one forced a guitar over his head. "Cut it out, Kreeg, you'll
make him tharn." While the two debated the merits of eating him tonight or
afterwards, Fluffyrocker just stood there staring into the distance.

Then the wyrmbuns pushed him onto the stage, leaving him at a
microphone. At the edges of the stage dozens of cragged smiles gleamed in a
shadowy audience. Stagewyrms moved the side lights onto him, temporarily
blinding him to his danger.

"Sing something about love!", a buck in the audience screamed.

"Sing something about DEATH!", a dozen others answered.

FluffyRocker looked at his captors at the sides of the stage, and at
the audience, and saw no sign of help in their eyes. They'd as soon kill
him now...

Then a shadow working on one of the stage lights leaned closer, and
whispered to him. "Stall!"

Something in the Rocker watched the bun curiously as it went back to
its station. Except for the dirty spiky fur and the ragged black earbows
on the wildly half-mast ears, it might almost be...

Wynn flipped up her shades to wink at him, and mouthed the word 'Stall!'

He quickly looked away from Wynn and back to the audience. With a few
blinks and a deep breath, FluffyRocker drew himself up and checked the
guitar, inviting the crowd to settle down. Slowly striking a few chords,
he found the rhythm he wanted, and began to sing.

"I was laying awake last night -- not much happening here.
Wondering if she had changed at all, still had ribbons in her ears.
Looking back on the crazy life, never gonna live it the same.
Maybe it's time to realize there's more to life than fame.
And I was standing at a crossroads with a stolen car and a dream.
A teenage boy in a leather coat, at the grave of Jimmy Dean,
feeling low...
Tangling with does..."

With his voice low in the beginning of the song, the crowd hushed
quickly. Wynn was listening to a small device clipped to her ear.
Whatever plan she had, it had better start to work soon.

"As a man I had struck out, the kind humanity wouldn't save.
So I thought that I'd kill myself at a young celebrity's grave.
Stood around at the wreath awhile, pondering how and why.
And no one even looked at me but a pair of bunny eyes.
Yeah, people walking passed me by, without so much as a glance.
I'd changed my mind a million times, till the bunny saw her chance
and said 'Hello'...
Tangling with does..."

It was a challenge, keeping the guitar line simple while hooked up to
the monstrous equipment that flanked the stage. The tune really would work
best as acoustic, he realized. He doubted, though, that he'd ever get the
chance to play it that way.

"I had a job in a warren down south, singing for a den to sleep.
But I never did like to rely on other people's charity.
So I drifted around awhile, looking for the brightest of lights.
And when I found the outrageous crowd, Denverwarren felt just right.
But though I'd seemed to settle down, I still could feel the call.
So I slept with lots of bunnies -- Yeah when I could sleep at all!
Yeah you know,
Tangling with does..."

Wynn whispered into a whisker mike, smiling at him. With those eyes on
him...beautiful and blue...

"She was dancing in disguise, hiding in a barkeeper's den.
I showed up to draw all the eyes, and brought the crazy life back in.
She spent the evening getting even with me, didn't know I was in luck.
She led me on through farm and dell, till I was thunderstuck.
We ended up at a water hole, washing the tears from her nose.
My jaw dropped; she turned to me and said as she struck a pose,
"Didn't you know?"
Tangling with does..."

"So now I'm under the lights again -- I got to get to her somehow.
All the rabbits in all the world, they're an illusion to me now.
Some are cuter than buttons...some are punked out freaks...
Don't know how they all fit together; Don't mean anything to me.
Yeah if I was gonna lay down and die, in my life I've had the chance!
I know I've got to stay alive, for that bunny who has danced
into my soul...
Tangling with dooooooooeeeees!"

He held the last word as long as he could, then focussed on sustaining
the guitar chord a while longer. Eventually, though, he opened his eyes as
it ended, leaving silence.

Wynn had loped up to him, smiling, tears in her eyes. As the audience
began confused whispers and catcalls, the two bunnies on stage touched noses
and embraced.

Rocker looked his doe in the eyes. "I love you."

Wynn smiled back at him. "Jump."

Wynn and Punk Bunny!!

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