[s 24; End] FluffyRocker's World Tour

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Wynn and PB

Nov 19, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/19/99
"Jump?", he asked, with a puzzled look.

An explosion blanketed the arena and the bunnies' ears snapped back at
its tremendous squeal -- but it was just an explosion of sound, bursting
out of the speakers with a spray of sparks. A blue glow rippled over the
wires and microphone, and Wynn felt her fur stand on end even as a beating
wind from above ruffled it outwards.

From above descended a black angular shape, with soundlessly spinning
rotor blades becoming visible as it entered the cone of the stage lights.
A door opened on the side of the aircraft; the audience began to scream in
outrage and confusion.

Wynn turned back to Rocker, yelled "Jump!", and leapt into the hovering

Rocker jumped right behind her, but the guitar and amp plug tethered him
to the stage, and he only managed to catch the edge of the copter door. He
shrugged out of the bulky instrument as Wynn and PB grabbed his forepaws.

Somebun in the copter was shouting. "Picking up radar signatures --
hand weapons in the crowd."

"Dust off to cruise altitude."

Wynn felt the acceleration making her stomach sink; wide-eyed,
FluffyRocker slipped an inch. "Wynn!"

"Like, get in here!"

"Can't", he laughed, "Terrified...thought I'd lost you!"

"Radar cloak holding...ECM optimum...there's some small arms fire..."

"Stud, get your fluff in here!"

His blue eyes looked up at her frantically, and through the chaos Wynn
could faintly hear his legs scrabbling for purchase on the side of the
copter. She clung to his paw even more tightly.

"My dancer, I've just got to know! It-it's not a bunny thing, but..."


The air around the bunnies roared louder, and Rocker shouted to be
heard. "Wynn, will you marry me!?"

She was stunned. She was speechless. The world roared and spun around
her and it just didn't make sense and it was too sudden and too soon and
she knew it and she didn't care. Clinging to his paw as the one reality,
ignoring Punkbunny's startled gasp and the splat of gunfire around her,
grasping the paw as if she'd never let go, she knew. Knew she wouldn't
ever let go. Ever.

"Like, yes," she whispered.

He smiled at her, his forehead wrinkling slightly. "Did -- did you say
yes?", he shouted.

With a growl, Punkbunny leaned out and bit onto Rocker's neck. Wynn
braced herself and together, the does heaved him over the edge and into the

PB pulled herself out of the heap of rabbits with a wince, and slammed
her head against the button that closed the cargo door. "Bossbun, your
fans *suck*."

Prone on the deck, the black buck's eyes had locked with Wynn again.
"Not all of them."

And then she snuggled against him and he held her tight, as they flew
towards a saner, softer world...together.

Wynn and Punk Bunny!!

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