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ADMIN: FAQ Appendix 3b *** MorphArmor

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Bill Keyes

Jul 9, 1997, 3:00:00 AM7/9/97

Archive-name: appendix-3b
Last-modified: 1995/01/28

Addendum part 3b

Written on September 10, 1994. Last update: January 28, 1995

Compiled, written, and edited by Rob Chaney. Written by Rob Chaney, Doug
MacDougall, and JayKay. With help from Bill Keyes, Tammy Sue Heming, and
Susan Franz. Special thanks to Kane Tan, without whose caffeine inspired
creation, this FAQ would never have been written.

Dedicated to our fallen warriors. You will be avenged.

***** MORPHARMOR *****

Q. What is MorphArmor?
A. MorphArmor is a rare piece of Bunny Technology created by the late
BunnyMentat. It allows it's wearer to alter their shape to another
form, usually, but not necessarily, a human form. The assumed form is
an almost perfect disguise.

Q. How can it do that?
A. Molecular sized machines called nanites build up an organic frame
around the wearer to form the disguise. The wearer of the armor is
insulated in a flexible metal cocoon, with virtual connections
to the outer shell, so the wearer sees out the armor's eyes, feels the
touches on the armor's skin like they were on his own, etc. Though
MorphArmor allows a full range of personal activities and
sensations, no actual morphing of the wearer inside the armor occurs.

Q. Can I morph into Godzilla and wreak havoc?
A. No. While the assumed form may be quite imaginative, there are
practical size constraints. Any form much larger than a grizzly bear
becomes too large to coordinate.

Q. OK, but you said an *almost* perfect disguise. What did you mean by
A. To all standard outer tests (physical exam, blood test, DNA sampling,
etc.) the morphed creature seems to be a *perfect* example of what it is
pretending to be. That alone is suspicious, but is usually only
noticed during an intensive physical exam with numerous medical tests.
X-Ray exams, and the like which can view *under* the surface of the
armor, will quickly reveal the presence of the wearer. MorphArmor
will also trigger a metal detector.

In addition, creatures with very sensitive olfactory skills (like
Ferrotti) can still scent a morphed creature despite the masking odor
produced by the armor. So far, the only way to disguise this scent is
to have the armor produce a variety of stronger, unpleasant odors
(like burnt rubber and popcorn).

Q. Does MorphArmor act like BunnyArmor as well?
A. No. However, the flexible metal cocoon and the outer organic layer
do provide an impressive level of protection, and are capable of
stopping small caliber bullets in much the same manner as Kevlar
Armor, and insulate the wearer from the outside environment so gas,
liquid weapons, sound waves, etc. have little to no effect.

Q. What else can MorphArmor do besides morph?
A. Each suit quickly becomes custom made by it's wearer (nanites can
build practically anything *if* you can tell them how to do it), and can
have a frightening array of capabilities if programmed properly.

Q. How many programs can MorphArmor run at one time?
A. Approximately three large programs. One quarter of the armor's
capacity must be devoted to nanite coordination, life support, internal
processing, etc. It requires another quarter to maintain all the data
required to morph into a single form. The rest is commonly devoted to
communication/tracking, and offensive/defensive capabilities

In addition, some armors may be programmed with the capacity to
interfere with scanning equipment such as X-Rays, metal detectors, and
the like. This program requires *half* of the armor's capacity (not
including the quarter required to morph). As this is not cost
effective, this configuration is limited to *very* specific recon

Q. How do I change the programs?
A. An expert in nanite technology with a working knowledge of BUNIX can
make the changes if the proper equipment is available. Otherwise,
common programs are kept in the larger warren's mainframes, and are
available for downloading

Q. I'm a Fudd, can I kill a bun in MorphArmor and use their suit?
A. No. The armor must be individually tailored to it's wearer. The
command systems runs the DB BUNIX system (which the Fudds have yet to
break). The nanites would have to be re-programmed for the most part
by other nanites (which are a closely guarded DB discovery). Finally,
if all else fails, unauthorized tampering triggers the final failsafe,
the M-E conversion (as in matter to energy, as in *BIG* explosion)!

By the way, did I mention that captured MorphArmor can also be
tracked, detonated, etc by remote signal from any warren with the
proper equipment?

Q. I'm a bunny, how do I get MorphArmor?
A. You have to be presented with your own set of armor from a member of
Bunny High Command (who are all real people on this board). So you can
ask, but you'll need a good reason, as well as the time and the
aptitude to be trained in the armor's proper use.

Q. OK, if I can't get it, how do I fight it?
A. If you have access to nanite technology, you can send in
counter-nanites to interfere with the MorphArmor's systems (this is
rarely an option). While MorphArmor may stop bullets, just like Kevlar
it is vulnerable to more primitive weapons such as fireaxes. It
also can't stand a direct hit from a BunnyBlaster (tm).

Q. If I can't fight it, can I stop it?
A. Once again, infiltrating counter-nanites are one possible solution.
Another solution is that if you immobilize the nanites (by using a
strong magnetic field, for example), the wearer is *stuck* inside the
armor in it's current form and unable to morph or utilize any other
nanite dependent programs. (And being trapped in a form that's not
your own can start to have consequences.....)

Q. What kind of consequences?
A. After a variable period of time (depending on the the individual, and
other factors) the wearer becomes at risk of identifying with the
mimiced form. There is also some evidence that there are physical
hazards to maintaining a morphed form for prolonged periods of time,
but these cases are poorly documented.

Questions, comments, criticisms, etc. should be directed toward (Tammy Heming) or


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