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Punk Bunny!

Nov 16, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/16/99
"Are you weally on a mission from Fwith?"

"Dat's right, kit," Elmer said, helping the rascal out of the bus onto
the bunnymover platform. Punkbunny had shook them up a bit, but kits loved
the Blues Bunnies. They were giggling almost the entire trip.

"You look funny in sunglasses."

"Thanks a lot. I'm missing my lunch for this."

"Yeah," cut in Jack. "He was going to have a wish-le-toe sandwich."

"What's a wish-le-toe sammich?"

"It's when you've got two slices of bread, and you *wish* you had some
toes." Elmer's deadpan punchline brought a new batch of giggles.

"Why do they call you the Blues Bunnies?"

"Cause I'm blue, boo-hoo, boohoohoo...", Jack clowned, until Elmer
slapped him on the shoulder. "Cheese it, the Teach."

Jack looked up as a slim doe hopped into their midst, parting the kits
with quiet choruses of "Hi, Fluffyteacher."

"What happened," she stomped, glaring at Jake and Elmer. Quickly they
filled her in.

"PunkBunny did *WHAT*?" FluffyTeacher [STOMPED] and then settled down as
not to frighten the kits anymore. This was the last straw. "I consider
myself a patient doe, but PunkBunny's gone too far this time. I want that
doe in my office in one hour." She glared at the two bucks who had brought
her the kits, "Have I made myself clear?" [sternlookwiggle]

Jack and Elmer swallowed nervously and nodded. Looking around, they
hopped on a bunnymover that was getting ready to leave the station.
They couldn't leave the room fast enough.

Elmer looked at his brother as doors closed between them and the furious
Teacher. "Think we should tell her?"

"Whatdya mean?"

As the bunnymover started, Elmer just stared until Fluffyteacher and the
kits passed by their window. "It'll ruin da tour."

"Oh, yeah." Jack pondered this for awhile. "We'll tell her when we get

"Only a few months," Elmer nodded. "Good 'nuff."

PUNK Bunny!! "SPAM the world, and *Mosh On Meat*!"

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