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Wynn and PB

Nov 19, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/19/99
"Yer hurt, chick," Elmer Blues drawled, pawing open a first aid kit.
"Sit down and shaddup."

Sighing, Punkbunny just hung her head and grumbled. "Where the fluff is
Teddy Bun?"

"It's a mess out there, PB. Chaos, anarchy, free love, hysteria!
I swear, we had nothing to do with it."

"Chick knows, Jack."

"Punkbunny! Punkbunny!", came a call from deeper in the bunnymover. In
a second, Wynn leapt into the cabin and pointed down the corridor. "Like,
Fluffyrocker's been bunnapped!"

"Know that too, princess. Anybun got newz chick can use?"

"Like, you're supposed to be the security bun," Wynn snapped back.
As Elmer continued wrapping bandages around PB's foreleg, she looked at
him. "Like, what are you doing to her, anyway?"

"Her arm's broken. This here's a splint."

"That's not how you make a splint," Wynn sniffed. "What did you do,
Punkums, party too hard?"

"Yeah, something like that."

"Hey, hey --", Jack Blues interrupted, "Hurt bunny here! Show some

"Hey, like, why should I care? I mean, she wasn't even working tonight!"

Elmer looked at PB, who just sighed deeply. "Should we tell her?"

"Like, tell me what? <suspiciousfluff>"

"She was working da crowd. Undercover."

"As if! She would have told Rocker!"

Jack pulled at his own ears. "Gah! She thought *you* were in on it!"
He cocked his head for a second, then looked at Wynn. "You weren't in on
it, were you?"

"Like, me?! No way! <stomp>"

"Princess ain't ganging, boyz. It's billy worse."

"Yeah," said Wynn, "Like, wyrmbuns kidnapped him!"

PB raised her head to look at Wynn, her ears swivelling forward. "How'd
you hear?"

"Like, I have my ways," Wynn fluffed. Noting the others' angry glares,
she continued. "Well, like, when Rocker didn't get back to the Mover, I,
you know, asked around. <smallshimmy> Somebun saw him get on another mover
with some way nasty thugs. Then... I just sort of kind of hacked into the
Algonquin net to see what movers have left the station." The doe pawed the
cabin carpet guiltily. "Like, Mentat access codes are so way useful, you know?
<airypawwave> Anyway, like, when I checked the mover's cameras, Rocker was
tied up and there were wyrmbuns all around him. <shudder>"

"Great. They've sussed us...probably halfway to Dunwich by now."

"So, like, what are we going to do?"

"Ain't nothing to do, princess. Nothing to do."

"As if! <poof> What, are you, like, scared?"

PB growled. "Chick don't shiv."

"Well, we've got to do something!"

A moment passed by, as Punkbunny clicked her fangs together in thought.
"Hmmn. Chick has an idea. As in, connections."

"Wait...you mean, somebun who might help? Hey, like, maybe I do too."

"Somebun who'd do billy for me."

"Who has way cool stuff we might need!"

"Come on, princess." PB got up on three legs, shaking free of Elmer's
ministrations. "Gotta make a phone call." She pushed past Wynn and the
two does vanished down the mover's corridor.

Elmer stood there motionless; Jack scratched his ears with his mouth
open, as if about to ask a question. Before he could, Wynn hopped back
into the cabin. "Like, give me that!" she commanded, snagging the first
aid kit and hopping out again.

Wynn and Punk Bunny!!

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