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Wynn and PB

Nov 18, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/18/99
Wynn had never been so happy in her entire life. She felt as if she were
hopping on clouds, and might never bother coming down from out of them
ever again. <bouncespinhop> Like, her morning with FluffyRocker had been
wonderful. <starryeyes> Perfect. Sublime and stuff. And a whole way lot of
fun besides. <giggleblush> She couldn't believe what she had been missing
all this time! Oh, well, like, maybe she could. She'd been missing a
*friend*. A buckfriend in the "friend" sense of the word, as well as the
"buck" part. <deliciouswiggle> FluffyRocker was the first taste she'd had
of both together at the same time, and she'd be fluffed if she didn't make
it a regular part of her diet from now on. <eyesgleam> She didn't question
just how she was going to go about it, or what she would do about her mentat
duties, or even to just what extent FluffyRocker might agree with her. Like,
those were mere details, and Wynn hadn't gotten to where she was by sweating
the details. <airypawwave> Like, she had some arrangements to make way
quickly, and she was sure that the details would look after themselves.

Her first thought had been to get a little beauty-sleep, having been up
all night and all, <conscientiousgroomfluffle> but she found that she was
too excited to sleep. <bouncebouncebounce> Instead, she set about her
various arrangements with a lightness to her hop that hadn't been there
for a long time. Buns who saw her that morning, and there were many, with
the crowds for the concert descending, said later that she had been
absolutely stunning. Not that she was thinking about that, <noreallyfluff>
which probably added to her appeal. She serenely ignored the clamoring
buns who were vying for her attention, and blithely head-butted any out of
her way who happened to become too inconvenient. She, like, had business
to attend to. <delicatesnort> Like, first things first, and she came first.
<primfluff> The only exception she made was when she spotted a small golden
buck hopping tentatively her way. Butterscotch had been a way good submentat
to her - one of the bright spots of working at Land o' Lakes Lab.
And any bright spot seemed to blaze with glory this particular morning.
She abruptly changed course, knocking a bystanderbun or two flying, and
headed for the intercept.

"Uh, Chief Mentat," Butterscotch stammered, taken aback by her manner. "I
was looking for you. I know you don't like to be bothered with reports this
early in the morning, but... Urk!"

'Urk' is perhaps not the most intelligent response to being swept up
suddenly by a bouncing doe, spun around several times and kissed soundly
on the mouth. But Butterscotch was handicapped by being utterly besotted
with his chief, whom he adored, and was a retiring buck at the best
of timnes, so perhaps can be excused. Wynn certainly forgave him.
Indeed, it's debatable she even noticed.

"Like, thanks so much, Scotchums!" she bounced. Butterscotch, still gasping
from the kiss, only managed to stare at her. "Like, thanks for all the work
you've done and all the help you've been, and, well, like, just being here
in the first place! I'm so way glad I came here! <bouncewhirlhuggle> Like,
this is the best thing that has ever happened to me in like, my entire life!
<fluffhugglesmootch> Like, you've been a way great friend! <sqeeze> Like,
tell the others to take the day off and break into Dusty Miller's supply of
dandelion wine to celebrate. <pawkeyover> I'm sure he won't mind. <giggle>
And, like, I might be away for awhile, so you and Hyssop are in charge. Be
sure to be working on Phase Two of the "New Symp" research as well as all
that biological weapon stuff. <airypawwave> Like, thanks! <nosekiss>

She then bounced on her way, leaving Butterscotch reeling and wheezing and
wondering what in Frith's name had just happened. He wasn't the only bun
who felt that way that day. The president of the local Fan Club chapter,
several Post Office buns, some deliverybuns, a guardbun or two and a
travel agent all felt the same way. None of them were ever quite sure what
had hit them. But they all agreed that it was the most incredibly cute
thing they had ever had the pleasure of being bulldozed by.

Wynn and Punk Bunny!!

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