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Test Transmission

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Johnson Morikawa-Smith

Dec 22, 1997, 3:00:00 AM12/22/97

[begin transmission]

[Text Stream 00]
[Algonquin Labs Subvocal Speech-to-Text Conversion Utility]
[Exec Version 0.79 alpha 4]
[Hardware Version P4 rev 1]

[Text Stream 01]
[Algonquin Labs Aural and Retinal Image-and-Concept-to-Text Conversion
[Exec Version 0.23 alpha 17]
[Hardware Version P1 rev 23]

[Text Stream 02]
Algonquin Labs Kinesthetic Image-and-Concept-to-Text Conversion
[Exec Version 0.44 beta 2]
[Hardware Version P3 rev 2]

[SAPbug OS Version 0.5 alpha 234]
[system log \sys\admin\logs\syslog.log]
[debug level: 3 (verbose but not running on)]

[Algonquin Labs Concept Manipulation System available; engaged]
[concept filter goodbun_alpha234.filter]

[BUNIX Encryption available; not engaged

[begin content]

[01: dimly-lit tunnel ahead i can see <happy>buns<happy> moving brýûÌ
along the <happy>bun<happy> im with wants me to get someone]
[02: i slow down and turn towÆ ë*a door]
[01: the <happy>bun<happy> opens door inside is a girl
<happy>bun<happy> tells me to get her]
[00: come with me the buns have a surprise for you]
[01: the girl claps her hands and says okay theyre so
<happy>cute<happy> she gets up]
[02: i grab her hand and we walk along]
[01: ahead the tunnel then entrance to room inside is dim but there is
a platform the <happy>bun<happy> moves aside and <happy>hops<happy> up
by the <good>Æôntrol panel<good>]
[02: i sit girl on <good>chair on edge of platÅÿñ\<good> and wait]
[01: the <happy>bun<happy> pushes the button the platfo%m opens the
girl falls into the chute]
[00: wait this is the spam machine]
[01: <happy>bun<happy> says the <happy><good>spam machine<good><happy>
is <happy><good>good<good><happy> its okay]
[02: suddenly feel good]
[01: i hear scream see spray of dark stuff]
[02: suddenly feel bad]
[02: suddenly feel good]
[02: feel really bad]
[02: suddenly feel good]
[01: <happy>bun<happy> hops down and tells me to follow]
[02: i follow feel bad feel good feel bad cant walk right feel good
feel bad cant see
[SAPbug OS Version 0.5 alpha 234 System Message: Retinal content
acquisition disrupted]
[SAPbug OS Version 0.5 alpha 234 System Message: drug reservoir 02
[02: where am i whats going on my head hurts]
[01: i hear the <happy>bun<happy> call for help there are more
[SAPbug OS Version 0.5 alpha 234 System Mes*age: neuronal axon ion
balance beyond nor˜al range; neural probe##at <50% eff÷@ñiveness]
[SAPbug OS VerŸion 0.5 alëha 23ñ System Message: context-switchinž
error; code 0ž00.0009.FF5Ðþþ.. . **ñ|êêÃÈ &&* eboot% Ÿ
÷ht . . . .... “ÆÃÁ
...šž%.. º

®we^%09hesr#ybv ž

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