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Wynn and PB

Nov 19, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/19/99

"WHERE'S THE BOSS?", Punkbunny yelled over the chaos, backstage.

No bun even admitted to ignorance in the confused mob. Rabbits were
arguing, some taking down the stage props, while others simply huddled
beneath equipment, going tharn. Growling like a ferret, PB took a few
distraught bucks by the neck and threw them against the speakers. It
didn't attract enough attention; another dozen stagebuns almost trampled
her in their moving pawfight, while a few of the tharn rabbits began to

Over the din, the warren PA system began playing a tune about Barney.
PunkBunny winced, a knife-like headache stabbing down between her ears, and
turned the switch on her walkbun. She took a deep breath once the recorded
sounds of metal guitars started drowning out the PA. Opening her eyes
again she saw a security bun waving for her attention and pointing to the
access tunnel downwarren. She leapt past the stage bun chaos and into the

The PA system underneath the stadium was silent; soon the alarms and the
sounds of fighting faded away. The wiring den was a dead end, so she
didn't bother to search there. The speaker storeroom, however, lay off of
the main access tunnel...she poked her nose into it just to make sure
Fluffyrocker wasn't hiding inside, then made her way down to the loading

Along the way her nose twitched at the smell of blood. There were
stains across the hallway, and a trail of drops leading further down. She
growled and ran faster down the tunnel.

In front of the rolled down dock gate, she saw a massive devilbunny in
black leather smiling at her. Punkbunny moved close enough to see the
green and grey bits in that smile, and to smell the rabbit's terrible,
death-like stench.

"All right, landfill," the doe growled, "Where is he?"

The putrid bun chuckled behind his black glasses, and lightly scratched
his sagging ears. "We're taking him to a private concert, chick. I was
hoping you'd come this way -- you're invited, too."

"Fluff that." With a two-legged leap Punkbunny shot towards him...but
her teeth snapped on something dry and foul that tore free. The buck spun
under her, back in front of the doors, one paw clutching at his face.

Punkbunny spat out a hunk of rotten fur. "Fast moshing, landfill."

"You TORE my SKIN!"

"Natch. And if you've bogged the Rocker, chick's gonna --"


His sunglasses missing, the buck's eyes gleamed bloody red in the
darkened corridor. Those eyes pinned Punkbunny, freezing her in place as
the buck picked at the bloodless tear along his cheekbone. "IT TOOK THREE

With ripping claws, the buck tore an outer layer of devilbunny fur over
his eyes and off his ears, throwing the husk-like mask across the floor.
The rabbit tore off his jacket in the same manner, discarding sack-like
remnants of skin and fur stitched onto the garment. Beneath, the buck's
fur was dull gray and oily, his ears and limbs horribly misshapen, with
barbed, metallic claws.

PB fought the urge to go tharn. Wyrmbun...

"Punker," the mutant growled, "You are making things VERY DIFFICULT!"
The doe barely managed to resist as the buck threw himself at her, trying
to knock her over. She pushed back, but the wyrmbun was impossibly
stronger...rolling, she managed to kick herself upright, as the mutant
snapped a kick that sent firey pains up her foreleg. She leaped to gain
distance, then made a three-legged run back down the corridor.

As she turned into the door of the storeroom, the wyrmbun called after
her. "I just want to be your friend, PB. We have so much in common!"

After trying to put weight on her injured leg, Punkbunny bit her tongue
stud to keep from crying out. Limping through the large room she hid
behind a rack of crates as her persuer loped down the corridor. "Do you,
don't you want me to make you...", the buck cackled, "Coming on fast, but
don't let me break you..."

PB caught her breath, and slowly climbed on top of the crates, where she
could watch the rest of the room. "Chick groks your kind, mutie."

The wyrmbun entered the room slowly, smiling, his ears sickly twitching.
"Oh, yes. Your parents died in the attack on Denverwarren, I hear.
Shame...I guess you'd hold that against us."

"Heh." His claws clicked unnaturally along the floor as he searched low
among the crates. "You're not like other devilbunnies, PB. The others
took Fluffyrocker for their amusement, but you...you're a little project of
mine. I'm a fan."

PB dug through the pockets of her jacket, breathing slowly. The wyrmbun
crept on the floor below her, sniffing for her scent.

"I always wondered," the wyrmbun chuckled, "How you survived the
Bunnystomper attack. Something to do with your parents' death, was it?
How traumatic that must have been."

Stopping below her crate, the wyrmbun lifted his nose, still smiling.
"And when you think about it...how amusing. We *created* you."

Punkbunny leapt from the crate, landing on the wyrmbun with a solid kick
that sprawled him onto the floor. She slashed with her good paw, as the
stunned buck tried to dodge out of claw's reach...but something longer than
a claw tugged at his throat, and he backed away gagging. She watched as he
fought for air, blinking his eyes as if the darkened room were completely

"Chick's a self-made bitch, boy." PB raised her switchblade, the blood
on it starting to drip into her fur. She stood, watching coldly as the
choking buck collapsed. "And one of a kind."

Wynn and Punk Bunny!!

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