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Wynn and PB

Nov 18, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/18/99
Wynn hit her first snag at the Tour Mover. It had not been unexpected,
really. Like, having her box seat ticket and backstage pass never show up
had been her first teeny little clue. <snort> She knew at once that she
would have to resort to Plan B, which was actually OK because Plan B
sounded like way more fun than Plan A had anyway. <gigglebounce> But as
she had carefully watched the backstage chaos from a discreet distance,
both before and after the concert, she knew she was facing a challenge. A
challenge with nose rings, a tongue stud, and blue and yellow tiger
stripes, to be precise. <ruffle> PunkBunny ran a tight ship. Like, way
tight. She watched Rocker like a hawk, and everybunny else besides. Like,
the security goons wouldn't have been too much trouble by themselves,
<shimmywink> but they were obviously cowed by the Punkster, and she had
the disconcerting habit of being everywhere at once. Plan B involved a
heart to heart with *some*buck involved with the tour, and Wynn would
simply never get a long enough hunk of time to work her magic on
one of the securitybuns. <fretfulfluff>

So she had looked for other weak links, and had grudgingly admitted that
there were very few. Like, PB's fashion style might be so way five minutes
ago that it hurt, but she really knew her stuff. And while Wynn had
thought that she had finally found a pattern to PB's movements and had
been almost certain that she had found a window of time in which to work,
PB had surprised her before she had *quite* managed to persuade the Blues
Bunnies that she was indeed a vital part of their mission from Frith. It
had been frustratingly close, past the "Lop-ears Sticking Together" part
and well into the "Revelations From Frith in Unexpected <wiggle> Forms"
part when PB had shown up a full three minutes ahead of schedule.
<grindteeth> And PB was not allowing visits, autograph signings, smoke
signals, nothing. <pout> Wynn stayed long enough to ask the requisite
questions and listen to the requisite explanations, but they both knew
that Wynn would never get to Rocker through PunkBunny. And, with the quick
intuition of a doe, Wynn realized that a large part of the reason was
above and beyond security, and soundly into the realm of personal. This
sweetened the pot, for sure, but also raised the stakes. Neither one of
them was going to give up or give in, and they were both way good players.
Like, this was going to be even more way fun than she had anticipated.

So Wynn had made a strategic retreat, and considered. She watched. PB
watched. Time passed. And finally, Wynn saw a little thing, so mundane and
unremarkable that she had overlooked it several times in her examination.
she grinned. Finally, she knew exactly what it was that she was going to

Wynn and Punk Bunny!!

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