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Bill Keyes

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Supplement Part 1a
Who's Who: The Fudds

Last Update: August 31, 2001

Maintained by Maxim Xuul.

Originally compiled by Dan Howell, with the help of Bill Keyes and
others to numerous to name. Thank you all.

***** The Fudds *****

NAME: Aldin Busheytail
SPECIES: Grey squirrel

DESCRIPTION: Cute 13 inch grey body, white chest and 13-inch-long
grey tail.
BACKGROUND: Only devilbunny-recognized squirrelmentat as he once worked for
the devilbunnies. Now works as a Fudd ally continuing his research in the
rebuilt Namakata Labs.
ALLIES: Steve Blake, Teral Acorn, Amy Roth and Eugene Pomerleau
ENEMIES: Military devilbunnies and kit killers (no matter what
AUTHOR: Scott Bernier
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Commander Rick Andersen

DESCRIPTION: Light brown hair, brown eyes, clean-cut, otherwise nondescript.
BACKGROUND: He is a competent field commander, but as yet untested in a
large-scale engagement, and has spent much time preparing for the next major
bunny onslaught. He has little patience for the slaughter of kits, and less
for the use of Omega Weapons. In his past, he was notably entangled with
Daphnie Mentat.
ALLIES: The Army of Fudd, certain splinter groups (WASP) -- he'll talk to
anything anti-bunny, with the exception of the Four.
ENEMIES: If it fluffs, it's after his hide. Particularly the General,
Daphnie, and Cmdt. Herringbone.
AUTHOR: Greg Rapawy
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Baikunin
SPECIES: Squirrel

DESCRIPTION: Medium sized Squirrel with a nervous tic
BACKGROUND: Kropotkin's spin doctor. He has the unenviable task of trying to
put an acceptable face on Kropotkin's policies.
ALLIES: AoF, Dzerchinsky, ed, muttley
ENEMIES: Buns and any ally who asks too many of the wrong
AUTHOR: Colin D. Speirs
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

NAME: Claire "Seven" Baxter

DESCRIPTION: Female, late 20s. Overweight. Beady-eyed. Missing three and a
half toes, hence her nickname. Slightly mad, but hey, aren't they all?
BACKGROUND: The details are uncertain, but Seven claims to have escaped from
DB captivity fairly recently. She has also claimed to have been, in the
past, a DB sympathizer.
ALLIES: The AoF PDX, especially Alan Whitecastle.
ENEMIES: Douglas Furr. Wolkenwind. Any devilbunny. Possibly the

NAME: Steve A. Blake

DESCRIPTION: Rrather large, 2 foot tall, brown pelt, with beige/tan
BACKGROUND: Converted by unknown and rapid means during '93
Battle of Waco. Expert in espionage, though now retired to a desk job.
Still insists on personally training all his soldiers in hand-to-paw combat.
ALLIES: Maine Fudds, and Namakata squirrels
ENEMIES: Most devilbunnies, some of the Four and a few extremist
AUTHOR: Scott Bernier
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Linwood James Briley, Esq. (Private, AoF)

DESCRIPTION: Tall and gaunt, 30ish, dark hair with (prematurely) graying
temples. Mild southern accent. Favors expensive suits, but more commonly
wears faded fatigues while on base. Pleasant, courteous, and casually
manipulative. Almost as cynical as he thinks he is. Highly resistant to
ky00tness, and rather skeptical of talking animals in general.
BACKGROUND: Drawn into the war by a dying client, Lin was then targeted by
VA devilbunnies. He managed to escape their attacks and make his way to
Dunwich, Mass., where he now resides on the McGregors' farm, slowly adapting
to the weirdness of the War.
ALLIES: Heather and the AWF, and the Army of Fudd in general. Has done
some professional work for Dr. Laurence Kralk.
ENEMIES: Devilbunnies. Captain Crawley of Riverside Warren, in particular,
would like to tear his throat out.
AUTHOR'S NAME: Maskim Xuul
NAME: Karol Burnett

DESCRIPTION: Of Polish and English descent. He has no idea why his name
sometimes raises eyebrows among those who watched United
States television in the 1970s.
BACKGROUND: Karol is pretty much the only survivor of the AoF
Toronto since they were run out of Toronto by the Bunny leader Bigpaw in
'92. He lived for a long time in a series of rented rooms in that city, but
his true base was in his battered Buick sedan. Now he lives west of Kigston,
Ontario, with Willy Aduin and the rest of the AoF Kingston. He has lately
become more Fuddamentalist in outlook. Someday I will explain why...
AUTHOR: Scott Robert Dawson
Entry Last Updated: 11/19/98

NAME: Cadge Flicker
SPECIES: Squirrel

DESCRIPTION: Gray with a whitish tail
BACKGROUND: Cadge is the member of FreeHome Squirrel Commune who
rescued BunnyHugger from Dr. Flurry.
ALLIES: BunnyHugger, the squirrels of FreeHome
ENEMIES: Tuesday Black, Dr. Flurry
AUTHOR: Heather M. Fieldhouse
Entry Last Updated: 11/26/98

NAME: Amber D'Etoile
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Wanderers
Rank: Captain

DESCRIPTION: 5'1", muscular woman with a crooked, broken nose.
Wears heavy boots and old fatigues, usually carries a pair of
Bokken (Japanese poles with bladed tips) concealed somewhere on
her person. Jazz's lover of two years.
ALLIES: Jazz and Jax Masterson, Deuce O'Connor, the Wanderers, the AoF.
ENEMIES: Sniffles
AUTHOR: Cecily Steele

NAME: Diana Squirrel
SPECIES: Squirrel

DESCRIPTION: Female Red Squirrel with a satchel full of acorns
BACKGROUND: Lower rank Red Squirrel.
ENEMIES: Buns, Higher ranking Squirrels and almost anybody else.
AUTHOR: Muttley "Anonymous Author"
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

NAME: Dzerchinsky
SPECIES: Squirrel

DESCRIPTION: A small and otherwise unremarkable Red Squirrel
BACKGROUND: The head of the Squirrel Soviets' Secret police
ALLIES: AoF, Bakinunin, ed, muttley
ENEMIES: Any insufficiently loyal Squirrels.
AUTHOR: Colin D. Speirs
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

NAME: ed

DESCRIPTION: Tall for his native Glasgow, bearded and beer-gutted, armoured
in chain-mail and wielding his trusty sword Hagar.
BACKGROUND: Alerted to the War by the sight of bunnies desporting themselves
on the Sabbath, theis Calvinist Fudd has been tempered in the forge of War.
ALLIES: muttley, the Red Squirrel Soviets, The AoF, Janos
Skorzeny, Piotr Kovacs.
ENEMIES: Shug McBun, Senga NicBun, Blackears, Lucky, Binky,
General Longears, Wynn, you know, the Buns.
AUTHOR: Colin D. Speirs
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

NAME: Sargeant Lawrence (Larry) Emerson

BACKGROUND: Longtime foe of the bunnies and friend of the BHX, Emerson is
second in command of NoCo. No one knows more about the internal operations
of the Fudds than Emerson, though he most emphatically is not interested in
becoming an officer.
AUTHOR: Bill Keyes
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Tarkin Eisley
Birthday: May 21st 1977
Pet Peeve: Being called Moff for short.

ALLIES: Lucielle Walker(fiancee), Roswald (Ros or Ron) Eisley (cousin), the
Western Winnipeg Fuddettes, Susan Richard, The Winnipeg Fudd Association.
ENEMIES: Kaeralina DeVille Bunny, most notably. Bunnies in general, but
mostly Kaeralina DeVille Bunny.
AUTHOR: Ilona Webb (contact:

NAME: Flash

DESCRIPTION: Flash never left the sixties. He has flaming red hair pulled
back into a long ponytail, and a matching thick red mustache.
BACKGROUND: Until recently, Flash was a drug smuggler specializing in the
importation of various pharmaceuticals into the United States.
ALLIES: Eric, Kayko, The Bunny Slayer.
AUTHOR: Joshua DiMauro
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Major John Frost

DESCRIPTION: Grizzled old campaigner.
BACKGROUND: Commander of the Legion D'Elmahr and head of the
Court Martial board which tried Gunns in February '95.
ENEMIES: "Furry buggers from Cork to Moscow."
AUTHOR: Dan Howell
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Gryphon

DESCRIPTION: In his early twenties, with dark hair and average height.
BACKGROUND: In combat he wields a large mace covered in spikes and with a
blade on the top. The mace has a Holy VE reservoir in the haft. Two Fowling
pieces ( sort of like pistol versions of double barreled shotguns) are at
his belt or in his left hand. A machete sits at his side as a backup blade.
ENEMIES: LonGears and Jinx. Beginning to really dislike Snug.
AUTHOR: John Colwell
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Jrrrr-Lwsss, the Ferrotti from Hell
SPECIES: Ferrotti

DESCRIPTION: A large Ferrotti, Jrrrr-Lwsss is currently fourth in command of
NoCo and the leader of the Ferrotti stationed there.
She is one of the BHX's closest friends and allies.
ALLIES: The AoF, especially the BHX; the Ferrotti.
ENEMIES: General LonGears
AUTHOR: Bill Keyes
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Bill Keyes, the Bunny Hunter Extreme

BACKGROUND: The BHX was formerly the leader of the Army of Fudd, and
Commander of the largest and oldest Fudd base, NoCo. He decided to retire
from the public life in order to care for his family, but his idyllic life
didn't last long, and he returned to the AoF as a instructor, consultant,
and field commander. He still prefers to be an Independent Fudd, since he
is tired of the burden of command. He is a skilled warrior, an experienced
tactician, a respected leader, an indefatigable lover, and a foe to all
ALLIES: AoF, the Ferrotti
AUTHOR: Bill Keyes
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Dr. Lawrence Kralk
SPECIES: Sibylized DB

DESCRIPTION: Piebald fur (brown with white patches); has British accent.
BACKGROUND: Lord Death of the War of the Four, and scientific advisor.
Originally human, this English mad scientist was transformed into a bunny
after being infected by the Sibyl. Specializes in creating lethal doomsday
devices to destroy the devilbunnies. Venom in his paws can kill a bunny in a
few seconds. About as stable as nitroglycerin on a trampoline.
ALLIES: The Sibyl, Cheshire, JayKay, Mara.
ENEMIES: All devilbunnies, mentats, idiots who can't understand
the need for Omega weapons.
AUTHOR: Andrew Weitzman
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Kropotkin
SPECIES: Squirrel

DESCRIPTION: Affecting a false black moustache, this Squirrel, never blinks
or does anything else notable Squirrelly. He is too busy tirelessly
promoting the Revolution
BACKGROUND: Kropotkin is the originator of the Squirrel Revolution in
Scotland. From his early days as a pamphleteer he is now the General
Secretary of the Squirrel Soviets
ALLIES: The Squirrel Soviets, the AoF, ed, muttley
ENEMIES: All revanchist, lackspittle, oppressors of the Squirreltariat and
their lackeys
AUTHOR: Colin D. Speirs
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

NAME: Tomer Levinson

DESCRIPTION: A 14 year old boy with black slightly curly hair, pale skin, he
around 5 feet tall, appears (to those who don't know him) more like a
12-year old. He can usually be seen wearing assorted jeans and T-shirts with
his trademark sandals without socks. His exceptional reflexes have kept his
toes safe so far...
BACKGROUND: Tomer is one of the few people who survived the destruction of
East Fudd Junior High (an innocent name misinterpreted by the devilbunnies).
The leader figure of his group and the son of a deceased Fudd, he witnessed
the death of a friend by a devilbunny firsthand. He is extremely courageous,
sometimes to the point of fault, though he always has the best intentions in
mind. He fancies himself as more experienced and skilled than he actually
is, sometimes leading to spurts of unfounded arrogance and overconfidence in
the face of danger.
ALLIES: Chris Anderson, Joey Beckman
ENEMIES: Snaapel

NAME: Dylan

DESCRIPTION: Athletic young man with some martial arts training
in his past, tends to be quiet and reserved when not in the company
of trusted friends.
BACKGROUND: A troubled one, involving the death of his biological
parents, and his eventual discovery of devilbunny involvement.
Not to mention the loss of one of his Uncles, who was a fudd. That
really put him over the edge.
ALLIES: Fudds, The Angry Russian
ENEMIES: Figgy, all the minor fluffers that get in his way.
AUTHOR: Dylan Madeley

NAME: Mara
SPECIES: Sibylized DB

DESCRIPTION: Grey-furred kit with pattern of black lines on her pelt.
BACKGROUND: Adopted daughter of Dr. Kralk and the Sibyl.
Converted from a human girl after being nearly beaten to death by abusive
relatives. Powerful dreamwalker; suspected by her parents to be an avatar of
Dream. Claws dispense a toxin which leaves bunnies in a permanent, dreaming
coma. More stable than her parents...but not by much.
ALLIES: Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Cheshire, Mr. JayKay.
ENEMIES: All badbuns who hurt people.
AUTHOR: Andrew Weitzman
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Sarah Martel

DESCRIPTION: Long brown hair, blue eyes, about 5'6" (1.66 m)
BACKGROUND: A junior sociology/anthropology major at Carleton College in
Northfield, Minnesota, she became involved in the War when the bunnies
mistook her for somebody aligned with the formerly-defunct and independent
Northfield Anti-DevilBunny Extermination Team (NADBET).
ALLIES: Jennifer Tischner Jensen (NADBET's leader), Michael
Jensen, and Professor Timothy Folsen.
ENEMIES: Lt. Flickear (pronounced "Flicker"), Sgt. DandyLion,
Julia Bonita (a human symp and spy-- unknown to Sarah, who thinks
of her as a friend)
AUTHOR: Anne Michelle (Mich) Forbes
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Jessica "Jazz" Masterson
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Wanderers.
Rank: Commander in Chief, Wanderers

DESCRIPTION: Taut, lean woman with pale skin; 5'4" tall. Jazz has red hair
in many thin braids, tipped with weights and devilbunny fangs/claws. Wears
high, armored boots and leather pants, black latigo collar, and a rabbit-fur
vest. Rumors of a leather catsuit inset with body armor abound...
ALLIES: Amber D'etoile, Jason "Jax" Masterson, Terrence "Deuce" O'Connor,
the AoF, the Wanderers.
ENEMIES: Sniffles, symps, and law enforcement agencies.
AUTHOR: Joshua DiMauro

NAME: Jason "Jax" Masterson
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Wanderers
Rank: 2nd in command, Wanderers

DESCRIPTION: Not much is known about Jazz (qv)'s reclusive twin,
save that he helps keep the Wanderers running, he looks very much
like his twin, and he makes people somewhat nervous.
ALLIES: the Wanderers
AUTHOR: Joshua DiMauro

NAME: The Axe-Wielding Fuddite (Sgt. John McGregor)

BACKGROUND: A farmer (by day) in north central Massachusetts, the
AWF (as he is known) is by night a network hacker of considerable ability
and vast resource. He is enlisted in the AoF but tends to hold *very*
Fuddamentalist attitudes, and is sometimes quite vocal about them.
ALLIES: Heather McGregor, Rick Andersen, Eric the Wanderer, and Bubba.
ENEMIES: Daphnie, Kyrie, Major D. Feet... all of bunnydom, really.
AUTHOR: Scott Mayo
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Heather McGregor

BACKGROUND: A breeder and seller of cute Guinea Pigs and
Hamsters, Heather was once bitten by a bunny and exhibits extreme
cuteness (and some bunny-like tendencies), and privately sympathizes with
the bunny's view even while supporting her Fuddamentalist husband, John, the
Axe Wielding Fuddite.
ALLIES: John McGregor (husband), Dr. Remus Shepherd, MataHari.
AUTHOR: Scott Mayo
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: muttley
SPECIES: Ferrotti

DESCRIPTION: A Ferrotti, with a harness and Electronic Spell and
Speak attached.
BACKGROUND: Found ed when he was in despair through losing his friend and
his home to a Bun attack. Helped him redeem himself and is trained as the
First Officer of the "Igor's Revenge"
ALLIES: ed, the Red Squirrel Soviets, the AoF, Janos Skorzeny,
Piotr Kovacs
ENEMIES: Any Buns, especially longears
AUTHOR: Muttley "Anonymous Author"
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

NAME: Terrence "Deuce" O'Connor

DESCRIPTION: 6'1". Thin. Brown hair, grey eyes, with occasional psychotic
BACKGROUND: Deuce is an Air Force Academy dropout. He's on the run from
almost all the law enforcement agencies on suspicion of murder. (The murder
in question was actually committed by buns.) Joined the Wanderers in order
to fulfill his dream of flying planes in combat.
AUTHOR: Alik Widge
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Lenoard 'TinselTown' O'Donnel

DESCRIPTION: Looks around twenty, dirty red hair, pale skin with freckles.
BACKGROUND: A communications major of three years rooming with Private Reed
Greenman of the AoF, Leonard traveled to NoCo to find out if the stories
were real. There, he became an AoF member and a field communications
AUTHOR: Paul Chisholm
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Eugene "Moxie Man" Pomerleau

DESCRIPTION: 6 ft, brown hair, brown eyes, average build.
BACKGROUND: Discovahed the war on the Internet while in college and soon
after discovahed Moxie (tm) as a weapon. Eugene fights with Moxie (tm) and
scout axe and is a dead shot with a rifle when he needs to be. Believes
thahe is hope for the fluffahs if they eliminate theah military leaders.
ALLIES: Fudds, Steve Blake, Aldin Busheytail.
ENEMIES: Most devilbunnies--take a number, fluffahs!
AUTHOR: Scott Bernier
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Chris T. Pomerleau

DESCRIPTION: 6 ft, long brown hair, brown eyes, slender build
BACKGROUND: Younger brother of Eugene Pomerleau, has studied the ways of
his Micmac ancestors more thorourghly than Eugene. Chris is an expert with
(toma)hawk and bow . Expert electronics technician--built computer system
for Maine Fudd HQ. He enjoys "busting" what he can't repair.
ALLIES: Fudds in general, Eugene
ENEMIES: Moskimus (devilbunnies), surface-mount electronic gear
AUTHOR: Scott Bernier
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Ready the Squirrel
SPECIES: Even Ready could figure this one out.

DESCRIPTION: Eastern grey. Gets into very big trouble for such a little
guy. Has all the amazing physical abilities of any squirrel. And the
smarts of a human third grader if he's lucky. His nose and ears miss
nothing. His mind misses much, especially double-entendre. In danger
situations his instinctive squirrel cunning comes through. Ready lives in
Leafy Creek, New Jersey.
ALLIES: Antonio, the Fudd Ronald Petrocco, his daughter Sandy, the Fudd
trainer Scythe (an Ethiopian woman you don't want to cross), the Fudd Nine
Inch Nick and his Pine squirrel partner Red Tonya, the two surviving members
of the Six (Mean the Squirrel and Brave the Squirrel, both female).
ENEMIES: The Devilbunny Yellowbuck, his beloved Fluffy Cloud, his symp
Belinda, his slave-skwerl Squick.
AUTHOR: Ronald A. Petrocco, Jr.
Entry Last Updated: 2/22/2000

NAME: Sgt. Saak

BACKGROUND: Six feet tall with auburn hair, Saak discovered devilbunnies
when she was attacked in her office one day. After defeating the bunny who
attacked her, she organized South Dakota HQ for the Fudds, and continues to
run it, despite being only a Sgt. Married with one son, she has repeatedly
refused promotions because she doesn't want to move.
ALLIES: The BHX, Colonel Fox, the amnesiac, and Magic, the bunny with a
crush on her.
ENEMIES: General LonGears and all other bunnies out to eliminate mankind.
AUTHOR: Susan Kennedy
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Sadie M. Squirrel
SPECIES: Squirrel

BACKGROUND: The actual identity of Sadie Squirrel is unknown.
Rather than openly fight the bunnies, she moves from warren to warren
blending in with the local squirrels and spreading her message of
revolution. She is author of an important text of the liberation movement,
"Squirrel Liberation." Squirrels Unite!
ALLIES: Bill Keyes, Aldin Busheytail, Teral Acorn.
ENEMIES: General LonGears, Lucky, and every other bunny. Also
Deuce, at times.
AUTHOR: Sadie "Anonymous Author" Squirrel
Entry Last Updated: 11/26/98

NAME: Sam Squirrel
SPECIES: Squirrel

DESCRIPTION: A small ordinary looking squirrel. Not very smart, and a bit
BACKGROUND: Once a food dispenser technition second class, but then became
the leader of ESR after lamar chose him to be the figure head leader. Still
convinced that he is in charge, and the ESR and Lamar are on the side of
ALLIES: Lamar, ESR, The Red Squirrel Soviet
ENEMIES: The Devilbunny Milita
AUTHOR: John Barberio
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

NAME: Dr. Remus Shepherd, "The Physicist Without Fear"

DESCRIPTION: Typical blue-eyed, red-bearded physicist. Home:
NoCo, Colorado, USA
BACKGROUND: Once a director of research at a nanite laboratory secretly
managed by Daphnie Mentat, Remus has since joined the fudds. He is known
for some interesting accidents as well as some spectacular streaks of luck.
Although vulnerable to cuteness and self-deprecating to a fault, he really
is a top-notch scientist, and his loyalty to the human race is resolute.
ALLIES: Fudds, his dog Squire, Rrrrt-Thss-Tksss.
ENEMIES: Devilbunnies, Fouriers
AUTHOR: Remus Shepherd
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Jeffrey Saunders

DESCRIPTION: Male. Mid to late 30s. Gangly and balding. Mildly depressive.
"A heart of gold, the soul of a hero, the resume of a desk jockey, and two
left feet, one of which is usually in his mouth."
BACKGROUND: Colonel Saunders is Base Commander of the AoF PDX, a Fudd base
in Portland, Oregon, which has dwindled from its former glory into a rag-tag
collection of half-trained reservists and aging equipment which is now the
only thing standing between SeattleWarren and the California state line.
ALLIES: Fudds. People who stop him from bantering while intoxicated.
ENEMIES: Bunnies, particularly Douglas Furr.

NAME: The Sibyl...sometimes called Silverblu. Also Lady Pestilence.
SPECIES: Uglybunny by the suicidal. (Sybilized Devilbunny)

DESCRIPTION: A white-and-grey furred doe, the combination making her coat
seem chrome-coloured. The Sibyl has silvery blue eyes, and unusually long
claws and fangs. She also $pe@k$ l1ke th1$.
BACKGROUND: A kit, Silverblu was infected with the Sibyl virus to create a
psychic. It backfired rather badly, creating the diseased, insane,
cannibalistic Sibyl. Oh well. These things happen.
ALLIES: The Four, War, Dr. Kralk, Cheshire, Mara, Art Black, her kits,
possibly Istari and the Lady Devilbunny. Also the AWF and
ENEMIES: War. Daphnie, FluffyTeacher, all Devilbunnies and symps.
Considered a danger by the Fudds for her pro-Omega philosophy.
AUTHOR: Ceredwyn Bensley
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Istari Silver

BACKGROUND: Istari is the owner of Silver Star Enterprises, a conglomerate
with it's fingers in many things, but which concentrates on computer
technology and electronics. Dragged into the War when a Bunny tried to steal
trade secrets, he has proven to be very ruthless when protecting his company
and his "territory" (Nevada) from Devilbunnies.
ALLIES: The Ferrotti, Sharree, Aldin/Moxie Man.
ENEMIES: Mentats and any who use nanotech, War, Famine(Cheshire).
AUTHOR: Guy Seggev
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Janos Skorzeny

DESCRIPTION: A grizzled man still in his prime despite advancing years and
having only one eye. An ex-sailor, he still dresses in reefer jacket and
BACKGROUND: Uncle to Igor Kovacs, slain friend of ed. Has vowed to assist in
the destruction of the buns
ALLIES: ed, muttley, AoF, Squirrel Soviets, Piotr Kovacs
AUTHOR: Colin D. Speirs
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

NAME: Gillian Stone and Little Elmer

DESCRIPTION: Gillian is a young, human woman with short, black hair and grey
eyes. Little Elmer is her non-sentient pet lizard.
BACKGROUND: As a child, Gillian watched a seven-clawed devilbunny named
Sceptor kill her father. She has a seven clawmarks on her shoulder from
Sceptor. No one believed her that a rabbit killed her father so she ended
up in an institution for a few years until she learned to lie about what had
happened. She is always hunting for Sceptor so she can take her revenge.
Always on the move, she has no place to call home. Little Elmer is her only
companion. Gillian believes that her pet was a gift from Elmer so she named
the lizard "Little Elmer" as a tribute.
Birthday: November 12, 1976
AUTHOR: Jenny Bell

NAME: Tod Squirrel
SPECIES: Squirrel

DESCRIPTION: Male Red Squirrel.
BACKGROUND: Lower rank Red Squirrel, too independent for his own good.
ENEMIES: Buns, Higher ranking Squirrels and almost anybody else.
AUTHOR: Muttley "Anonymous Author"
Entry Last Updated: 12/11/98

NAME: The Very Right Reverend Montgomary "Henry" VanLuster, aka
Henry 297
SPECIES: YAY VERILY human, and TRULY proud of it!

BACKGROUND: A man truly blessed by EL'MAHR -- ugly, loud, and fanatical. The
Reverend VanLuster was one of Reverend McGuirk's students before McGuirk
disappeared on his ill-fated mission to destroy Disneyland. Since that time,
he founded his own small Church of EL'MAHR somewhere in the deserts of New
Mexico where he offers spiritual guidance to Fudds and Fuddettes who seek
his own particular brand of heavily intoxicated wisdom.
ENEMIES: YAY do I battle NIGHT and DAY with the FLUFFY DEMONS!
AUTHOR: Anon - no email
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Cpl. David "Gunns" Underhill

DESCRIPTION: 6 ft tall, camo-wearing, chainsaw-wielding gun expert.
BACKGROUND: Driven insane by the aftermath of the Varley Siege, Underhill
fled to the States, where he spent 3 years recovering and acting as if he
were a member of the Army of Fudd. Member of the Anglo-French "Legion
ALLIES: Most of the AoF; mainly the BHX and PHW.
ENEMIES: The GremlinBunnies of Brighton.
AUTHOR: Dan Howell
Entry Last Updated: 1/19/97

NAME: Lucielle Walker (Lu Walker)
Birthday: Februrary 3 1978
Pet Peeve: Being called Skywalker.

ALLIES: Tarkin Eisley (fiance), Roswald Eisley, Helen Walker, Susan Richard,
The Western Winnipeg Fuddettes, The Winnipeg Fudd Association, Jakes Walker
ENEMIES: Kaeralina DeVille Bunny, and all bunnies. except for Jade, who is
her twin sister Helen, and Orion, who is Helen's boyfriend Erik.
AUTHOR: Ilona Webb (contact:

NAME: Whiskers, the Regular Bunny
SPECIES: Devilbunny

BACKGROUND: A normal regularbunny (and an excellent typist!). He has been
stationed at SFU Warren, working as a henchbunny for Daphnie Mentat.
Unbeknownst to all but a few Fudds, Regular Bunny is actually a (gasp!) spy
for the Fudds!
ALLIES: Missus Heather, Mister Heather's Husband, Miss Rita,
Mister Commander Keyes, Mister BunnyMentat, Missus Daphnie
ENEMIES: Mean people who want to kill and eat me!
AUTHOR: Bill Keyes
Entry Last Updated: 12/10/98

NAME: Jenny Wren

DESCRIPTION: Young, human woman with auburn hair and hazel eyes.
BACKGROUND: Initially, Jenny was Fluffy Cloud's symp untill she accidentally
discovered how evil the devilbunnies were. She defected to the Fudd side.
ENEMIES: Devilbunnies. Especially Fluffy Cloud.
Birthday: October 26, 1976
AUTHOR: Jenny Bell

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We finally got an entry for Art Black, yay!

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From: Geoffrey Brent:

> > Author's Name
> Geoffrey Brent
> > Author's Email
> > Name
> Art Black, Lord Famine
> > Alignment (bun or fudd)
> Fourier (closer to fudd than bunny, I guess.)
> > Species
> Human.
> > Description
> A rather shy young man, with long red hair and an occasional resemblance
> to Paul McCartney. Art is firmly opposed to unnecessary violence, but has
> come to believe that necessary violence includes eradicating the entire
> devilbunny race. Nothing personal about it, though.
> > Background
> After failing medicine - not for lack of study, but because he found it
> too interesting and kept getting sidetracked - Art learnt about the War
> on the net; soon afterwards, he ambushed and destroyed a small (civilian)
> warren, and from there it was only a step to joining the Four. He spent
> a few years working on projects such as Fourier Public Relations and
> running a Fourier Scouting correspondence course before assuming the role
> of Lord Famine during the Wyrmstock Festival. He's still finding excuses
> to avoid cleaning out the previous Lord Famine's storage facilities. His
> current activities include tormenting Kevin the symp, selling peculiar
> videos over the net, and gazing wistfully in Henbane's direction when
> she's not looking.
> > Allies
> Henbane, the McGregors (whether they like it or not), the Sibyl,
> Molesworth, and Ready the Squirrel.
> > Enemies
> All bunnies, and extremist Fouriers (mostly Cheshire, the previous
> and presumed-dead Lord Famine). The Fudds aren't very fond of
> Fouriers as a rule, but Art doesn't feel any animosity towards them.
> > URL
> None yet.

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