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Jan 23, 2021, 8:29:20 AM1/23/21
[crosspost and followup-to:]

Java Jive <> wrote:

> On 23/01/2021 11:13, Bob Latham wrote:
> >
> > If you think that's creepy, wait until he starts posting using your
> > ID from your address, (internet identity theft), if ever there was
> > evidence of someone unbalanced....
> It successfully changed your behaviour, which was the whole point of it.

Forgery on Usenet is, in part, defined as abuse of another's
valid email address. It is grounds for termination of service
by practically all respectable service providers. I note that
you post via aioe anonymising newsserver, which does not
require registration.

By your own admission you have destroyed your credibility.

> > He's a stalker, a keyboard warrior, full of rage and hate.
> Just someone who's thoroughly pissed off with time-wasting liars like you.

You're rather busy, Mr Stalker. [fu2: bit-bucket]

^Ï^ <>

My pet rock Gordon just is.
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