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John Doe

Sep 28, 2021, 10:58:14 PM9/28/21
Sn!pe wrote: "Silent followups are most impolite."

Op 29-9-2021 om 00:05 schreef Ï:
> John Doe <> wrote:
>> From the alt.hackers faq:
>> {quote}
>> 3) Why can't I post to this group?
>> Because we don't want you here <grin>. Actually, alt.hackers is a
>> moderated group, so you'll have to figure out how to get around the
>> moderator to post here. No, I'm not the moderator and you're not
>> going to find out who is. It is a trivial hack to post here, so you're
>> going to look really stupid if you mail me or anyone else on the group
>> asking how to do it. Figure it out for yourself! One caveat:
>> Please don't post a million test messages to the group. Use
>> for testing purposes. It is set up just like
>> alt.hackers, and you won't look stupid if you post a million test
>> messages there. If you can post to but can't post to
>> alt.hackers, tell your newsadmin that is set up wrong on
>> your machines. Thanks to Andrew Gierth <>
>> for the current status of!
>> {/quote}
>> I can post in but not in alt.hackers.
>> Seems is set up wrong on your machines.
> One wonders why...
> Could the bit-bucket possibly be treated as a special case on E-S?
> Selectivity in server configuration is a powerful and flexible tool.
Yes that could. Unfortunately that makes useless for
testing if you can post in alt.hackers.

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