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Edward P. Costello

Jan 25, 1991, 10:20:47 PM1/25/91
Anyone taking bets on when (not if, when) George will call for a
military draft because of the duration of the war?

Prediction: by the end of april.

By then, Iran, Algeria and possibly Jordan will have entered the war on
Iraq's side. Syria and Egypt will be debilitated by the internal strife
caused by Israel's massive retaliation against Iraq's (eventual) use of
chem weapons.

Citizens of the US, still in shock over the terrorist attacks at *********,
and ********, barely muster a response. Congress, ineffective as usual,
passes the needed resolution. George, in all his glory, simple smiles.

Hey, it's just a prediction. Two weeks ago, how many could have predicted
that we'd be at all out WAR (the caps are needed 'cause some people seem
to think this is a nifty little police action, as in "we'll just wipe
this saddam-guy off the map and all'll be fine" Yeah, right).
Hey, for all we know, the congressional "debate" was really just for show.

It upsets me that our government, my "democratically-elected" government,
seems ineffectual at anything but making war (a gross but intentional
overgeneralization). It upsets me that George appears to actually enjoy
this little war-thing.

A deadline-is-a-deadline-is-a-deadline, I know. What Saddam did to Kuwait
was definitely wrong and I agree "something" had to be done. But why jump
to war so quickly, George?

Why is it hard for us to remain at peace for any length of time? Have we
so decayed as a society? At war with the Soviets for so many years and yet,
when peace broke in some way, when it "thawed", when the "velvet revolution"
occurred, all we could do was invade Panama, or set up the process for what
I fear will be a truly great war.

How many of you are prepared for the changes in your lives due to the
burning oilfields or oil slicks? How many are prepared for the deaths of
friends, brothers, sisters, and relatives due to the mis-calculations and
blunders of George's administration? How many are ready to be drafted?

Is this meant to be propaganda? hysteria? You bet.

We are at WAR at a time when we could be at the forefront for peace.

(places hard hat on head and slips on asbestos suit)

-ed costello
Tech writer, hacker, perprtually poor grad student...
Carnegie Mellon University
"There is no truth: only opinions and lies."
** Thurston W. Jeffries

ps: yes, i admit it, I voted for Mike in '88

pps: if you haven't guessed (and have read this far) George refers to
our esteemed, most excellent executive leader whom i actually admired
and almost made me feel mistaken in '88 until November 8th, 1990.

ppps: who cares?

p^4s: i set the distribution to "usa", did it work or has andrew ^$#%#$ again?

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