Tessa Lynne Smith - Nov 27th '81

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S. Kabatoff

Apr 19, 2001, 5:31:55 PM4/19/01
Mon Feb 12th 2001 43/322 16066

19 13 9 20 8 = 69

69+ Mom 27 12 /4

69+ Sis

69+ Bro 6 5 /239

203 Tessa 27 11 81 331/34 9049
Tessa 64 Lynne 70 Smith 69

In the afternoon I went to the Midtown Plaza, my intention was to
obtain Tessa's stats, she is the cute nubile sales sweety at Collacutt
(phone 668-9133), the store specializes in luggage. I was here on Friday and
talked to Tessa briefly, I thought it was best to ask her for stats after
she had known me for a few days. Tessa is the 5th of 5 family members, she
was born with 34 days remaining in the year (the number of chapters in Bible
Book 5). She was born in the 11th month and was born exactly 11 months after
mom's birthday (the 5th prime). Her given initials add to 32 (2 to the 5th).
The Fibonacci valued letters in her given names add to 11 (5th prime), all
Fibonacci valued letters add to 32 (2 to the 5th). She has 10 (5+5)
different letters, the letters missing add to 225. Her vowels add to 45 (5
times the 5th non-prime), her consonants add to 158 (Bible Book 5 chapter
5). Her squares add to the 34 chapters of Bible Book 5. Her 9 (5th
non-prime) primes, squares and cubes add together for 122 (Numbers 5). Her
odd valued letters add to 115, corresponding to Leviticus 25 (5x5 or
5+5p+5np), exceeding her even valued letters by her 27th day of birth. She
has 5 letters that are in proper alphabetical order, they add to 65. Her 203
valued name adds with her 331st day of birth for 534, corresponding to Psalm
56 (a combination of the first 5 primes plus the first 5 non-primes). Her
331st day of birth exceeds her 203 valued name by 128, corresponding to
Numbers 11 (the 5th prime). Her last name exceeds her first name by 5. Her
given names add to 64 and 70 (together for 134), corresponding to Exodus 14
and 20, together for the 34 chapters of Bible Book 5. Her 203 name exceeds
her 120 letter positions by the 83 verses of Bible Book 55. Tessa is 5 feet
tall, her 60 inches is of course a multiple of 5. She was born in the 11th
month while her 60 inches is 11 plus the 11th prime (31) plus the 11th
non-prime (18). I am 1292 weeks and 5 days older than Tessa (1292 verses in
Isaiah). The 9049 days I am older is the 1125th (5x225th) prime, pretty that
the letters she is missing would add to 225.

Tessa was born on the 29916th day of the century, her common name adds
to 133 (Numbers 16), her full name adds to 203 (Joshua 16) and exceeds my
name by 16. Her first name adds to 4x16, last name adds to 16 plus the 16th
prime (53). The 7 different letters in her given names add to 96 (6x16), she
is missing 16 letters from her full name. Her given initials add to 32

Tessa was born in '81, her first 3 letters and her last 3 letters add
together for 81 (3x3x3x3). Tessa's 331st day of birth is the 67th prime, her
names have an average value of 67.666...

Tessa was born in '81 (the 59th non-prime). Tessa was born on the
108x277th day of the century (the length of Bible Book 59 times the 59th
prime). In her given names, her unrepresented letters exceed her represented
letters by 159. We are an average of 31.59 years old. The number 59 is the
17th prime while her given names add to 134 (Numbers 17). Her initials add
to 51 (3x17). Her initials, middle and last letters add together for 107
(Leviticus 17). Her day, month and year of birth adds to 119 (7x17). Tessa
is 7017 days old, her birthday was 77 days ago.

Tessa's flavorite number is 1, she had it on sports shirts. Genesis is
Bible Book 1 with 50 chapters, she is 5 feet 0 inches tall. Her last name
adds to the 50th non-prime.

Likely Tessa's brother was born on day 126 while Tessa's represented
letters add to 126. This 126 is the 96th non-prime while the represented
letters in her given names add to 96. If she took my name, then her name
could add to 14x14, her initials to 43 (the 14th prime), pretty as we meet
on day 43. And her common name would add to 126.

Tessa says she always knew that God provided her with her name. She did
not know what an obelisk was though, so I explained that they are
representations of dinks and are being placed on the roofs of the churches,
and that I have faced ongoing torture as a result of calling the dinks the
dinks that they are. Tessa responded by saying that people probababbly don't
realize that they are sticking dinks on the roofs of their churches. I have
heard this many times from people, they claim ignorance, but year after year
after year I tell people of my plight and of their filthy penises, and they
continue with their traditions while I continue without rights, and I
continue busting my arse for them for eternity. So Tessa knows a lot, and
there are lots of people just like Tessa that tell me how people don't
realize the crap that goes on and in their churches. Lots of people like
Tessa hear of what has been done to me, but watch Tessa continue with her
alliances with pagan traditions and continue to be intimate friends with
"The People of the Sunday." Tessa knows a lot, know this also Tessa... they
shut down my brain with an injection that blocks the hemispheres from
communicating. My brain pounds in pain. My skin gets hard and dry, my hair
falls out. My jaw gets locked in a half open position, my tongue is dry and
my speech is nearly unintelligible. Shortly after my arrest and then again
at the three weeks mark I am wheeled before a panel of middle class
Protestants and Catholics, and they side with the Hindu psychiatrist and
agree that I am religiously deluded to believe that they are bowing to trees
and have dinks on the roofs of their churches, and that their churches are
censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism. At some appeal panel
hearings I am drugged so heavily that I do not know that I am even there. At
the end of six weeks I am given a last depot drug injection and released
into my parent's basement, and I am left in a state of horror and impotent
for months after my release. At the last appeal panel hearing (just after
the NDP legislated even more of my rights away), my Hindu pronounced that I
was no longer schizophrenic but now psychotic, and in need of continual
"treatment" for the rest of my life, rather leaving me yet more frantic to
find people with the compassion to assist me to leave the country. With my
brain pounding in pain, Ruby will exclaim in a high pitched voice how much
better I am ("Oh!!! You are soooo much better now!!!"), I will tell Sam that
I am left impotent and he will say not to worry as he can't get it up
either. Ruby will harp at me day after day after day to abandon my work on
numbers and go help my brother, who has opened his doors up to native
spirituality and Hinduism, and when I express anger at the absolute shit
that pours out of Ruby's God-damned mouth, she will say that I am getting
sick again and should be returned for "treatment." And what the Sunday
Christians generally do for me when I complain of the "treatment" is that
they generally phone the police and complain that I am speaking nonsense,
and try to have me arrested again and "treated" again. Tessa has heard my
testimony, but watch her continue embracing her pagan traditions, she will
continue to have great respect for people who attend churches with dinks on
their roofs, she will continue to have great respect for people who attend
churches with symbols of the sun built into their architecture and
ceremonies. You people destroy my life and then can't even buy me a
God-damned pen after doink hours of work on your stats, any effort of mine
to criticize churches and you close your ears and claim you are saved so
don't have to listen to any of it (try First Corinthians 10:12). I want
Tessa in my bed or I want Tessa dead... I was madly in love with Tessa
Smith. She is a heartless piece of shit like the rest of you, her love is
for traditions and not for the Word of God. Likely she has heard many
testimony's of God's Sabbath not being Sunday but she cares little because
her friends hold that day special. Go to your penis whoreshipping heaven
Tessa (go to fucking hell).

Some will tell me they are saved and that I should attend their church
on Sunday, for they have lots of friends there, it is a real blessing, they
are now starting to make money, and their church will be holding an
ecumenical garage sale this Saturday. Some will say that it is wonderful how
their church can take pagan traditions, integrate them into their Sunday
worship and make them clean. Some will say, God isn't real for there is
disease, murders and people starving in Africa, if God was real then the
world would be a better place and I wouldn't have to be sitting here and
listening to your God-damned Jesus crap. The Catholics will say, we don't
pray "to" Mary, we pray "through" Mary (and then they go off and phone the
police on me). The homosexuals will say that I am embarrased about my penis
and that Jesus was a homosexual, and so it is good that I am being treated
by Hindus. The feminists will say that they don't have penises, it was males
in Egypt that started phallic whoreship, and then they snicker over my lack
of freedom and rights while gazing uncomfortably at my crotch. The union
members enter into contract negotiations and demand more money for any work
they do where I am being "treated." The university professors of philosophy
will say that they were once there too, struggling under poverty to obtain
their degrees, the university professors of mathematics will phone campus
security to have me removed. The Polish immigrants will change the topic and
say that they are paying too much taxes and blame it all on the Indians. The
Romanian immigrants are driving taxi and threaten and intimidate other
drivers away from the airport so they can keep the lucrative airport trips
for themselves... they come to Canada and further remove any freedoms
remaining and care little about me getting a needle up my arse. The Eastern
Asian immigrants will pretend not to understand. And some are like Tessa and
will say, well maybe they are doink these things but they don't realize it,
and then they continue on with their lives as if they heard nothing. You are
all alike in that you are all ignorant and heartless pieces of shit, about
to be spread out like dung on the surface of the earth. I cry out to God
against you and people like you Tessa, I want you and your family members

God gives you your name (Ephesians 3:15), and He is powerful enough to
provide you with a name that is in mathematical harmony with your birthday
(which He also provides). I have been showing people for over the last 12
years that the God of the Bible provides you with your names, wives and
children, and since you people are so cheap that you can't even buy me a
measly pen for my work, it is fitting that you now find your stats posted on
the internet as examples to others. Collectively you people have spent many
millions of dollars having me repeatedly arrested and chemically lobotomized
for criticizing church traditions (traditions that are in direct conflict
with God's Commandments), and now I cry out to God and request that He
terminates or at least ceases His protection of Tessa's and the other
children's lives, in accordance to His promises in Exodus 20:5 and Hosea
4:6. I think this is fair, I have learned a lot about fairness over the
years and I think this is fair.

D. Shawn Kabatoff
Box 7134
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
S7K 4J1

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