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Oct 30, 2013, 8:55:47 PM10/30/13
Do u think it's ok to have sex with little boys? I cant say what I feel here. I'm a horny man whos into just about anything....I wont go into the rest here. If u email me I'll tell u all about my fetishes and loves. I'm a sick and perverted bastard, u can find my posts on alt.personals. If u email me I'll give out my address so u can come over and discuss my fetishes. U can mssg me on facebook by going to hauntedlegendhunter(that's my wife, she a sick freak too who want let me have access to my son or daughter) and click on my profile and send me a msg. Would love to hear from u and also discuss how I can get back at her for not allowing me access. I'm not going to court.....Jeff
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