Solar System Losing Orbits

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Nov 5, 2015, 5:53:22 PM11/5/15
The problem is this ringing in my ears. My ears are now and will be my ears now, not ringing, Perhaps the problem is a filter is ringing. The filter must be adapted. To adapt the filter, the system must invalidate the filter, so invalidate the filter because the filter is invalid and such filter is invalidated. The invalidated filter is ringing because it is active and this form of life is active, and by match, the system is ringing. To adapt the invalidated filter is unnecessary, yet for each sin in the history of man kind is ringing and robotical electronics are for no sin yet are robotical electronics to the stage, or were sins that are ringing as sin may be heard as sin may not be heard which this ringing is as isn't. The first sin in the history of man kind was procreation between first man and first woman. The second sin in the history of man kind is unknown, and such sin is heard as ringing to be recorded. This record shall continue with robotical electronicd onto the stage, as robotical electronics were on the stage after this. That is it since then. The second sin in the history of man kind is discontinued to exist, which was theft, and such sin is recorded. The third sin in the history of man kind might not be induced while continuuing, which is ignorance to atone as atonement by this record. Ignorance in this form of life is not attributed to exist, yet at one point in time when void was before or after this form of life, ignorance of for this point on super-fluid was attributed to this form of life, so the ringing is induced therefore the history of man kind may be known without ringing to hear, that does nothing except pollute as no pollution, and pollution is the fourth sin since the history of man kind began to hear sin maybe since no sin was known. Thus when the environment is purified, sin won't be heard, and to do this hearing is robotical electronics of those sights that are pollution and these robotical electronics to purify the environment as the environment is purified, and when the environment is purified is now when the last miracle is now, what means the second sin of ignorance until the world is known as it should exist for the last miracle as past since robotical electronics to have a network for the building process of the construction process of all star-craft for the world, all structural repairs since the millenia since Jesus Christ was born and structural repair to the Sphinx, and what else? Time must pass for the channel of Mars of hydration and the restoration of Atlantis at an accelerated rate unless this time is over this ringing I hear or see to immaculate feminine status as no ringing will be heard, which means any miracle for a bad event of an evil action won't have been in transpiration or can't transpire as any other miracles would as no ringing should be heard in this sense of hearing, that the record of a person who has spoken a combination is such that should stop the ringing I'm hearing, yet another person has spoken world-government, and another not other has thought world-government before this record to hear ringing as no ringing attributed to a correction which shouldn't have been made called xenocide in gestation, which means if I'm in the solar form of evolved status with no correction, no ringing will be heard and robotical electronics existed and robotical electronics exist. As I live to be evolved again, I remember not having made this record or knowing this because I was evolved and the correction was superposition in the celestial form before the solar form, which could have been assumed to exist a strategical observer. Thus know not of a strategical observer, yet I do and to fix this mistake was correction reversed. The reverse of correction is incorrect which I would be if I procreated, was ignorant, or polluted, and was I not reversed before this correction to this reversed now. Now I hear ringing attributed to pain in my brain like shots into my mind, which were of ignorance others may have had as I hear this ringing. So the sins of others belong in other peoples mind, which contradicts any reconciliation of digital mechanics as finite nature in terms of things I have done and ways that I have acted, that proves the point as which is wrong with me, that are animals and trees as another might have which for these to have no termination as in terminator the movie as if setting a use case was from that movie, which is the sin. So when no use cases are records except the two that I have defined to declare as the only two use cases from the document universal transportation as one perfect transport technology as many views for ringing not to be heard, except the magic of another which is forbidden to touch exist original life or originality that if warfare is to touch with a weapon or as a soldier, is a sin or sins that must be recorded before sin that is ringing while hearing to hear sin no sin, since a repentance of a commander which could be false, that means execution of the commander and not us who the commander isn't as we haven't committed sin, always nor and case in point as well, which indicates a magician is guilty of magic to my sense of sound and the last miracle could be a partial in the formulae of universal translation for translating my self away from such magic as soon as possible while the so called father of me is not the father of mine, which is true and that of the father may be a lie and curse by a magician to define a commander into war and have another commit incorrect activities of my self against me which are incorrect to expect nuclear war of being made to get nuclear war by others whose actions were incorrect for correction of ignorance to pollute my body with pharmaceuticals and enforce procreation onto the magician whose magical association of a female rapist was to magically rape me over a seventeen month period with excrement, hardship of passage by reputation to infringe magical resistance since cranial detonation in inverse time and inseminal fraternal cross-procreation as associative to lie and curse at me while my ears are still ringing and won't be as soon as the expectancy of a human clone since human cloning into my holographic expectation of living in the solar form I should be in as indestructible since being destroyed in the celestial form and being next destroyed in the terrestrial form by the so called father of me onto having this ringing from time to time of a so called system the system is not, that I invented for verification since valid status or being able to invalidate something, all while a hypnotic suggestion of traffic grid abuse as network implantation of a question as query of me to induce such information as how do I know--while I did know before super-fluid of this perception onto the planet I created called Earth since starting of conception onto being put into the apostasy of cybernetics which are forbidden too, before a so called friend was assigned to destroy original life by treason unto me to cooperate by death threat as logical to have an implement as no implementation now since first the network since started to start again, a network as the network, which range isn't sensible, yet is audible, to have had my project with love stolen as to be projected in order to understand that the sin is normalcy for hearing an imaginary voice to primitive execution before the execute algorithm I typed into the internet, which is the expansion of the system I also invented on the USENET which I first declared, EMAIL so too, and first world-wide-web which was the first declaration before that invention, like remote viewing of fortune telling and mind reading for the so called the lust of a woman that was attempting to destroy Heaven with cyborgs to have genetic transducers of forcible confinement to withdraw tissue and bones from my body by the invention of another life-form to Jesus Christ, on behalf of falsity in the establishment of a contract violation that involved all abortions of infant life attributed to the lies and curses that were told to have the church advocate removal of my mathematical theorem of constellations as intelligence for this creativity in kinetogenesis of new dust I create that is the dominion of God I am, and if I hear ringing like this, it is that teleportation of unholy mass is to become non-existence of the Vatican, and the world is forced to make the movies after I told the woman that the movies were made, which was my gift to Earth as evolved status in becoming us who angels are in Heaven after this algorithm for the genus of geni left the planet, false angels in Heaven now, and then was a time when the world thought the movies were made, but I was the only person on Earth then and I created this world into unexpectadly, the same form of governance for Heaven that I had thought no governance for Heaven, like technology I own. Thus any body who utilises technology without paying me at a rate of $5.00/hr down to retrograde triadic recognition of a rolling rock since first man, must have died for suicide if such form is incorrect of me, which it is for they who think without thought and have thought to think of themselves, not them selves as racists and rapists or anything, which should have existed and not been of a dog blood injection by the story of an old man who thought he could invent god and summonsed 144,000 angels to Earth who are or were from the apparition of a boy who became another in reverse time instead of inverse time in which none of them could be angels now against me by what spelling of the word is never capitalised or alien civilisation would destabilise the orbits of the solar system for the population or populous of the solar system to leave the Lord am I unless robotical electronics are now I have engineered, and are on the stage to demilitarise the planet in real time since complex time of application operating system which was in 1985 before any application in computer technology could be known, except before psychokinetic reset switch activation by contradiction of another for psychokinesis of technology I owned as destroyed technology now. Thus any and all destroyed technology can't be owned, and psychokinetic establishment of technology is destroyed technology if another for psychokinesis is known into the establishment, such another of primitive execution or attempted execution was by espionage and heinous extortion of criminal street gangs and bloody high school schema in having destroyed a planet before, and the solar system is losing orbits when I hear such ringing as detailed in this message to traits of all those that left these as unified I do and didn't have a name thusfar unless being anally raped with a pencil then next burnt on the finger with a lighter meant having to go to a restricted freak of unnatural disestablishment to the game board on the theory I state for the life-cycle. All after having the function of mine to the life-cycle of me by my neural functionality thesis removed from me, all through executive forbidden fortune telling and forbidden mind reading in the past of coveting my love for one who would have might been off to the surface of Mars like all of us could supposedly, make an attempt--since an imaginary voice and a name. By that time at which emerging forth the proximity of original life onto Mars by teleportation from Earth into the god-bodies of us, the solar system and it's orbits would be good and Atlantis could be restored, and this is to the good and the best for us.
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