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Gregor Kwaczynski

Oct 27, 1994, 11:24:25 AM10/27/94
tww...@venus.tamu.edu (Tom-D-Tek 7Bu)) writes:

> In article <36rg60$3...@bs33n.staffs.ac.uk>, cm3h...@soc.staffs.ac.uk (R.Dave
> >Wouldn't it be better to have the comms software you use to dial up the
> >3D bbs to have all those graphics files installed. Then the BBS software
> >could send a code to the host software which activated certain features
> >of the program. This saves downloading the entire graphics files but
> >does mean the user has to call via your special software. Still if its
> >something that specialised you want that shouldn't be too much of a
> >problem to code. If you had a sample built into the comms program that
> >shouted 'bad move' your bbs software could send a signal to the comms
> >package telling it to play that sample that was in memory.
> >
> >I've been thinking of writing bbs software like this for ages but have
> >never seen the demand... perhaps now it might be more realistic......
> >
> >
> Hey Rich... this kind of stuff HAS existed for qges... How do you think PRO
> Check out Skypix (old attempt to standardize GUI BBS°.. The
> latest attempt that I have seen is called RIP. Rip graphics are quite nice,
> but I do not know if it can handle bit maps... I know SkyPix even did SOUND!
> Tom D Tek
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tom, what do you think Roboboard, Roboboard/FX, Compuserve, etc. works like
? YES, it is a graphical interface, but no VR (=Virtual Reality, look at
DOOM, or some other kind of these texture-mapped VR-Arcade-Games, and you'll see
what they think of when they use the phrase "3d/VR-BBS".
see you somewhere...

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May 10, 2013, 11:57:42 PM5/10/13
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