CCF: Fed's new cyber-bullying law could bully your privacy

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R. LaCasse

Jan 18, 2014, 9:27:00 PM1/18/14

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>Date: Fri, January 17, 2014 12:14 pm
>From: "Dennis R. Young" <> rot13
>Subject: CCF: Fed's new cyber-bullying law could bully your privacy
>Fed's new cyber-bullying law could bully your privacy
>By The CCF | CCF Executive Director Chris Schafer joins Ezra Levant on Sun
>TV's the Source to discuss the federal government's new "Cyberbullying Law"
>and the lesser known parts of the law that could expand the government's
>ability to spy on private citizens without warrant.
>The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) is a registered charity,
>independent and non-partisan. We defend the constitutional rights and
>freedoms of Canadians in the courts of law and public opinion.

As well as the cyberbully controls, they also want to charge us with
the bandwidth they use to harass us.......something like the PALs they sell
to shaft us.
I have found that most of the cyberbullies are LEO on/off "Duty",
semi retired or hire-A-con plea bargainers, who have the time to rant,
general harass, and try to deface your honest posts without reprimands of
the moderators.

Here is ^openmedia^ on the bandwidth cost levy they plan to fund
their harassment projects with:

Canada's Big Telecom giants plan to block your access to independent,
affordable, high-speed Internet services so they can raise prices on you and
your family.[1] Key decision makers at the CRTC are reviewing this issue
right now and they need to hear from you before it's too late.
Take action!

Robert, you joined 512,556 Canadians in the largest online campaign in
Canadian history. Together we stopped Big Telecom's plan to impose a pay
meter on all Internet users.

Now they're coming back at us -- We need you to speak up again right now.
Your team has become aware of a plan by Canada's Big Telecom
giants to block your access to independent, affordable, high-speed Internet
services so they can raise prices on you and your family.

Comments we've reviewed from a telecom lobbyist make it clear that they want
these powers.[1] We can't stand for it.

Key decision makers at the CRTC are considering whether or not Big Telecom
should be able to price-gouge at will and they need to hear from you.[2] We
have put together an easy-to-use tool to amplify your voice - please use it
Big Telecom price-gouging is a dead weight on our economy and they're
holding our country back.

We're already falling behind our global counterparts and this scheme is
going to make it worse.

If we don't speak up now, these telecom giants will ramp up price-gouging,
and lock us out of affordable, world-class, Internet services.

We are standing at a fork in the road: will we take the path toward a
brighter digital future, or will we get trapped by Big Telecom's Internet
blockade? It's time to tell the CRTC to put Canadians first.
This is a defining moment – Big Telecom is trying to kill independent
affordable choice. Let's take this chance to throw open the gates and
finally bring Canada's digital economy into the 21st century.

Time and time again, we have seen our community stand together and demand
decision-makers take notice. Together, we have made huge gains toward
securing open and affordable Internet in Canada, and we're not about to go

Now we need to tell the CRTC to put Canadians first and finally ditch the
Big Telecom deadweight that's holding our country back. Please take a moment
to let the CRTC know that the interests of everyday Canadians deserve to be
put first.
For an affordable Internet and a connected Canada,

Josh, David, Steve, and Jason, on behalf of your team.

P.S. Canadians don't deserve to have our whole economy held back by a
handful of greedy conglomerates. It's time to stand together and let the
CRTC know where we stand.


[1] At the 2013 Canadian ISP summit one of Bell's lobbyists explained their
desire to have the power to block more affordable, independent Internet
providers from providing high-speed fibre Internet services to Canadians.
Source: Youtube [ ] (28 mins in).
*This is consistent with Bell's vocal attempt to block independent access
to previous upgrades of Internet services. We can stop them again.

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National Association of Assault Research
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