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Zohar, Superhero w/o an Alias

Dec 30, 2000, 4:46:29 AM12/30/00

I need to talk with her, it's kinda urgent. I think she's not home
(she didn't reply to my e-mail). However, if you do see her on AIM or
talk to her bla bla bla, please tell her to e-mail me (zohar_gilboa @
bigfoot dot com).

Oh, and if anyone has Greg's address, I'd appreciate recieving it. I
can probably find it on Deja, though.

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Zohar "Yes it's my real name" Gilboa
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You could find my name on ICQ, But I almost never use
it.What do you mean "unsubscribe"?

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"No one knows what you're talking about, and no one
cares, hockey boy."
-- Rob Browning, responding to Avenger
talking about their Canadian campaign.

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Sep 21, 2015, 3:16:59 AM9/21/15
Are there any other old AGFFers on here? From the end of the 90s?
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