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Stanton McCandlish

Mar 21, 1995, 10:10:26 PM3/21/95
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Online Activism Organizations List 5.00

Outposts on the Electronic Frontier - International, National, Regional &
Local Groups Supporting the Online Community

An ACTION/EFF FAQ by Stanton McCandlish <>

Updated: 10/25/94

Archived at:, /pub/EFF/Issues/Activism/activ_groups.faq

See also /pub/EFF/Issues/Activism/activ_resource.faq, the Online Activism
Resources List.



[Misc states]
[Misc areas]

Recent Changes

5.00 - added national & regional sections for Spain, included APEDANICA &




CAUSE is the association for managing and using information technology
in higher education. An international nonprofit association, CAUSE is
dedicated to enhancing the administration and delivery of higher
education through the effective management and use of information
technology. Informally organized in 1962, CAUSE today includes over 1,060
campuses and 54 corporate members, worldwide. CAUSE's scope encompasses
the management and use of academic computing, library automation, and
networking, as well as administration of the enterprise. CAUSE strives
to promote more effective planning, management, and evaluation of
computing and information technologies in colleges and universities, and
believes that, while information technology is an enabling force,
people are the key to accomplishing our mission. Goals: provide
support for IT managers; inform IT decision-makers and users; educate
and influence non-educational (incl. business and govt.) communications
leaders. CAUSE collaborates with various other organizations incl. the
Assoc. of Research Libraries, CHEMA, NACUBO, ACUTA, etc., and
participates in EDUCOM's Networking and Telecommunications Task Force.
Participates in the Higher Education Information Resources Alliance (see
their entry for more info) and the Coalition for Networked Information,
with Assoc. of Research Libraries and EDUCOM.
HEIRAlliance/CNI general:
WWW: gopher://
HEIRAlliance/CNI gopher:
Snail: 4880 Pearl E. Circle
Suite 302E
Boulder CO 80301 USA
Voice: +1 303 449 4430
Fax: +1 303 440 0461

* Institute for Global Communications (IGC)
The Institute for Global Communications (IGC) provides computer
networking tools for international communications and information
exchange. The IGC Networks -- PeaceNet, EcoNet, ConflictNet and
LaborNet -- comprise the world's only computer communications system
dedicated solely to environmental preservation, peace, and human
rights. New technologies are helping these worldwide communities
cooperate more effectively and efficiently. IGC, located in San
Francisco, California, is a division of the Tides Foundation, a
501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. By subscribing to any one of the IGC
Networks, you have full access to the resources of any of the other IGC
Networks. IGC maintains a major program to develop low-cost access to
computer networking from outside the United States, especially in
non-industrialized areas. This program is the Association of
Progressive Communications (APC) which now includes low-cost computer
networks in several countries.
Basic info:,
PeaceNet staff:
ConflictNet staff: ?
LaborNet staff: ?
EcoNet staff: ?
International Affiliates:
Argentina (Wamani/CCI network):
Australia/Pac. Is./SE Asia (Pegasus network):
Brasil/misc. S.Am. areas (AlterNex/IBASE network):
Canada/Cuba (Web/Nirv Centre network):
Ecuador (EcuaNex network):
Nicaragua/Panama/misc Central Am. areas (Nicarao/CRIES network):
Germany/Italy/Austria/Switzerland/Zagreb/Beograd (ComLink e.V.
Russia/Commonwealth of Independent States (GlasNet):
S. Africa (SANGONet):
Sweden/Scandinavia/Baltic/St. Petersburg area (NordNet):
Uruguay/Paraguay (Chasque network):
UK/Africa/misc. Asian & European areas (GREENET):
Snail: 18 de Boom St.
San Francisco CA 94107 USA
Voice: +1 415 442 0220 (USA/etc.) +1 416 596 0212 (Can./Cuba)
+54 1 35 6842 (Arg.) +44 71 608 3040 (UK/etc.)
+61 7 257 1111 (Austral./etc.) +49 511 350 1573 (Ger./It./etc.)
+55 21 286 0348 (Braz./etc.) +7 095 207 0704 (Rus./CIS)
+27 11 838 6943 (S.Af.) +46 8 6000331 (Swe./etc.)
+593 2 528 716 (Ecu.) +505 2 26 2 28 (Nic./etc.)
+598 2 596 192 (Uru./Para.)
Fax: +1 415 546 1794 (USA) - contact other offices for non US
fax numbers and mailing addresses.

* Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
See Internet Society

* Internet Society (ISoc) - Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
The Internet Society is the international organization for global
cooperation and coordination for the Internet and its internetworking
technologies and applications. Its members reflect the breadth of the
entire Internet community and consist of individuals, corporations,
non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Its principal purpose
is to maintain and extend the development and availability of the
Internet and its associated technologies and applications - both as an
end in itself, and as a means of enabling organizations, professions, and
individuals worldwide to more effectively collaborate, cooperate, and
innovate in their respective fields and interests. The Internet Society
is incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in Washington DC USA.
ISoc hosts the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), a volunteer
group which works on Internet technical standards.
Membership (individual):
Membership (organization):
WWW: gopher://
IETF general:
IETF dicussion mailing list:
IETF announcements mailing list:
Snail: 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive, suite 270
Reston VA 22091 USA
Voice: +1 703 648 9888
1 800 468 9507 (USA only)
Fax: +1 703 648 9887



* Association for Community Telematics (ACT)
Founded in 1993 to help promote an enlightened democratic order in the
emerging cyberspace. Telematics = telecommunications + informatics -
the socio-technological aspects of computer communications and
networking. In the information revolution underway in Australia,
the grassroots level of the community is being overlooked. The gap
between the information rich and the information poor is growing wider,
and the broader community has yet to gain direct access to these tools
of the information revolution. There is a danger that the evolving
information society will be more about social control than empowerment
of the community. ACT serves as a lobby for greater resources to develop
community-based computer networks, to simplify the use of these networks,
to provide better support for new users, and to encourage a wider range
of people, including those with no previous experience with computers, to
come online. ACT exists to encourage all sectors, including government,
the private sector, community groups, educational and research sectors,
activist groups and trade unions, to develop a vision statement and a
plan for Australia's transition to a more democratic and socially just
information society.
General: Geoff Holland <,>
FTP:, /pub/Groups/ACT/
Gopher:, 1/Groups/ACT
Snail: PO Box 683
Bondi Jcn. NSW 2022 Australia
Voice: (02) 365 2251, International: +61 2 365 2251

* Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc. (EFA)
EFA is an association formed to define, promote and defend the
freedoms of electronic network users. Incorporated in May 1994,
membership is open to anyone who supports its aims, which are to:
ensure that people have the same basic freedoms 'within' computer
based communication systems as without; educate the community at
large about computer based communication systems and their use;
support, encourage and advise on the development and use of computer
based communication systems, and related innovations; and research
and advise on the law as applied to computer based communication
systems and related technologies. EFA has set-up a mailing list,
a USENET newsgroup and Fidonet conference (all cross-gated) for
discussion and organising of its activities.
EFA at 3:632/552 (FidoNet)
Brenda Aynsley at 3:620/243 (FidoNet)
CompuServe: Michael Baker <100026,1321>
Board of directors mailing list:
Administration mailing list:
Fidonet echo: EFA, avail. from 3:632/552
Mailing list subscribe:, message body: "subscribe"
FTP:, /pub/Groups/EF-Australia/
[.au site to be announced soon]
Gopher:, 1/Groups/EF-Australia
MOO: EFA-MOO, telnet://
Snail: Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc.
PO Box 382
North Adelaide SA 5006 Australia
Voice: (08) 384 7316, International: +61 8 384 7316


* Electronic Frontier Canada (EFC)
EFC was founded in Januaury 1994 "to ensre that the principles embodied
in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are protected as new
computing, communications, and information technologies emerge". EFC
was co-founded by Dr. Jeffrey Shallit of U. Waterloo and Dr. David Jones
of McGill U. EFC has established an announcements mailing list,
efc-announce, and an open mailing list forum, efc-talk.
Dr. Jeffrey Shallit <>
Dr. David Jones <>
Subscribe to mailing lists: <listname>,
message body: "subscribe" (see above for
FTP:, /pub/efc
Gopher:, 1/community/efc
Voice: +1 519 888 4804, Dr. Shallit
+1 905 525 9140 x24689, Dr. Jones
Fax: +1 519 885 1208, Dr. Shallit
+1 905 546 9995, Dr. Jones


* Associazione per la Liberta' nella Comunicazione Elettronica - EF-Italy
Electronic Frontiers Italy - Associazione per la Liberta' nella
Comunicazione Elettronica Interattiva (Association for Freedom in
Electronic Interactive Communications; ALCEI) - is an association of people
dedicated to affirm and protect constitutional rights for "electronic
citizens" as new communications technologies emerge. ALCEI is focused on
the safeguarding of freedom of expression and personal privacy for any
person using electronic communication systems for personal, social,
cultural, or professional activities. ALCEI was founded in Milan at the
end of July 1994. ALCEI - EF Italy is a non-profit, non-partisan
organization. Its activities are completely supported by
membership and personal contributions; its board and other active members
are volunteers and receive no compensation.
Admin: Giancarlo Livraghi <>
U.S. contact: Bernardo Parrella <>
FTP:, /pub/Groups/EF-Italy/
Gopher:, 1/Groups/EF-Italy
WWW: http:/
Italia Online: [coming soon]


* Asociacion para la Prevencion y Estudio de Delitos Abusos y Negligencias
en Informatica y Comuncicaciones Avanzadas (APEDANICA)
APEDANICA (the Spanish Legal Advanced Communications and Computer Crime
Association) is a non-profit organization of legal experts that provide
expert witnesses to computer crime cases, who advocate data security
technology, local technological development, computer and network usage,
and who oppose governmental and commercial corruption. APEDANICA is also
the founder of CUANTAFE (the Club of Electronic Signatures Users, or
Club de Usuarios Apedanicos Nacionales y Telematicos Avalantes de las Firmas
Electronicas), which organizes meetings and other events to help develop
public key encryption markets and usage.
General: Miguel A. Gallardo, President <>
FTP:, /pub/Groups/APEDANICA/
Gopher:, 1/Groups/APEDANICA
Voice: +341 474 38 09
Fax: +341 473 81 97
Snail: P.O. Box 17083
E-28080 Madrid Spain

UK/Great Britain

* CommUnity (Computer Communicators' Association)
Formed in 1993, to repesent the interest of the UK online community. It
was initally formed in response to the threat of BBS licencing posed by
the ELSPA (European Leisure Software Publishers Association) and FAST
(Federation Against Software Theft); and out of widespread concern over
growing press and media misrepresentation of the comms-using community
in the UK. To date CommUnity has: actively responded to a number of
television documentaries and magazines misrepresenting computer-comms
users as primarily software pirates and pornographers; Met with a key
Member of Parliament to head off a proposed BBS licensing scheme; pro-
duced a comprehensive report for a Home Affairs Select Committee
enquiry into computer pornography; lauched its own electronic magazine,
Jim Trash <>
FidoNet 2:250/310
CompuServe 100016,251
Newsletter: Mike Barnes <>
Convener: Oliver Clarke <>
FidoNet Classic 2:252/150
FTP:, /pub/archives/community/, /pub/Groups/CommUnity/
Gopher:, 1/Groups/CommUnity
Usenet: (gated to FidoNet, et al. "COMMUNITY" echo)
FidoNet/GTNet/WildNet/TheNet/NeST: COMMUNITY conference
FidoNet netmail: 2:254/151, 2:254/152
Snail: CommUnity Newsletter: CommUnicator
89 Mayfair Avenue 13 Martin Rd.
Worcester Park Ipswich, Suffolk
Surrey KT4 7SJ, UK IP2 8BJ, UK
Voice: n/a +44 01473 692975
BBS: +44 71 738 5596/5557 (London - Arkham, FidoNet: 2:254/151,
+44 706 821837 (Manchester - Pig Pen, FidoNet: 2:252/150)
+44 532 605876 (Leeds - Owl Service, FidoNet: 2:250/312)


* American Society for Information Science (ASIS)
The American Society for Information Science (ASIS) is a nonprofit
professional association organized for scientific, literary, and
educational purposes and dedicated to the creation, organization,
dissemination and application of knowledge concerning information and its
transfer. Founded in the mid-1930's, ASIS has a history which stems from
the earliest days of the modern era of documentation. ASIS counts among
its membership some 4,000 information specialists from such fields as
computer science, management, engineering, librarianship, chemistry,
linguistics, and education. ASIS and its members are called upon to help
determine new directions and standards for the development of information
policies and practices. The mission of the American Society for
Information Science is to advance information professionals and the field
of information science.
Voice: +1 301 495 0900
Fax: +1 301 495 0810
Snail: P.O. Box 554
Washington DC 20044-0554 USA

* Americans Communicating Electronically (ACE)
ACE membership is diverse and represents private and govt. organizations
and individuals who wish to promote interactive communications among
federal, state, and local governments, private businesses, public
libraries, and schools, rural cooperatives, public and private
universities, community-based arts and theater groups, voluntary
associations, job training services, and health care organizations. The
members of ACE are particularly concerned that access and participation
be made possible and convenient for Americans who do not own modem
equipped computers. To support the development of interactive
communications between governments and communities, ACE is recommending
that all government agencies establish information access programs to
help create and foster an "interactive citizen-government communications
system." Many govt. agencies, from the White House to the NSF and the
Dept. of Labor, are already participating in the ACE project. Unlike
everything else on this list, ACE is actually a govt.-sponsored project.
There are several ACE mailing lists: ACE-MG (general ACE info), CET-MG
(Communities in Economic Transition), CET-NEWS (C.E.T. bulletins), etc.
Basic info:
Mailing list subscriptions: [message body:
subscribe <listname> <your name>]

* Center for Civic Networking (CCN/CivicNet)
The Center for Civic Networking is a non-profit organization,
based in Boston and Washington, D.C., that promotes broad public
benefits of the emerging national information infrastructure.
The Center brings together expertise in large-scale computer and
network systems, community-based applications of computing, non-
profit management, community development, architecture, public
policy, and democratic participation. The Center's Programs
focus on framing a national vision for civic networking,
developing a policy framework that supports civic networking,
developing and supporting model civic networking projects, and
assisting in the technology transfer needed to achieve the broad-
based benefits of civic networking. CCN is involved with SDIN network,
the Cambridge Civic Forum, and the "From Townhalls to Local Civic
Networks" conference, and ACE.
General: Miles Fidelman <>
<>, Exec. Dir.
Richard Civille <>, Dir., DC office
FTP:, ftp/amo/civicnet, pub/Groups/CCN
Gopher:, 1/associations/civicnet, 1/Groups/CCN
WWW: gopher://
Voice: +1 202 362 3831 (R. Civille, Washington DC office)

* Center for Governmental Studies (CGS)
A Los Angeles-based non-profit, research organization which works to
improve the processes of media and democratic governance. In 1989 the
Center launched The California Channel, the nation's first "state C-SPAN"
now available to over 4 million California homes. With the Babcock,
Carnegie, Cummings, Gerbode and Irvine foundations, CGS initiated the
Democracy Network, a plan for an interactive network/station for the NII
that will allow voters, through their TV sets or computers to access
information on demand from political candidates and ballot measure
committees, and to talk with candidates and voters in an electronic town
hall, to increase voter participation, decrease campaign costs, encourage
candidates to devote more attention to substantive issues, and demonstrate
to elected officials the value of incorporating free voter information
into the new definition of "universal service."
Voice: +1 310 470 6590
Fax: +1 310 475 3752
Snail: 10951 West Pico Blvd., Suite 206
Los Angeles CA 90064 USA

* Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) - HEIRAlliance
(See Higher Education Information Resources Alliance for more info.)

* Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR)
CPSR is a national membership organization, based in Palo Alto,
California. CPSR conducts many activities to protect privacy and civil
liberties. Membership is open to the public and support is welcome.
CPSR maintains local chapters in several US cities. CPSR hosts several
mailing lists, including cpsr-cpu (CPSR's "CPU" newsletter for informa-
tion technology workers), cpsr-announce (CPSR's general news and announce-
ments list, gated to Usenet newsgroup, and bawit-
announce (Bay Area Women & Information Technology working group announce-
ments), among others.
General (nat'l. HQ):
General (DC offc.): Marc Rotenberg <>
Washington DC chapter: Larry Hunter <>
NY chapter: David Friedlander <>
Berkeley CA chapter: Karen Coyle <>
Palo Alto CA chapter: Andre Bacard <>
Portland OR chapter: Erik Nilsson <>
Los Angeles chapter: Rodney J. Hoffman <>
Mailing lists:, message body: "subscribe <listname - see
above> <name>"
Nanotechnology SIG: Ted Kaehler <>
Electoral issues: Eva Waskell, voice: +1 703 435 1283 evenings
Snail: CPSR National Office CPSR/Berkeley
P.O. Box 717 SE P.O. Box 40361
Palo Alto CA 94302 USA Berkeley CA 94704 USA
Voice: +1 415 322 3778 +1 415 398 2818
Fax: +1 415 322 3798

* Consortium for School Networking (CoSN)
Through computer networking, the Consortium will help educators and
students access information and communications resources that will
increase their productivity, professional competence, and opportunities
for learning and collaborative work. The Consortium advocates the
following goals: the timely deployment of the national research and
education network; the development and distribution of network-based
information resources for schools; the development of the human
resources needed to make full and efficient use of networks through
staff development programs, educational materials and software; form a
national leadership group for educational telecommunications, to have a
voice in shaping policy in this area; provide access to information
about the National Research and Education Network (NREN) and other
educational telecommunications efforts; reach a large community of
individuals involved in every aspect of network technology and its
application to K-12 education; help advance the development of
information resources and tools for networking; foster collaborative
opportunities to develop new resources and services for educators.
CoSN is a non-profit organization, 501(c)(3) application pending.
General: co...@bitnic.bitnet,
Snail: P.O. Box 6519
Washington DC 20035-5193 USA
Voice: +1 202 466 6296
Fax: +1 202 872 4318

* Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI)
A non-profit research and development organization formed in 1986 to
help focus U.S. strengths in information processing technology. Working
with industry, government, and academia, CNRI is engaged in scientific
research on the design of experimental infrastructure which can improve
the country's long-range scientific and engineering productivity.
CNRI organizes multi-party collaborative research activities among
U.S. government, business and academic organizations. An experimental
information infrastructure will provide an important basis for joint
university/industry research and facilitate rapid transfer of advanced
scientific concepts and technology between research groups and also into
experimental applications.
Gopher:, 1/CNRI Information
WWW: gopher://
Snail: 895 Preston White Drive, Suite 100
Reston, VA 22091
Voice: +1 703 620 8990

* Corporation for Research and Educational Networking (CREN)
Despite the name, this is a non-profit organization. CREN advances the
goals of institutions of higher education by facilitating, catalyzing
and leveraging contributions from the worldwide higher education
community directed toward building a global computing and
communications infrastructure that: supports access to shared
information services and resources; supports scholarly collaboration
and educational outreach; and contributes to enhanced individual and
institutional productivity. CREN provides BITNET (and thus Internet
email) access to member institutions, and is also working on NII
issues, hoping to help ensure that such a future network provides
for the needs of the educational and research communities.
Snail: 1112 16th St. NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20036 USA
Voice: +1 202 872 4200

* Electronic Frontier Foundation
A non-profit public interest membership organization, working to protect
individual rights in the emerging information age. EFF supports legal
and legislative action to protect the civil liberties of online users;
hosts and participates in related conferences and projects, including
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet, and Computers and Academic Freedom;
and works to educate the online community about its legal rights and
responsibilities. EFF members receive online bulletins about the
critical issues and debates affecting computer-mediated communications
and participate in online political activism. Donations are welcome and
are tax deductible. EFF is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
Basic info:
Legal: Shari Steele <>, Dir. of Legal Services
Mike Godwin <>, Online Counsel
Policy/Open Platform/NII: Daniel J. Weitzner (,
Senior Staff Counsel
Tech: Dan Brown <>, Systems Administrator
Online newsletter: Stanton McCandlish <>, Online Activist
Hardcopy publications:
Mailing list requests: (message of "HELP" or "LONGINDEX")
Usenet:,, alt.politics.datahighway
WELL: g eff
AOL: keyword EFF
Computers & Academic Freedom:,
CAF mailing list: (add comp-academic-freedom-news)
Computer underground Digest archives:
Snail: 1001 G St. NW, Suite 950 E
Washington DC 20001, USA
voice: +1 202 347 5400
fax: +1 202 393 5509

* Higher Education Information Resources Alliance (HEIRAlliance) - CNI
The Higher Education Information Resources Alliance (HEIRAlliance) is a
vehicle for cooperative projects between the Association of Research
Libraries, CAUSE, and EDUCOM. Currently, its major projects are
The Coalition for Networked Information, (formed in 1990; promotes the
creation of and access to information resources in networked environments
in order to enrich scholarship and to enhance intellectual productivity.
Roughly 175 organizations and institutions are members of the Coalition)
and the HEIRAlliance Executive Strategies reports (designed to keep chief
higher education executives informed about critical issues related to
information technologies.)
General: Craig A. Summerhill <>, Systems Coord./Program Ofcr.
CNI general: Joan Lippincott <>, Asst. Exec. Dir.
Exec. Strategies report queries: Karen McBride <>
CNI Announcements list:, message body: "subscribe
cni-announce <firstname> <lastname>"
WWW: gopher://
Snail: 21 Dupont Circle, N.W.
Washington DC 20036 USA
Voice: +1 202 296 5098

* Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)
[No information available.]
Voice: +1 312 644 6610, Dave Lenef (Communications Coordinator)
Fax: +1 312 321 6869

* National Online Media Association (NOMA)
NOMA is a trade association for BBS's, Internet service providers, and
other online services and public networking operations. It was formed
at ONE BBSCON '93 in August at Colorado Springs, CO. NOMA will be in an
initial organizational phase for a while. NOMA's mission is to act for
the BBS and online service industry on matters of national importance
by creating an industry presence in Washington, D.C. and other means;
assist its members at the state and local levels; educate the public on
the unique social, business and legal roles of BBS's and other online
services; establish appropriate industry standards and guidelines;
promote business development in the industry; and maintain and provide
access to resources and industry information for use by the public and
the industry. A forum on Delphi has been provided, as well as the
internet mailing list, which may be freely gated to BBS networks.
General: Phill Liggett <>
Lance Rose <>
Steve Barber <>
Mailing list requests: (subscribe natbbs <name>)
FidoNet: Jim Taylor, 1:310/5 <>
Delphi: [no contact info provided]
Snail: NOMA, c/o Phill Liggett
Solutions, Inc.
89 Seymore Ave.
West Hartford CT 06119 USA
Voice: Phill Liggett, +1 203 233 3163
Lance Rose, +1 201 509 1700 FOR
BBS: +1 805 520 2300 (sysop: Celeste Clark)
+1 703 648 1841 (sysop: Tony McClenny)
+1 209 685 8487 (sysop: W. Mark Richmond)

* National Public Telecomputing Network (NPTN) - a.k.a. Free-Net
The National Public Telecomputing Network exists to make free public
access to computerized communications and information services a
reality; to help people in cities throughout the U.S. and the world
to establish free, open access, community computer systems (Free-Nets);
to link those systems together into a common network similar to
National Public Radio or PBS on TV; to help supplement what the local
systems are able to produce with high quality network-wide services
and features. NPTN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. [Note:
not all "Free-Net"-like systems are part of NPTN, just most of them.]
General: [note: this is not an automailer, but a person]
Canadian Free-Net mailing list:,
(subscribe CAN-FREENET <name>)
Charlotte NC Free-Net list: (subscribe
CITYNET <name>)
Snail: National Public Telecomputing Network
P.O. Box 1987
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
Voice: +1 216 247 5800
Fax: +1 216 247 3328
Community Free-Net affiliate systems modem number
Big Sky Telegraph Dillon, Montana +1 406 683 7680
Buffalo Free-Net Buffalo, New York +1 716 645 6128
Cleveland Free-Net Cleveland, Ohio +1 216 368 3888
COIN Columbia, Missouri +1 314 884 7000
Denver Free-Net Denver, Colorado +1 303 270 4865
Heartland Free-Net Peoria, Illinois +1 309 674 1100
Lorain County Free-Net Elyria, Ohio +1 216 366 9721
Medina County Free-Net Medina, Ohio +1 216 723 6732
National Capital Free-Net Ottawa, Ont., Canada +1 613 564 3600
Tallahassee Free-Net Tallahassee, Florida +1 904 576 6330
Tristate Online Cincinnati, Ohio +1 513 579 1990
Tri-Cities Free-Net Hanford, Washington +1 509 375 1111
Victoria Free-Net Victoria, BC, Canada +1 604 595 2300
Wellington Citynet Wellington, New Zealand +64 4 801 3060
Youngstown Free-Net Youngstown, Ohio +1 216 742 3072
For more detailed information, including internet addresses and login
instructions, see, pub/Groups/NPTN-Freenet/
[NOTE: Not all systems called "free-nets" are part of the NPTN group.]

* OMB Watch
OMB Watch is a nonprofit research, educational & advocacy organization
that monitors Executive Branch activities affecting nonprofit, public
interest & community groups. OMB (the White House Office of Management
& Budget) is the main focus as it oversees nearly all executive branch
functions. Our goal is to encourage broad public participation in
government decision-making to promote a more open & accountable gov/t.
Our activities include: technical assistance on budget, regulatory
accountability, govt. secrecy, & general govt. decision-making through
publications, training sessions & direct links to certain govt. data;
community forums on the federal budget to reorder priorities to domestic
needs; RTK NET (Right-to-Know computer network); advocacy--through the
tools to empower community groups and coordination of coalitional efforts
in a variety of areas; support of public access to and use of gov't
information. Most activity conducted offline, so send a snailmail
address if you want OMB Watch materials.
General: Patrice McDermot <>

* Telecommunications Policy Roundtable (TPR)
The TPR is a coalition of more than 100 organizations which was organized
in the spring of 1993 to discuss federal telecommunications and
information policy. The group as a whole meets every month in
Washington, DC, and it also sponsors several regular and ad hoc
committees and subcommittees to address specific roundtable concerns.
TPR members include EFF, CME, CNI, TAP, and CPSR. TPR sponsors an
open-to-all mailing list forum for discussion of U.S. telecom policy,
General: Jeff Chester <>,
Technical admin: Craig Summerhill <>
Mailing list subscription:, message body: "SUBSCRIBE
ROUNDTABLE <firstname> <lastname>"
Mailing list admin: Jamie Love <>
Voice: +1 202 628 2620 (Center for Media Education, initial contact for
organizations wishing to joing TPR)
Fax: +1 202 234 5176 (c/o Jamie Love at TAP)

* Voters Telecom Watch (VTW)
The Voters Telecomm Watch is a volunteer organization dedicated to
monitoring federal legislation that affects telecommunications and
civil liberties. VTW is based primarily out of New York, though they
have volunteers throughout the US. Voters Telecomm Watch keeps scorecards
on legislators' positions on legislation that affects telecommunications
and civil liberties.
Press contact:
Mailing list requests (announcements):, message
body: "subscribe vtw-announce
<firstname> <lastname>"
Mailing list requests (discussion):, message body:
"subscribe vtw-list <firstname>
FTP:, /pub/Groups/VTW/ [minimal info]
Gopher:, 1/vtw [much more info that at ftp site]
WWW: gopher://
Voice: +1 718 596 2851



** Madrid **

[see APEDANICA, under National - Spain]




* Learning Opportunities in Computer Applications within Lothian (LOCAL)
An organization created to: provide networking for the handicapped,
provide computer training, creation of electronic clubs for youth
activities, development of global e-penpal systems for cultural
exchange, promote online educational and employment opportunities
(incl. industrial training), set up electronic links between the
handicapped and distant family members, electronic one-to-one tuition
to supplement classrooms, link up organizations working with children,
support documentary reasearch systems online, encourage international
inter-networking, promote "virtual workgroups" and other online
joint projects.
General: Robert Regan <>
Snail: Kaimes Landfill
Kirknewton EH27 8EJ UK
Voice: +44 31 451 5195


** Alabama **


* Linux Users of North Alabama (LUNA) [formerly Huntsville Group]
LUNA is more than an advocacy group for Linux (a freeware version of
Unix for PCs), having become involved in network access issues on a
local basis, including encouragement of the BBS community, assisting
the startup of a local Internet access site, working on UAH's campus
network, providing tutorials on networking home computers, and
assisting communications development at a local high school. "LUNA is
here to provide community networking", says Matt Midboe. Though not
currently working on policy issues, LUNA's technically-oriented members
concentrate on bringing cyberspace to people who did not have the
capability and know-how before.
General: Matt Midboe <>
[also try to see if this
new site is up yet.]

** California **


* Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (PRC)
The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse is a non-profit consumer education
project funded by the Telecommunications Education Trust, a program
of the Telecommunications Education Trust. We are a service for
California consumers, providing an 800-number hotline, free
information sheets, publication of an annual policy report, and
open research facilities. Our publications can be accessed by
gopher. The PRC focuses on technology-related privacy issues and the
protection of personal information. These issues include: direct
marketing, credit reports, workplace monitoring, Social Security
numbers, government records, wireless phones and medical records.
The PRC tracks federal and state legislation that affects
privacy rights. We also research the effects of future services and
technologies on privacy rights, such as the National Information
Infrastructure and health care reform. PRC has been in operation since
October 1992.
FTP:, /pub/privacy/
Gopher:, 1/USDinfo/privacy
WWW: gopher://
Telnet:, login: privacy
BBS: +1 619 260 4670 (8N1, 2400bps, local> c teetot, login: privacy)
+1 619 260 4789 (8N1, 9600-14400bps, local> c teetot, login: privacy)
Snail: The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
The Center for Public Interest Law
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA 92110
Voice: +1 619 260 4806
1 800 773 7748 (Hotline, CA US only, 9a-5p PDT, M-F)
+1 619 298 3396 (Hotline, all others, 9a-5p PDT, M-F)
Fax: +1 619 260 4753


* BAWiT (Bay Area Women in Telecom)
Hosted by CPSR/Berkeley, and probably involved with This!Group, BAWiT
is a group of women working with telecom to make the online community
inclusive rather than exclusive of women and minorities. The
working group's activities include outreach and mentoring, and
providing speakers for events & informal online discussions.
Info: Judi Clark <,>
Mail lists: (message body containing:
subscribe bawit-announce [1st & last name])

* This!Group
[This!Group is dormant as of this writing, but enthusiasm for new
projects and activism might get the ball rolling again.]
General: Judi Clark <>

** District of Columbia **


* Group 2600 [and some public access operators]
General: Bob Stratton <,>
Mikki Barry <>

** Massachusetts **


* EF128 (Electronic Frontier Route 128).
[No information available at this time; appears to be defunct]
General: Lar Kaufman <>

** Mississippi **


Local chapter with chapters in Alaska, Orlando Florida, Atlanta
Georgia, Mobile Alabama, Montgomery Alabama, Oxford Miss,
California, Ocean Springs Miss, and other locations.
[No info available on what this group is or does.]
General: R. Jones <>
[NOTE: this email address may or may not be current]
Snail: PO Box 573
Long Beach MS 39560 USA

** Minnesota **


* Minnesota Electronic Democracy Project (E-Democracy)
Minnesota E-Democracy 1994 is a non-partisan effort to provide the
public with greater access to campaign and election information in
electronic form. This volunteer effort is working to help candidates
place their position papers and other information on the Internet.
Information, knowledge, and connectivity are key ingredients in our
democracy. This effort may demonstrate how electronic communication
can be a positive contribution as well as a challenge in our democracy.
NOTE: this project's working groups are now forming, and goals are to
acheved by Aug.-Nov. 1994.
Mailing list: [message body: subscribe mn-politics]
Mailing list admin: Mick Souder <>
Tech. Coord.: Scott Fritche <>
Project Coord.: Steven Clift <>

** Missouri **


* Greater Kansas City Sysop Association (GKCSA)
[No info available.]
General: Scott Lent <>
P.O. Box 14480
Parkville, MO 64152
Voice: +1 816 734 2949
BBS: +1 816 734 4732

** New Hampshire **

* Electronic Frontiers New Hampshire (EFNH)
A state/local group founded to work with federal and state legislators
and media on issues of electronic democracy, freedom of speech in the
online world, privacy of email and other electronic communication, access
to govt. information, and access issues surrounding the Nat'l. Information
Infrastructure debate. Goals include airing important networking ideas,
attracting media & govt. attention to the issues, focussing on civil
rights online and providing a forum for discussion of same, protect
against, draw attention to, and provide a voice to speak against govt.
encroachments on individual liberties in networking, especially from a
grassroots level, and improving public access to govt. information.
EFNH is still in the formative stages. It plans to formalize
considerably before long. The "kickoff" meeting was Jan. 21, '94.
Dan York <>
Mark E. Mallett <>
Marta Greenberg <>
FTP:, pub/Groups/EF-New_Hampshire
Gopher:, "...Groups"/"EF New Hampshire"
Voice: +1 603 437 5868 (Dan York)

** New York **


* The Society for Electronic Access (SEA)
SEA is a membership organization focusing on civil liberties and access
issues that affect the online world. SEA is based in New York City, so
many of their activities are focused toward the New York metropolitan
area, though issues of national concern are addressed.
Basic Info: (auto reply)
Administration: Simona Nass <>, President
Media Contact: Steve Barber <>, Secretary
Snail: Post Office Box 7081
New York, NY, 10116-7081
Voice: +1 212 592 3801


* Genesee Community College Group
[No info available.]
General: Thomas J. Klotzbach <>
Snail: Thomas J. Klotzbach
Genesee Community College
Batavia, NY 14020
Voice (work) +1 716 343 0055 x358

** Oklahoma **


* [Group name unknown.]
[No info available.]
General: Lonny L. Lowe <>
Snail: Lonny L. Lowe
c/o Freelance Consulting
514 S. Pine
Stillwater OK 74074-2933 USA
Voice: +1 405 747 4242

** Rhode Island **


* Center for Public Information (CPI)
A group of Rhode Islanders active in government reform and/or providing
electronic access to information have united to form the Center for
Public Information, Inc. (CPI), a nonprofit organization devoted to
making information by and about government more accessible. The agency
will utilize computer technology and traditional publishing methods to make
information from government agencies and nonprofits dealing with
government reform and policy easier, faster, and less expensive to
access. Projects include: assisting state and local government agencies
with making their information electronically available; developing
computerized resource databases; publishing resource guides; requesting
and reporting public records and information regarding government
activities; developing and supporting legislation supporting public access
to govt. information; Assisting nonprofit agencies involved with
government reform and govt. information; and improving electronic access to
govt. information.
General: David M. Goldstein <>
FTP: ???
Gopher: ???
WWW: ???
BBS: ???
Voice: Linda DiCecco, +1 401 942 3984
Fax: +1 401 351 9122
Snail: 428 Smith St.
Providence RI 02908 USA

** Tennessee **


* [Group name unknown.]
[No info available.]
General: Craig Owensby <>
Snail: Craig Owensby
805 Harpeth Bend Dr.
Nashville TN 37205
Voice: +1 615 662 2011 (home)
+1 615 248 5271 (work)

** Texas **


* EFF-Austin
EFF-Austin was formed to protect constitutional guarantees of free
speech and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure for
users of computer networks. Experience has taught us that these
freedoms must be fought for if they are to survive in the online
world. EFF-Austin was created as an experimental local chapter of
the national EFF but became independent in 1993 while retaining
contacts with the parent organization. We're heavily involved
in public speaking, education, and advocacy of constitutional
rights in cyberspace. "We're Austin's forum for discussion of all
concerns related to the cutting edge where society meets technology."
[NOTE: Though originally formed as a chapter of EFF, EFF-Austin is
an independent organization.]
Mailing list subscriptions:
Usenet: austin.eff
FTP:, /eff-austin/
Gopher:, 1/eff-austin
WWW: gopher://
Snail: P.O. Box 18957
Austin TX 78760 USA
Voice: +1 512 465 7871
BBS: +1 512 467 7317, the SMOFboard (8-n-1, 14400bps V.42b/MNP1-5)
+1 512 259 9546, Lion's Den (8-n-1, 2400bps)
(and many other local info-sites)


* Electronic Frontiers Houston (EFH)
a non-profit corporation devoted to working with and for the
Houston computer and telecommunications community. Working in
alliance with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, EFF-Austin and
other national and regional organizations, EFH acts as a focal
point for the diverse set of individuals who find themselves
involved in computer communications. Included on the EFH's agenda
are: advocating civil liberty issues in "cyberspace," promoting
wider public access to computer networks, exploring artistic and
social implications of new digital media, and educating the public
about the increasingly important on-line world.
WWIVnet: efh@5285
Board of Directors: (efh-directors@5285 on WWIVnet)
FidoNet: EF_HOU echomail conf (available on local BBSs)
Gopher:, 1/EFH
WWW: gopher://
Snail: 2476 Bolsover #145
Houston TX 77005 USA
Voice: Ed Cavazos, +1 713 781 3310
BBS: +1 713 781 4305, Bamboo Gardens (login as EFH GUEST, pw EFH)

** Virginia **


* Richmond Law & Technology Association (LTA)
The Richmond Law & Technology Association is a student organization at
the T.C. Williams School of Law at the University of Richmond. LTA began
in January of 1994, founded by Rick Klau, Leonard Presberg and Brennen
Keene. The LTA exists to promote the study of the law of technology and
to help teach the technology of law. Within this broad mission, the LTA
sponsors several projects, including symposia and an Internet mailing list
General: Rick Klau <>
Mailing list subscribe: [under construction]



* WHO/WHERE: This list is maintained by Stanton McCandlish <>,
and FAQ-ized and distributed by L. Detweiler. It is based on a previous
version by Shari Steele. Future updates will be posted to ACTION mailing
list and, besides several other places. The most current
version is available from:, /pub/EFF/Issues/Activism/activ_groups.faq, 1/EFF/Issues/Activism, activ_groups.faq

* SCOPE: This list focuses on:
1) organizations dealing with online issues such as cryptography,
intellectual freedom in networking, and access to government information,
2) organizations working on access to online resources, and supporting
community networking, and
3) general activism and civil liberties organizations providing material
The listing of all activism groups (e.g. [non-]smokers' rights, environment-
alism, gun ownership/regulation, etc.) and partisan politics groups, is
outside the scope of this list.

* YOUR LISTING: Please! Check your entry regularly and make sure it is up to
date. If your org/group does not have a description, please send one ASAP,
or there's not really much point in listing you. Please expand on your
group's contact information as much as possible. Thank you.

* BIG ORGS: Wide-spread organizations, with many local affiliates,
subdivisions, or chapters, are listed as one organization. So far, this
includes CPSR, NPTN/Free-Net, and APC/IGC. To list all the local groups
individually would consume a large amount of space, and would
make this list much longer than it needs to be.

* THANKS to: Steve Barber, Simona Nass, Art McGee, Ed Cavazos, John S.
Quarterman, Jon Lebkowsky, Shari Steele, L. Detweiler, Elizabeth Reid,
Bernard Aboba, Ellen Pack, Eric Hughes, Derek Atkins, Tom Gray, Karl
Lui Barrus, Malcolm Arnold, Mike Godwin, Shari Steele, Phil Agre, Jim
Warren, Carl Kadie, Kurt Fuchs and all the other folks I pumped for info.

* CONTRIBUTIONS: We are constantly looking to update this list, so if you
know of other groups that we should add, or if you are trying to form a
group in your local area, please forward the name of the group and contact
information to Stanton McCandlish <>. Please also inform of any
updates or changes that need to be made.

* DISTRIBUTION: This FAQ is Copyright 1994 Electronic Frontier Foundation,
and is made available as a freeware service to the online community, on
behalf of the the ACTION forum.

This document may be freely distributed by any means, provided
1) proper credit/attribution is given
2) the list is not sold for profit(*)
3) the list is not modified without permission(**)

[* Systems that charge for access are specifically exempted, as are CD-ROM
collections, and similar distribution methods. Just don't demand a special
fee for this file itself, you know what I mean. If in doubt, send email
about it.]

[** other than necessary reformatting, such as stripping of linefeeds/
carriage returns, translation to postscript, etc. -i.e. no QUALITATIVE
modification of the contents please. If you need to update something,
please tell me, and I will make sure the master copy is corrected and a
new version distributed.]

The maintainer(s) of this document will greatly appreciate notification of
hardcopy publication or inclusion in other non-ephemeral collections
(CD-ROM compilations, etc.)

Note that some of this text is borrowed from the promotional literature of
the organizations described herein. The purpose of such things is to be
copied and to spread info, so I can't see there being any objections, but
if you are paranoid about reprint rights, best to contact the organizations
yourself and make sure it's ok. Before printing in any "real" publication,
it would be a good idea to do so anyway, just to make sure the info is
correct and current.


Journalists, maintainers of other FAQs (e.g. a more specific, say privacy,
resource list), and anyone else should feel free to excerpt from this
document. Excerpts in articles and books should follow standard
acceptable use guidelines. Mainters of FAQs and lists may use and reformat
relevant information for their own lists, and simply credit the creators
and maintainers of the list in the apropriate manner (e.g. at specfic
entries, or in a "thanks to" section, or whatever fits the document format.)
Electronic reposts of only sections of the document should include a pointer
to the location of the complete file so others can get the entire thing if
they wish to do so.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) was founded in July of 1990
to ensure that the principles embodied in the Constitution and the Bill
of Rights are protected as new communications technologies emerge.
Since its inception, EFF has worked to shape our nation's communications
infrastructure and the policies that govern it in order to maintain and
enhance First Amendment, privacy and other democratic values. We believe
that our overriding public goal must be the creation of Electronic

Membership & General Info:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation
1001 G Street NW, Suite 950 E
Washington DC 20001 USA
+1 202 347 5400 (voice)
+1 202 393 5509 (fax)
+1 202 638 6120 (BBS)
Internet fax gate:

* ACTION: The Activism Online Forum
Action is an Internet "mailing list" forum, and serves as a virtual
community supporting grassroots political action through networking
technology. Action is a focused working group, rather than a chat area.
To subscribe, send a message body of

subscribe ACTION

to via internet email.

DISTRIBUTION: How to obtain this document

This document has been brought to you in part by CRAM, involved in the
redistribution of valuable information to a wider USENET audience (see
below). The most recent version of this document can be obtained via
the author's instructions above. The following directions apply to
retrieve the possibly less-current USENET FAQ version.

This FAQ is available from the standard FAQ server via
FTP in the file /pub/usenet/news.answers/net-community/orgs-list

Email requests for FAQs go to with commands
on lines in the message body, e.g. `help' and `index'.

This FAQ is posted every 21 days to the groups

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