THE ZAHID FAMILY: Apostates from Islaam....present themselves as MUSLIMS when in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, but THEY ARE NOT MUSLIMS but DAHESHISTS..........they are the Secret Chiefs of AL-DAHISHIYYAH worldwide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shall their deception continue???? Why are Muslims doing hundreds of millions of dollars of business with the Zahid family each and every year???????????????????

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May 13, 2008, 5:05:08 PM5/13/08
The Zahid family of Greenwich, Connecticut, owns General Motors
dealerships throughout Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. Their business
contacts in those countries think they are Muslims, but they
are Daheshists. They changed their religion from Islaam to Daheshism
back in the early 1970s.

Daheshists are followers of "Doctor Dahesh" (1909-1984); the miracle
"Prophet" of Lebanon who claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus
Christ, Ali ibn Talib, al-Hakim, and Baha'u'llah. His religion,
Daheshism, teaches reincarnation, and that Prophets arose after
Muhammad (SAW), such as al-Hakim, and Dahesh being the
last (but not final) one. Daheshism is very similar to the Druze
religion. There about about 5,000 Daheshists in Lebanon. Before his
death in New York City in 1984, Dahesh appointed the Zahid Family as
the "Trustees" of Daheshism.

Daheshism sees Muhammad (SAW) as a minor prophet, who simply prepared
the way for Ali ibn Talib, the reincarnation of Jesus, whom they
the Prophet (SAW) in every way. Dahesh taught
he was the reincarnation of Jesus and many others. The most high
prophet in Daheshism is JESUS, whom Dahesh claimed to be the most
recent reincarnation of.

The Zahid family are in fact the "hidden rulers" of Daheshism
worldwide. They include:

Mahmoud Zahid
Amira Zahid
Amr Zahid
Mervat Zahid

The Zahid family are one of the wealthiest families in America, and
they live in Greenwich Connecticut, which is the most exclusive and
wealthiest community in America.

Their telephone number in Greenwhich is 203-861-7818 and
203-661-3554. Ask them: "Are you Muslims or are you Daheshists? Are
you the "Trustees" of Daheshism worldwide? Did you establish the
Dahesh Museum of New York City? Do you fund the Daheshist Publishing
Company of New York City which publishes "Revelations" of Doctor
Dahesh in Arabic and English? Do you believe that Doctor Dahesh is
your "Beloved Guiding Prophet"????

The title that Daheshists use for Dahesh is "Our Beloved Guiding

Why are Muslims in Saudi Arabia doing hundreds of millions of dollars
of business with people who have changed their religion? Ask them,
"Are you Muslims, or are you Daheshists?"

For more information about Daheshism please read:


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