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More of my philosophy about ChatGPT rival to launch in China and about artificial intelligence and more of my thoughts..

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Amine Moulay Ramdane

Jan 31, 2023, 9:51:36 AM1/31/23

More of my philosophy about ChatGPT rival to launch in China and about artificial intelligence and more of my thoughts..

I am a white arab from Morocco, and i think i am smart since i have also
invented many scalable algorithms and algorithms..

ChatGPT rival to launch in China, reports claim

"Chinese tech giant Baidu is planning to launch its own version of the controversial AI chatbot ChatGPT, according to reports.

Baidu, often referred to as China’s Google, has reportedly been developing an artificial intelligence platform with the aim of integrating it into its search engine.

The AI bot could be ready to launch as early as March, claimed separate reports from Reuters and Bloomberg, which both claimed it would rival the capabilities of OpenAI’s technology."

Read more here:

More of my philosophy about Google MusicLM and about artificial intelligence and more of my thoughts..

"Google has created a new artificial intelligence (AI) system called MusicLM that can produce music in any genre from a text description.

"Whoa, this is bigger than ChatGPT to me. Google almost solved music generation, I'd say," Keunwoo Choi, an AI Scientist at Gaudio Lab, Tweeted on Friday.

The algorithm can produce songs that make sense for descriptions of "substantial complexity" after being trained on a dataset of 280,000 hours of music."

Read more here:

So from the above article and from my below thoughts , we can notice
that Google will in the future still be a powerful company even with the coming of ChatGPT or the next GPT-4.

More of my philosophy about the problems of ChatGPT and more of my thoughts..

I think that the other problems of ChatGPT is that computer networking speeds are improving but they are not increasing at the speed AI people want them to as the models are growing at a faster rate than the speed is increasing, and i think that supercomputers bandwidth so that to train the next ChatGPTs will not be enough as the AI models are coming with trillions upon trillions of parameters.

Read the following article so that to notice it:

And the other problem of ChatGPT is the following:

I think one of the problems of ChatGPT is also the business model for it, since systems like ChatGPT take a lot of computational power, and i invite you to read the following article so that to understand more about it:

"High cost of computational power

Systems like ChatGPT take a lot of computational power. The cost of running ChatGPT is $100,000 per day. It’s possible to make it work for a few million daily users, but scaling it up to billions of people will be extremely expensive. A single AI answer costs more than ten regular Google search requests."

Read more here:

And read also the following article so that to understand more:

And the other problem of artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT is the following:

ChatGPT goes straight into the wall of knowledge!

Read more here (You can translate the web page from french to english):

More of my philosophy about automation and about Google and more of my thoughts..

I have just added the thoughts on the effective tax on robots, please read again:

"A study by researchers from MIT and Boston University claims that automation is responsible for more than half of the increase in the income gap between the most educated and the least educated workers in the United States. The study estimates that automation reduced the wages of men without a high school diploma by 8.8% and of women without a high school diploma by 2.3%. These figures have been adjusted for inflation. According to the study by Acemoglu and Restrepo, growing income inequality could also stem from, among other things, the decline in the prevalence of unions (a highly sensitive topic today in technology companies), market concentration resulting in a lack of competition for labour, or other types of technological change.
Acemoglu and Restrepo's study comes at a time when the debate over whether or not to tax robots is heating up. More and more voices rise to call for a tax on robots to combat the effects of automation on income inequality. In this regard, a study published last month by economists at MIT suggests that introducing a tax on robot labor, preferably a modest tax, would incentivize companies to retain workers, while offsetting some of the payroll taxes lost through downsizing. Of course, the conclusions of the study are not unanimous.

According to economists' calculations, an effective tax on robots would probably be between 1% and 3.7%. The report estimates that if the tax is much higher, it would exaggerate the role that robots play in the operational routines of companies; and if it is lower, companies would have no incentive to retain human employees at all."

Read more here (and you can translate the web page from french to english):

Study claims automation has caused more than half of US income inequality since 1980

And following are some of the advantages of automation:

1. Automation is the key to the shorter workweek. Automation will allow
the average number of working hours per week to continue to decline,
thereby allowing greater leisure hours and a higher quality life.

2. Automation brings safer working conditions for the worker. Since
there is less direct physical participation by the worker in the
production process, there is less chance of personal injury to the worker.

3. Automated production results in lower prices and better products. It
has been estimated that the cost to machine one unit of product by
conventional general-purpose machine tools requiring human operators may
be 100 times the cost of manufacturing the same unit using automated
mass-production techniques. The electronics industry offers many
examples of improvements in manufacturing technology that have
significantly reduced costs while increasing product value (e.g., colour
TV sets, stereo equipment, calculators, and computers).

4. The growth of the automation industry will itself provide employment
opportunities. This has been especially true in the computer industry,
as the companies in this industry have grown (IBM, Digital Equipment
Corp., Honeywell, etc.), new jobs have been created.
These new jobs include not only workers directly employed by these
companies, but also computer programmers, systems engineers, and other
needed to use and operate the computers.

5. Automation is the only means of increasing standard of living. Only
through productivity increases brought about by new automated methods of
production, it is possible to advance standard of living. Granting wage
increases without a commensurate increase in productivity
will results in inflation. To afford a better society, it is a must to
increase productivity.

More of my philosophy about Google and about ChatGPT and more of my thoughts..

Google is preparing its response to ChatGPT: developed by its subsidiary DeepMind, Sparrow will go into private beta later this year.

"Sparrow is based on Deepmind's Chinchilla language model, which has fewer parameters than OpenAI's larger models (but was trained with lots of data). The language model, which was introduced in April 2022, outperformed GPT-3 in common language benchmarks. However, ChatGPT is based on the more advanced version 3.5 of GPT."

Read more here (and you can translate the webpage from french to english)

So then i think that even with the ChatGPT or GPT-4 , Google will still
be powerful, since Google has well diversified its revenues that are composed from the Google Cloud that is 7.5% of Google revenue, and from
Apps and hardware and content that are 10.9% of Google revenue
and from Youtube ads that are 11.2% of Google revenue ..., so there remain the Ads from Google search, but since Google will soon come with Sparrow that will compete with ChatGPT and with Microsoft, so i think Google will still be a powerful company.

ChatGPT passes Wharton Business School's MBA exam, gets a B

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ChatGPT premium rolls out at $42 a month, Google still catching up

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Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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