More of my philosophy about capitalism and innovation..

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Oct 11, 2021, 11:30:59 AM10/11/21

More of my philosophy about capitalism and innovation..

I am a white arab, and i think i am smart since i have also
invented many scalable algorithms and algorithms..

Read my following interesting writing:

The Limits of the Earth, Part 1: Problems

"In my own new book, The Infinite Resource: The Power of Ideas on a
Finite Planet, I challenge this view. The problem isn’t economic growth,
per se. Nor is the problem that our natural resources are too small.
While finite, the natural resources the planet supplies are vast and far
larger than humanity needs in order to continue to thrive and grow
prosperity for centuries to come. The problem, rather, is the types of
resources we access, and the manner and efficiency with which we use them.

And the ultimate solution to those problems is innovation – innovation
in the science and technology that we use to tap into physical
resources, and innovation in the economic system that steers our

The situation we’re in isn’t a looming wall that we’re doomed to crash
into. It’s a race – a race between depletion and pollution of natural
resources on one side, and our pace of innovation on the other."

Read more here:

More philosophy about why raising taxes destroys the economy and more..

I invite you to look at the following interesting video:

Why raising taxes destroys the economy

So i think you are understanding more that raising taxes destroys
economy, so there remains an important thing and it is that we have to
fix capitalism in a smart way by more-effective regulation and not by
raising taxes, since there remain the following problem, read about it here:

One last chance to fix capitalism

So i invite you to look at the following video about capitalism:

How to Improve Capitalism

So as you notice in the above video that you can also fix capitalism by
giving voting rights and tax advantages to long-term shareholders and
not by raising taxes, and you need to have sovereign wealth funds and
national pension funds representative of the long term collective
interests etc, so i invite you to look the above video of "How to
improve capitalism" so that to understand more.

And read my following interesting writing about Income Inequality in

Capitalism is the Solution to Income Inequality, Says Gannon Lecturer

“Free enterprise can work. The profit motive is very effective. But the
profits have to be channeled the right way. You have to share the pie.
Let free enterprise create a bigger and bigger pie, but then make sure
you share the bounty. … It has worked before and it can work again.”

Read more here:

More philosophy about does capitalism really drive innovation..

I invite you to look at the following video:

Does Capitalism Really Drive Innovation?

But i am not in accordance with the above video, here is why,
read the following:

"In today’s advanced economies, private firms undertake the bulk of
research and development. The business sector’s share of total R&D
spending ranges from 60% in Singapore to 78% in South Korea, with the
United States closer to the higher end, at 72%. But it is the public
sector that provides the essential social, legal, and educational
infrastructure that sustains private R&D."

Read more here:

"Which is more innovative, public or private sector?

While the public sector has been known to innovate… to a degree, I think
the grand prize for innovation goes to the private sector.

The public sector is handicapped by heavy bureaucracy that tends to
maintain the status quo, that discourages innovation. Secondly it is
comfortable to the type of people who are attracted to it. Some of them
are, or would like to be, innovative but their enthusiasm for new ideas
tends to be smothered in most public organizations.

Innovation is often the child of discomfort. The private sector has more
incentive to make something better and because it has less bureaucracy,
especially smaller organizations, there are fewer restrictions on
exploration of new ideas.

The “profit motive” in the private sector is also a sizable factor in
developing innovation."

And more philosophy about Globalization..

I think that globalization is a good thing, but you have to be smart
and know how to take advantage of it, so i invite you to read
the following about the positive effects of Globalization on developing
countries such as:

1- Globalization has permitted developed nations to invest in less
developed nations which has lead to creation of jobs for poor people.

2- The health and education system in developing countries has benefited
in a positive way due to the contribution of globalization.

So i invite you to read the following article to notice it:

The effects of Globalization on developing countries

Read more here:

Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.
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