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May 9, 2021, 12:15:50 AMMay 9
On 08 May 2021, plateshutoverlock <> posted

> If the internet started the way it is now, today we would still be
> using radio, television sets, mail order catalogs, books, newspapers,
> and cassette tapes.
> - Every website wants to spam you with "notifications". Every. Single.
> Website. (Rant Rampage being one of the very few exceptions). I am to
> the point now I am ready to look up methods of ripping the
> notification subsystem out entrely from every Android and Windows
> device I own.
> - Everything is an "app" these days. Every modern computer, every
> tablet, every phone has a web browser that is 100% percent capable of
> doing everything these "apps" do and more, but we are expected to fill
> up our devices' memories with "apps" that are nothing more than a
> stripped down and specifically taylored web browser for the sites that
> want you to "get the app". But this is not for our convienience
> (that's just a side effect), but to control content, closing the
> "disable Javashit right click/long press disabler" hole, and add
> additional telemetry (privacy invasion)
> - Google is the king of the Captcha Cartel. Yes, click on the buses,
> blue cars, street signs, etc, so they can further enhance their
> "driverless AI". What a wonderful racket they got going on here- free
> labor through monstering users who just want to get to the content
> they seek. Of course "iTz fOr tEh sEcUrItY". People will kneel down
> and suck dick when they are told it's helping to stop terrorism, so
> why not take advantage of this sheeple mindset? (their thinking)
> - Everything is Javashit these days, offloading the work to the user's
> device or computer. This gives the benefit to companies of forcing the
> user to have Javashit enabled to view even text-only content, and thus
> monster them with abusive overlays, notification spam, and every other
> user hostile experience these companies can dream of. What does the
> user get out of all this? Slow interfaces, fast draining batteries,
> wasted metered data, and devices that heat up.
> - Everything needs to be "protected" these days, because every user is
> seen as a dirty, rotten, filthy content pirate.
> - Recently, Google Groups changed from an interface that was 100%
> useable on mobile devices. But then they announced that they were
> "improving" the groups (gulp). I'm sure a lot of you know what
> "improved" actually means, and feel your heart drop a bit into your
> stomach whenever you hear that word. Predictably, the nags came to
> "switch to the new groups" which I kept ignoring and ignoring. Of
> course, the nags came with a little *suggestion box, to make people
> falsely believe they have any say in this, but in reality, anything
> typed in those boxes gets sent to /dev/null.
> Of course, 'doomsday' came, the change was forced upon everybody, and
> now what was a clean, fast interface became a total cluster fuck of
> enlarged text, less useable screen real estate, and of course,
> everything is much slower. As the icing on this shit cake, you now
> have to use "request desktop site" to actually post anything. And
> there is the weird jumping around when trying to post through mobile
> that turns GG into a video game I never wanted to play.
> GG on an actual desktop isn't really much better.
> - * If you believe anybody reads what's posted through "feedback"
> forms, I have a nice bridge I'd like to sell you cheap...

You are referring to overpresentation. There are ways of dealing with

The Internet wasn't capable of surviving par lui-même. Something must pay
for it. As you ride for free, you don't.


May 9, 2021, 7:45:53 PMMay 9
It was more the loss of freedom that killed the internet. It's like
joining a club that portends to be like a Marxist Communist Fascist
group where you no longer have any freedom. What's the hook to get you
to stay?

That's karma

Democrats attack people for their politics, TRUMP says it's wrong and
he's like us, he gets attacked also.

That makes us just like TRUMP so, is it any wonder that the more people
policies and the more freedoms that the Democrats steal, the more people
will flock to follow TRUMP.
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