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Re: Democrat sex offender Nelson Gabriel.

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Democrat Gender Offenders

Jan 26, 2023, 4:15:02 PM1/26/23
Brown, who has a doctorate in education, told The Star she began
working for Gabriel in May of 2020. Almost immediately, he began
making inappropriate comments and sexual inuendos before eventually
assaulting her in June of that year, she alleged.

Brown accused Gabriel of grabbing her buttocks in the office while
whispering in her ear, “oooh doc,” in a complaint filed in September
2020 with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a federal
office designed to enforce laws against workplace discrimination.

“On the phone I informed Mr. Gabriel that ‘the real reason I’m
working from home is because you grabbed my ass’ to which Mr.
Gabriel replied, ‘you know you wanted it,’” Brown wrote in the
complaint. The address and date Brown provided to the EEOC matched
the details in the Kansas City, Kansas, police report.
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