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Re: Democrat sex offender Sam Brinton.

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Democrat Gender Offenders

Jan 26, 2023, 7:15:03 AM1/26/23
In October, a nonbinary Biden administration official, Sam Brinton,
stole a woman's suitcase worth more than $2,000 from an airport
carousel and now faces up to five years in prison for theft.
Following the charges, Brinton, a deputy assistant secretary at the
Energy Department, was put on leave and later went on to host a
seminar on the science of spanking at a Los Angeles kink convention.

A felony warrant is out against Energy Department official Sam
Brinton for stealing luggage from a Las Vegas airport, 8 News Now
reported Thursday. Brinton faces a separate felony theft charge for
swiping a woman's suitcase along with contents worth $2,325 from the
Minneapolis-Saint Paul airport in September.

Details on the luggage-purloiner's latest heist are sparse. Brinton,
who identifies as "genderfluid" and uses they/them pronouns, faces a
grand larceny charge for stealing a suitcase valued between $1,200
and $5,000 from Harry Reid International Airport. It's not clear
when Brinton carried out the alleged theft.
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