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Jan 23, 1997, 3:00:00 AM1/23/97

this is a new film called dance of 1000 fishes starring mark ebert
once again as the fish. the movie was made in the south in 1996
it starts off mark hears he can get a bigger welfare check down south
so he heads to the bus station to get a ticket. he goes to virginia
he gets off the bus and sees a sign 33 miles to . freeville wow says
the fish i bet that means i can live for free. he then sticks out his
middle finger to get a ride. a old man picks him up where can i take
you son says the man. i want to go to freeville says the fish.
sure says the kind man . as they approach the town he sees a sign
welcome to freeville the town with a heart. let me the fuck out yells
the fish.mark then runs out of the car and heads into the main street
then he looks around and sees a poster . town dance all 1000 residents
will be there . fuck that dance says mark i,m a busy man .
mark feels thst he has to piss . he runs in the woods and sees a lake
of water fuck it i will piss in this lake . he then lets out a piss
in the water . but mark did not know that was the towns water supply
he sleeps in the woods that night . he gets up at noon the next day
and heads into town to sign up for his welfare . he then looks at the
people thats odd says the fish . why do they all have there hands on
there hips. well says mark i think i will go to k mart to get me a
new pair of black socks . mark wants to look his best he goes in the
store to get his socks they have all colors of socks but no black
what the fuck says mark fuck it then . as he approaches the welfare
office he looks over at the barber shop and sees all the people coming
out but they all have picky hair cuts. hmmm says the fish he goes in
the welfare office it is packed the whole town quit there jobs and
want to go on welfare.the case workers themselves walk out and say fuck
this shit . you see the town drank the water the fish pissed in .
the fish walks out of the welfare office because he did not like there
cocky mouths . i thin i will go to that dance tonight says the fish
when the fish opens the door to the dance hall no one is there the whole
town said fuck it . fuck this town says the fish i am leaving
he then makes his way out of town and looks up to see the same sign
that he seen on his way in but it changed. it says welcome to freeville
the town that dont give a fuck...........

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