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snow fish

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Dec 16, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/16/96

this film is the return to the big screen starring mark ebert in his
classic role as the FISH. it also co stars burt reynolds.
in this film mark is at home listning to his . most cherrished
record . by country joe and the fish. then he gets a idea hey why dont
i steal my moms credit card and by me one of them fuggen computers.
but remembers his mother hates him and wont let him near the house.
fuck her he says . i will get one on my own so he goes down to the
rent a center . and gets a computer . now the fish says i will get even
with those 2 rizzo brothers that fucker with the long hair and his
heckling brother are fugged now. i will get america online for free
for 50 hours use it up . and tell them to fuck themselfs . the fish
installs his disc . and is on his way he goes in a chat room but is
soon kicked out for his filthy mouth. he then types in the word fuck
to see dirty pictures but there is no pictures . what gives here
the fish then leaves his home to find out why he cant see fuck pictures
he asks a old lady on the corner hey fuck face yells the fish .
tell me how to view fuck pictures. the old women gets scared and runs
then he bursts in the door of rent a center . hey wheres the fuck
the fish is met with a solid punch to the balls and kicked out of
the store . soon it begins to snow and snow it does it turns to
a blizzard. the fish is trapped . oh fuck now i cant get home .
the fish finds himself freezing his skinny red ass starts to tremble
and falls down in the snow . the fish is near death and his life starts
to flash in front of him oh i was such a evil bloated little prick
he says to himself. but then he sees a vision why it is my guardian
angel but he looks like burt reynolds he thinks out loud . well fuck
it says the fish it is free help. his angel then lifts up the fish
and carries him away . his angel then looks at him and sayes you
sure are a smelly little fuck . then drops off the fish at the local
shelter. one last thing says the angel you prommised to be a good
fish. the fish as soon as he gets his feet on solid ground yells
fuck you i dont owe you any money . then heads over to the table
to sit down for a free meal . then he gets up after the meal and tells
the cook the food was shit and wiggles his pecker at him running out
the door .then outside he is met by cosineve the most evil cosin of
all and his older brother m smiley . they both jump the fish and pound
the fuck out of him . telling the fish that he is not a rare catch


Dec 18, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/18/96

M .SMILEY ( wrote:
: why it was indeed a pleasure reading about pounding the fuck out of that
: pimply red headed step child of a bloated fuck the fish...i bet that
: skinny fuck was curled up in the fetal position when he was getting the
: fuck kicked put of him.i bet the fish will be sending out a lot of spam
: now that he gots himself a your mail...


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