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Nov 4, 1996, 3:00:00 AM11/4/96

this 1992 movie is based on a true story . it stars mark ebert in his
role once again as the fish . the film stars a cameo appearance by
michael brookes the fish is in his favorate tavern getting drunk
he then sees a sign in the bar free nature walk up the smokey mountains
well fuck sayes the fish . there must be lots of reefer up there
with a name like smokey mountains where the fug do i sign up
the next monday they leave for the hike all 6 of them . the fish stops
at the market to spend his last 9 dollars in food stamps fuck this
he sayes i will get the munchies . soon after walking the fish sayes
i know a shortcut. lets turn here he sayes . 3 hours later they then
suspect they are lost . the fish yells why the fuck did we end up here
they look to see a snowstorm coming lets camp here ok . one person askes
did anyone bring any food . fuck no sayes the fish did you.
a branch falls of a tree and lands on mikes leg fuck him sayes the
fish he is dead weight lets leave him . later that night the fish leaves
the site someone hears crunch crunch they go out side to see. it is
the fish eating all his food . they all jump on the fish and beat the
fuck out of him taking his food. the all still are hungry lets eat
him with the broken leg sayes the fish no we won,t do that they all
say later that night the fish stars biting mikes leg trying to eat him
he turns and punches the fish in the balls . the fish leaves. he then
stumbles on a bear hey fuck you the fish sayes fuck you to you skinny
little fuck sayes the bear the fish runs with the bear chasing him
the bear sees the camp and eats all the people.but not the fish
thats what you get sayes the fish do any of you want to fight me
now they fish finds his way home not telling anyone what happened....

Michael Brooke

Nov 5, 1996, 3:00:00 AM11/5/96

cosineve ( wrote:
: this 1992 movie is based on a true story . it stars mark ebert in his

This is all completely true, and I salute Cosineve for the detective
work in tracking both this and other long-buried classics down and
summarising them so eloquently. I'd completely forgotten this minor
masterpiece until five minutes ago...


Mike Naylor

Nov 5, 1996, 3:00:00 AM11/5/96

cosineve <> wrote:
(another masterpiece)

If you're a dedicated cousineve fan like I am, you'll be interested to know
that he posts on some other groups as well. You can find some of his
greatest work by searching Deja News at with the
search string "cousineve".

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