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Oct 24, 1996, 3:00:00 AM10/24/96

this 1972 film was based on a true story one day mark and his mother
went out to purchase 8 steaks on the first day mark sold four of them to get some reefer thinking fuck it mom
will cook me four of um tomorrow it was a quite sunday afternoon mark was up in his room reading his fuckbooks
smelling the delicious aroma of steak,suddenly he hears a nock at the door who in the fug could this be he
ignored the nocking and went back to his fug book suddenly he heared voices it sounded like his uncle stevie
and his cosineve oh fuck .....mark quickly threw down his fug book and went storming down the stairs he
noticed that the table was being set mark was in bad humor he ignotred his guests my said uncle stevie
some thing sure smells good what do you say mark they can have dinner with us oh fugggen great those dam
mother fuggen azzoles fuck i hope those pieces of fuggen shit choke thought mark marks a good boy stevie he
doesn't mind sharing great said cousineve while surpressing a mocking grin mark mark honey come sit down and
eat thats ok mom their isn't enough steak i'll just eat some crackers mark went and grabbed a box of crackers
and stomped off into the other room to watch the others eat he watched his cosin and uncle slicing their steak
he watched it be bitten and chewed the more he watched the more it pissed him off he starting eating his
crackrs watching becoming more and more pissed off smashing the crackers in his mouth the more pissed off he
got the more crackers he slamed into his gullet mark ws in a cracker frenzy he couldn't think anymore his
heart was wildly pounding his eyes mear slits their ws a ringing in his ears he didn't care he just wanted
the fucken crackers when his mother went into the room she couldn't comprehend what was happening it look to
her like a site strait from hell arummmm arghhhhh fucken crackers was all she could hear mark saying over and
over again dear loard uncle stevie get in hear something wrong with mark in a minute after i get done with me
steak having overherd his uncle remark marks brain twisted aaarrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and went blank
he woke up several years later finding himself waiting in line at the soup kicthen across from a mental

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