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Nov 11, 1996, 3:00:00 AM11/11/96

this 1965 film stars mark ebert as the fish it was directed by ed wood
it was only released in drive in movies . but a rather well made film
it starts off on a june morning the fish is walking to the park looking
to start a fire . half way there he spots a bike . fuck this this
fuggen bike is mine now he jumps on the bike and speeds away. then he
spots a younger boy on a bike and stops. hey sayes the fish you call
that piece of shit a bike mine is better that means i am better
than you my parents get me what i want sayes the fish. i bet the only
thing you get is a plastic horse . sayes the fish and rides off
a way down the road the fish spots a dog tied up to a fence.
the fish lets the dog loose and the dog follows him. the fish makes a
sudden turn and drives across a busy street the dog stops then the
fish yells come on . soon as the dog crosses the road he is run over
and killed what a azzole says the fish he was a bad dog anyway.
all of a sudden he sees a police car . thats him yells a boy he stold
my bike then the fish sayes no it,s not he traded me for that dog over
there ask him then the fish runs off the bike smashing himself in the
balls he runs home to tell his mother to take him to DR LAMBERTS

so she does and gets him checked out lets see youre ratty balls sayes
the dr no youre a homo yells mark and runs out going home and mending
his own balls

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