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Nov 9, 1996, 3:00:00 AM11/9/96

THE FOLLOWING IS A SERIES of events that took place in the life of
mark ebert after leaving wbls......
Having found no justice ar wbls,the welfare office sent mark over to
the hospital to get his nuts checked was apperent to the
medical staff that the fishes nuts were indeed fucked up. The fish was
sent to his room with instructions not to eat,for tomorrow morning was
his nut operation. What the fuck no free meal, How come he's eating said
the fish pointing to his roomate,Shut the fuck up said the doctor as he
walked out of the fishes room in disgust.....30 seconds later the fish
rang his buzzer and yelled for the nurse at the TOP OF HIS LUNGS......
"Mr. Ebert...Whats wrong" I'm Hungry and want to eat NOW!!!said the fish
you herd the doctor, shut the fuck up and gp to sleep you ugly fuck said
the nurse,and by the way Mr. Ebert keep your gown closed...your boney
ugly ass is hanging out and the other patients are complaining. IDON'T
GIVE A FUCK says the fish it's my ass and it could do what it wants...
5 minutes later mark becomes irratated Buzzz, Buzzz NURSE NURSE yells
mark, Nurse, Nurse, Nurse..Becomming pissed off herself the Nurse lokks
down at the fish and says "NOW WHAT MR.EBERT" tv doesn't work....
"MR. Ebert the Medical Card doesn't pay for your tv' Why the fuck not
the fish wanted to know.."IT just don't"...HOW COME HE HAS ONE says mark
while pointing his finger at his room mate, Mr. Ebert he pays for it
with his OWN money, well tell him to shut the fucking thing off, it
bothers me and I can't sleep..."Mr. Ebert, I can't do that, it is his
right to watch tv when he pays for it"....What about My Rights demanded
the fish? I'll tell you what Mr. Ebert, if you shut the fuck up and stop
disturbing the other pateints,I'll pay for your tv myself.......
After going through all of the channels the fish becomes pissed off
again and Screams for the nurse while holding down his buzzer..WHATS
WRONG NOW YOU SKINNY FUCK says the nurse...My fuggen tv aint working
wight.."It looks fine to me" Look I said the fucfen thing aint working
see I can't get any fuck channels..." I've Fucken had it with you"
In a blink of an eye the nurse has mark by his skinny neck and holds a
gas mask over his ugly face, his eyes start to bug out while he trys to
kick and scratch at her.... In a minute or two marks arms and legs
become lax...she still holds the mask down, his pulse and heart beat
becomes faint, she doesn't care and still holds the mask over his face..
6 minutes later the fish starts to bloat up from the gas...There you
fuck, maybe the rest of us can have some peace and quite now, kicking
mark in the gut while leaving the room..instantly she hears the fishes
bowls begining to rumble and smells the most sicking smell she couldthat
she could ever fathom home from marks ass. Buzzers start going off all
over the hospital ward patients are becomming violently ill, "Dear God
what did I do"

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