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Ron Rejmaniak

Oct 6, 1990, 8:23:19 PM10/6/90

The tv series NIGHT FLIGHT is back on the air and this time (at least
in Boston) it isn't on cable alone. Night Flight is 2 hours of short films,
music videos and other strangeness (such as DYNAMAN episodes). Last week had
a film by Alex "Bill from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" Winter among
other things.

The man behind NIGHT FLIGHT put out several videotapes last year on
MPI home video. I have one titled IMPACT which was a video magazine hosted by
Alex Winter and was a bit like NIGHT FLIGHT. It contained interviews with
Robert Williams (a man who's paintings look like Dali on LSD, no joke), Jane's
Addiction and Public Enemy, and some boring/goofy NY club stuff. It also had
Alex Winter's ENTERING TEXAS short film with the BUTTHOLE SURFERS, an
incredible short about a family on vacation in Texas and their effort to get
some "family style BBQ". The other video (which I didn't purchase) was more
Fangoria inspired but had interviews with Wes Craven and such as well as
GWAR concert footage (these guys mix heavy metal, wrestling, Conan, Mad Max,
and Grand Guginoil (sp?) gore theater, with humor).

I'd hope that both projects continue as the videos can contain footage
that would never make it to commercial tv (such as ENTERING TEXAS). Also
interviews don't fit in the formula of NIGHT FLIGHT as easily.

-Ron Rejmaniak

oh yeah. In Boston, NF can be seen Saturday night at 1AM on Fox 25.

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