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Bill Clinton's Role in the Death of Hale Boggs, 1972

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Dick Eastman

Sep 9, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/9/99
Representative and House Majority Leader Hale Boggs (Dem, La)
disappeared while on an airplane flight over Alaska in 1972.
The plane was never found (as of 1991, according to Curt Gentry).

It was young William Jefferson Clinton with links to the CIA who
drove Boggs in his limo to the airport to catch that plane.

1. On April 22, 1971, according to the Congressional Record,
House Speaker Carl Albert granted Majority Leader Boggs
permission to speak. Here is some of what Boggs said:

"Over the postwar years, we have granted to the elite
and secret police within our system vast new powers over
the lives and liberties of the people. At the request
of the trusted and respected heads of those forces,
and their appeal to the necessities of national security,
we have exempted those grants of power from due accounting
and strict surveillance. And history has run its
inexhorable course.
"Liberty has yielded.
"The power of government has gained commanding ground.
"Mr. Speaker, I submit that 1984 is closer than we think."

Seventeen days earlier(4/5) Boggs had shaken Congress
with this statement (CR):

REP BOGGS: "What I am going to say I say in sorrow, because
it is always tragic when a great man who has given his life
to his country comes to the twilight of his life and fails
to understand it is time to leave the service and enjoy
"Mr. Speaker, I am talking about J. Edgar Hoover, the
director of the Federal Bureau of Invrestigation. The time
has come for the Attorney general of the United States to
ask for the resignation of Mr. Hoover.
"When the FBI taps the phones of memebers of this
body and of Members of th Senate; when the FBI stations
agents on college campuses to infiltrate college
organizations, when the FBI adopts the tactics of the
Soviet Union and Hitler's Gestapo, then it is time
--it is way past time, Mr. Speaker--that the present
Director no longer be the DIrector. ..."

According to Curt Gentry in his book J. Edgar Hoover;
The Man and His Secrets (New York: The Penguin Group,

a) A few weeks earlier a tap was found in Boggs home
by a telephone repair man;

b) By strong FBI denials and by the physical evidence
of the tap Boggs was probably mistaken about the
tap being the work of the FBI;

c) Representative Mario Biaggi (Dem, NY) brought Boggs
a recording which Biaggi claimed was made by the
FBI; the recording were authentic unauthorized
monitorings of various members of Congress. Boggs
prepared a second speech for Congres, but at the
last minute Biaggi withdrew his offer stating that
he wanted to protect the identify of the person
from whom he obtained it. (Clearly Biaggi wanted
to reinforce Boggs's notion that the FBI was
responsible--without giving the FBI evidence for

From his days on the Warren Commission "investigating"
the death of John Kennedy, Boggs remembered how the authors of
seven books critical of the Warren Report had been investigated
by the FBI and their military discharges, "unnatural acts," and
associations with "leftist organizations" were paraded before
Commission members, LBJ and FBI-favored press contacts. Boggs
feared a Hoover smear job on himself and so refused an FBI request
to investigate the phone-tap matter.) As Boggs remarked to his
son: :"If they have all this on some little guy who wrote a book,
what about me?"

2. It was Senator Russell Long (son of the assasinated populist
Depression-era figure, Sen. Huey P. Long) and Hale Boggs who
persuaded Jim Garrison (of "Oliver Stone fame") to lauch an
investigation of the Kennedy assassination. It was Boggs
who voiced suspicions (according to John H. Davis in his 1989
book, Mafia Kingfish, about Carlos Marcello) that either the
CIA or the Cuban government was involved, based on his
conviction that the CIA had withheld critical information
from the Commission. Interestingly, Commission Member
Allen Dulles, whom John Kennedy fired as head of the CIA after
the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, never shared with the
Committee his knowledge of the CIA's attempt to assasinate
Castro. Years later it was discovered that Dulles briefed
the CIA chief of counterintelligence, James J. Angleton,
on the Commission's secret deliberations.

As Ron Grossman, my old history professor, used to say
the Mafia was upset with Castro "because he closed down their cat
houses." Since then I have found another reason. At this time
Zhou Enlai through Castro-hosted Chinese "advisors" was attempting
to establish, through some--but not all!-U.S.-based mob families a
distribution system for narcotics that would eat away the social
fabric of the United States. (see Candlin, A. H. Stanton's
1973 book: Psycho-chemical Warfare; The Chinese Communist Drug
Offensive Against the West) A war for control of the U.S. drug
territory had begun and continues today (Janet Reno only goes after
non-Beijing-backed crime families.) Boggs (like Huey P. Long of bygone
days) had the support of the non-Beijing-affiliated Godfather,
Carlos Marcello.

John Davis: "Again, in fairness to Boggs, it should be noted
that by the end of the commission's investigation he had become
sceptical of the conclusions of the FBI investigation and the
man who conducted it. Years later, a former aid to the Louisiana
congressman recalled: "Hale always returned to one thing: Hoover
lied his eyes out to the commission--on Oswald, on Ruby, on their
friends, the bullets, the guns, you name it ...'"

Kurt Gentry shares this bit of dialog from the Warren Commission's

BOGGS: "...reading the FBI report leaves a million questions."


McCLOY: "Why did the FBI report come out with something that
was inconsistent with the autopsy? ...The bullet business
has me confused."
WARREN: "It is totally inconclusive."
BOGGS: "Well, the FBI report doesn't clear it up."
WARREN: It doesn't do anything."
BOGGS: "It raised a lot of new questions in my mind.
...There is still little on this fellow
Ruby, including his movements ... what was he
doing, how he got in the Dallas jail, it's fantastic.'"

Most interesting in light of the suppressed Cuba-China linkages
(see my footnote below for more on this) was the excuse Lyndon
Johnson used to twist Earl Warren's arm to chair the Commission.
Gentry (n.p.549): "Warren first declined the appointment, but LBJ,
using his legendary powers of persuasion, argued that if rumors
of a foreign conspiracy were not quelled, they could conceivably
lead the country into a nuclear war which could cost forty
million lives, and Warren reluctantly accepted." Was LBJ
baseing that threat on CIA briefings?

3. Two months before that fateful flight, in June of 1972
Majority Leader Hale Boggs traveled to China with
Minority Leader Gerald Ford, the guests of Zhou Enlai.
This visit occurred immediately following Nixon's mining
of Haiphong Harbor and the bombing of Hanoi.

Henry Kissinger, Zhou Enlai's great admirer and our Secretary of
State at the time, notes in his autobiography, White House
Years, "That evening the Chinese gave us another lesson in
indirection. Their Embassy in Paris--the point of contact
for routine business--matter-of-factly inquired about
technical arrangements for the trip to China of House leaders
Hale Boggs and Gerald Ford, which was to take place at the
end of June, nearly two months away. We knew well enough
by now that nothing the Chinese do is accidental. Peking was
telling us that the trips were still on..."

Why the high priority for Zhou to look over Boggs and Ford
at the expense of an apparently very cheap and effective
way of showing communist solidarity with hurting North Viet Nam?
What did Boggs and Zhou talk about?

At any rate, within two months of his return to the US, Boggs
was driven to Dulles airport by Bll Clinton where he boarded
a plane which disappeared somewhere over Alaska. Not a few
books on Clinton have asserted that he had CIA ties at this

FROM THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, March,20, 1962. Inserted by Rep.
William C. Cramer (R;Fla.)

...the Red Chinese, through Cuban connections, are using narcotic
traffic as a political weapon in an effort to spread the addiction
and lower the morale and moral fiber of this country...

On of the most difficult problems in dealing with Cuban refugees
is to decide which are fleeing from Communist Cuba and which are using
simulated flight as an excuse to enter this country to serve an
ulterior purpose.

This conundrum has been underscored in Miami where narcotic agents
discovered persons posing as refugees operating a narcotic ring. Five
arrests have been made and the Narcotics Bureau has pointed a finger
of accusation at Red China as the source of dope being smuggled into
the United States.

Chinese Communists have played an important part in the Castro
revolution since its success. Their presence in Havana is largely
represented as providing technical assistance to the Castro government.
But latest evidence uncovered by narcotics agents indicates that they
have another purpose also. They are peddling dope, pushing drugs into
the United States with the intent of spreading addiction and lowering
the morale and moral fiber of this country.

Unfortunately, the Red Chinese have allies here--the organized mob.
Call it what you will--the Mafia, organized crime or the rackets--no one
doubts the existence of a powerful crime combine in the United States.
Its principle hoodlum leaders are known; some of the more "respectable
partners" are not. The crime monopoly is engaged in gambling,
prostitution, narcotics, labor racketeering and certain legitimate
businesses where strong-arm tactics can be applied to curb competition.

Congress just recently recognized the inability of local law enforcement
to cope with this network of criminal activity by tightening Federal Laws
governing the interstate movement of criminals, gambling devices and crime
profits. Attorney General Kennedy has asked for even broader powers to
strengthen his hand against the mob.

"Meanwhile, the rackets are still doing business--and they are not above
trading with the Communists...."

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All history is recorded in natural layer of the Universe.
There are no real secrets

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