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Number of African illegal immigrants to US skyrockets as Europe clamps down

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Go Back To Africa - Obama Is Not The POTUS Now

Jan 5, 2024, 7:25:03 PMJan 5
The number of African illegal immigrants into the United States has
skyrocketed over the last year while many European countries are
shutting down their borders.

In 2023, the number of African illegal immigrants who have been
apprehended at the southern border has hit over 58,000. That is up
more than four times the amount in 2022, according to government
data obtained by the New York Times.

On the other hand, several countries in the European Union have been
tightening their borders.

As of Dec. 20, a pact was signed by nations in the EU in order to
tighten immigration and implement a "common system for managing
migration in the EU." The system includes more screening
requirements and a common database that are meant to increase
security on their borders.

This all is happening against the backdrop of record-level illegal
immigration coming into the US. In December, over 300,000 illegal
immigrants came across the southern border. Sanctuary cities such as
Chicago and New York have been facing financial stress because of
the influx of migrants being dropped off by buses or other modes of

It has come to a point in New York City that the local government
has brought a $700 million lawsuit against a bus company that has
facilitated the migration of many different foreign nationals up
from the southern border.

Many of the illegal immigrants coming from Africa have done so
through the country of Nicaragua to bypass the dangerous Darien Gap
jungle. Smugglers can use social media to coordinate with migrants
to get them on what is called a "donkey flight" to get them to South
American countries where there are low requirements. Many are then
bussed to the US southern border.

Mohamed Aweineny, an immigrant from West Africa who arrived in
Columbia before coming to the US told a reporter of his travels, "I
followed the internet to learn how to get to America without a

As a result of the mass influx of immigration, Department of
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has gotten pressure
from Republicans and the media.

Mayorkas, appearing on Fox, would not directly answer if he would
accept funding from the Republicans if the funding was only limited
to border security instead of the processing of migrants into the
interior of the US.

There have been several calls for Mayorkas' impeachment as a result
of the policies that have led to the mass influx of illegal

Mayorkas is an Obama bitch and should be executed for treason.
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