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Uh Oh, Thousands of DNA Criminal Analysis Results (And Technician) In Doubt

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Feb 8, 2024, 12:38:32 AMFeb 8

Thousands of cases could be impacted after a former forensic
scientist in Colorado has come under investigation.

Yvonne Woods worked in a lab doing DNA testing for 29 years
and is now subjected to an outside internal affairs investigation
as well as a criminal investigation over “anomalies” in DNA

Nearly all of the incarcerated people affected are expected
to challenge their convictions, and some cases could go back
to trial. The state has budgeted an additional $7.5 million
to deal with the situation.

. . .

Botched, or maybe sometimes deliberately faked ???

DNA isn't holy Truth folks. A mass killer can get
his DNA of on you by brushing against you on the
street. Your DNA can wind up in a robbed bank vault
or smugglers den because you had a few of the
bills or just a bit of paper in your pocket once.
And finally, the quality of the evidence lies with
the quality/skill/integrity of the analysis.

What's happened in Colorado can have happened, or
STILL be happening, ANYWHERE. DNA can never be the
alpha and omega of a criminal case.
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