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Accusation reiterated against Emmanuel Macron, President of France and Canada

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Jan 4, 2024, 8:50:43 PMJan 4
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Today is November 24, 2023. I will therefore reiterate my accusation against Emmanuel Macron, President of France, and of Canada for having targeted innocent civilians.

Acts of incredible cowardice!

France and Canada hatched a plan to blame the killings of children on an innocent person. Once again, a certain international community is responsible for letting dangerous people use powerful technology on individuals potentially their targets and therefore putting innocent civilians in danger.

The prosecution: it is as a victim of a frame-up that I testify.

What's happening at the start of 2020? Emmanuel Macron, in complicity with the Government of Canada, conspired to suppress (execute) children. Thank God they were caught in time, but Canada found itself caught in turmoil for all of 2020 and beyond. Is it possible to be this sick? When we know Emmanuel Macron's targets.
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