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Feb 15, 1999, 3:00:00 AM2/15/99
Avoid normal situations. <see...@netcom.com> escribió en artículo:
> Whether or not the alt.drugs.hard people deserve a good reaming is
> completely irrelevant.

Unless of course you're reaming them 'til they squeal like mice being
sodomized by bratwurst. As you point out there's little sport to the
action, so justification comes into play here. A pair of kooks acting
as spokesmen for the group have been playing Net-Stalker, making
threatening phone calls to people unaffiliated with usenet save for
having the same last name as Aaron Henne, mailbombing participants,
and threatening this correspondent with assault and rape. I have
been so traumatized by the experience that I have taken to posting to
usenet excessively numerous articles. Really, it's true. I have.

> What does matter is that it was we, the members of
> alt.flame, exposed the menace of alt.syntax.tactical to the rest of the
> net in 1994... and I'll be goddamned if we're going to become like them
> and torch other people's serious newsgroups and serious discussions just
> for kicks.

Perhaps you should check these chowderheads out before you go calling
their newsgroup or their discussions "serious."

coochie coo
benjamin d. capoeman mhm15x1
bal...@REMOVE.penis.dot.com aavf3 meow
jelliebun's dainty ursine of delight

"Come on, no school could pass an illiterate pig slop such as
yourself. Not even Spoo Miller's school the mentally challenged."

-Antipodian imbecile "Bogsplatt" puts Yale University
in its place, in <7914f7$15c$1...@nnrp1.dejanews.com>


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